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  1. I can't figure out the logic behind the accelerator but I can say this: out of 30 years of simming this is the first accelerator logic that defies explanation--very, very poor design, NOT user-friendly, NOT intuitive and as you can see it's been over a month since you posted the question and no replies.
  2. Just about to leave for a few days but will report back next week. Thanks and I have more to report as well w/ regard to the radio buttons--there is a certain combination of settings that immediately kills frame rate dramatically--never saw anything like this in any plane, any time! Fortunately it cooperates fine if I just use those settings suggested by Olaf et al.
  3. I did this mod and it works very well--thanks to Olaf, Goofey and Billy. I installed an update today, but it's as before--unless I change those radios the ATC problems persist. I didn't read the release notes so perhaps this update had something to do with something else.
  4. Please post a status report on when the hotfix to solve this ATC issue will be posted. If this is going to take a while PLEASE offer the prior version thru the installer which had no issues w/ ATC and for that matter everything else worked fine too--this way you can take your time and get it right.
  5. I'm having a terrible time with knobs that spin, for example ALT or HDG. The logic underneath of accelerating the rate of inc/dec I can't seem to follow the logic behind how it's supposed to work. Forgive me for saying this but I'm just being honest: it's the worst approach to dealing with acceleration I've seen in any plane now over 30y at this hobby. Is there maybe an .ini file that would let me change how they respond to mousewheel inputs.
  6. Please email all of your customers when the problem gets fixed with an update. I asked for a former copy of the airplane which always worked fine for me and many others. It would be nice if you can honor this request and send all owners a link until this gets fixed.
  7. I use the CRJ daily and I ask because if it's going to be awhile before this is fixed I'd be happy to roll back to the prior version if at all possible. Thanks
  8. I'm not seeing issues w/ ATIS but it's outbound ATC and cutoff inbound ATC when AI communications is enabled that is borked w/ the update, for me and some others. I hope they fix this soon!
  9. Same thing is happening here can't wait til it's fixed! It was hard to believe an update to a 3rd party plane could do this but obvious it has. Cheers
  10. It's the only new thing I've done (that I recall!) to explain this weird behavior. When ATC makes an announcement, and this is only when directed to me, the first few words will execute then it's stopped abruptly, and my ATC voice does not reply back. This has never happened, and has happened twice in a row now immediately post-update. I will try another plane next but as I'm a ways out from arrival I'd love to learn if you have anything like this happening now. I can't imagine how the CRJ update could do this so I have to think it's an issue on MS' server side. I've tried turn ATC text to speech off and on again saving in between changes, to no avail.
  11. For some reason I can't tell how these are programmed to accelerate value changes and find them difficult to dial in reliably. For example when going from FL080 to FL200 I spin it nob and it's essentially erratic in that for several spins it will move incrementally then all of a sudden speed up value increases. Anyway, if you understand how it works please let me know thanks
  12. I see I'm not the first person to have brought this up--and I see the developer is not open to this itsy bitsy minor change that everyone would appreciate that would take all of a few minutes to fix for everyone. It's very sadly Aerosoft's loss because I guarantee you others would hugely appreciate this minor edit and it's often the little things like this that collectively add up to make something a truly stellar offering over something less. Perhaps a 3rd party can do what's right and hack it to create something like this:
  13. Thanks Joe yes I know about that (you may have been the one who told me!) but they don't retain their resize and because changing altitude is a frequent need I hope they will consider an option (perhaps thru the EFB) to enlarge just the ALT font. Even better would be to display the change in altitude as you're turning the knob, as a label for the knob if you know what I mean--perhaps both HDG and ALT only for this functionality.
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