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  1. Did you try LINDA yet? It let's you easily add different LUA functions to your hardware controls. It also has a module for the Katana. Works like a charm on my setup.
  2. Hi Toby, thanks for your work. Hopefully Marcel approves uploading the texture. In the mean time, I'd like to try the texture very much too. Maybe you can PM me too? Brgds, Lennart
  3. Got it! Thanks, that did the trick for me!
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately the RXP config tools says: cannot load panel bitmap. When I continue, I do not see a 2D panel option under the 530 settings. I will investigate a bit more but pointers are appreciated. Thanks again!
  5. I have the Reality-XP Garmin 530 installed. However, it seems that the hidden mouse click spot to have the 2D pop-up is not working. This hidden click spot should be on the bottom half of the Garmin unit's screen.
  6. Ghehehehe, you are Dutch, right? I love the in-between point of view! 'Poldermodel'. Take that as a compliment, I'm Dutch too! (I think I know you from I agree, take it easy. Snave gives excellent support and comments, thanks for that! Well, back to flying the Katana now. Eagerly awaiting a new service pack, just for the new additions and functionalities. (will there be any? I'm hooked!)
  7. Great shots! I have flown Lelystad-Weeze and back in a DA-20 (stichting Katana flyers) for real a few years ago as a passenger. How wonderful it is to be able to re-create that flight again! If I only had the money for my PPL and a share in the DA-20 ownership for real... . But close enough to practice while saving up money.
  8. The FSUIPC macro for trim up does not work here either. Cannot replicate the stuck key issue.
  9. Looks fantastic! Can't wait for it's release. After years of simming I'm looking into a virtual PPL training on my computer, just learn to fly properly. I know how to use FMC's and stuff but a proper VOR to VOR trip...... THe Katana looks like the perfect aircraft for this. Looking forward to her release!
  10. Here's another FS9 EHAM customer too! Hell, I even buy two copies if it gets released! Cloud 9's version is nice but getting really dated. I'd love a version with the same technology as Leipzigg/Halle with it's fantastic drive over taxiways!
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