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  1. wow. meh it's still kind on on topic because we'll all be flying the Twotter there soon. Twotter + scenery go together like beans and rice. you don't perhaps have those amazing changes available to share, yeah?
  2. Looks like I've just run into this bug tonight as well. Made a post about it:
  3. womp womp. at least i know i'm not alone
  4. So just had something weird happen to me. I'm on my inagural flight in the CRJ-1000. I'm at cruise altitude messing around with the route when all of the sudden none of the FMS buttons are responding. I'm clicking around and the pages will no longer change. I double check to make sure I'm not paused. I wiggle the wings with my joystick and the plane responds. However I then notice the PFD isn't registering my wing wag. Turns out all of the screens are frozen and unresponsive. Check out the screenshot, I rolled over 90 degrees but the PFD hasn't moved. I'm not sure what to do here. I'm like 45 minutes into an hour and a half flight and I think it's totally bugged out. Big bummer. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there a log or something I can attach that shows what happened? I've never had this happen before...
  5. I'm trying out the CRJ-1000 but noticed in flight the details for the destination aren't being filled in. The rest of the route seems to be properly calculated. Anyone know why this would be?
  6. UPDATE: i finally got it all to work my steps 1) download -900/1000 in marketplace 2) delete -500/700 3) exit sim 4) load sim and re-download -500/700 5) exit sim 6) start up sim and load CRJ 7) profit!
  7. i tried to delete the default CRJ but MSFS won't even let me do that. i click delete and then confirm and then it goes back to this screen showing nothing happened. what the heck...
  8. This also happening to me right now. Ill try and fix it Unlimited download over and over: Eventually fail:
  9. Are the new models accompanied with differing flight characteristics or do they fly the same as the -500/700? I would assume with larger body and more weight and larger wings that they would behave differently but don't want to assume.
  10. Hello! I am a proud CRJ-500/700 owner and am scoping out the -900/1000 but was looking for some info on the differences/updates between the two versions? Also were components updated in the -500/700 as well? Thanks for pointing to any info
  11. Why am I as excited for this as I am flying a real plane?? It defies logic! 🥴
  12. great thanks for replying. my expectations are now excited again. I have the Antarctica scenery already so all it needs is it's complementary plane and I'll be set all winter
  13. Hello all. Does anyone know if this plane is supposed to be released this year or in 2022? trying to temper my expectations
  14. So I'm trying to get my flight plan up and running in the FMS but having trouble with the altitudes. I've attached my flight plan I'm using. I load this flight plan then update the departure and arrival runways (no approach, just manual vectoring to the ILS) and delete the discontinuity. The FMS shows the correct runway (rwy 26) in the leg page but it has placed the altitude at FL320 when the airport is only at 52' msl. This causes the rest of the legs to have incorrect altitudes as there is no 3 degree descent pattern and thus VNAV does not work. How do you get the FMS to correctly indicate the runway altitude and thus adjust the rest of the waypoint altitudes accordingly? EGPAEGNS.flp
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