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  1. Dears, don't know where to post. But could you manage the following. If you are looking over your homepage and see a product what you have bought already, that you can see it directly so long you are logged in. Orbx homepage does have this. You know what i mean. I have so many stuff from you that i can't remember everything. So if i am looking around then i would like to see you own the product instead if the price or anything else. That would be cool. Thx
  2. Dears i have question to you from Aerosoft. I know you sell the PMDG 737 and 777. Why dont you sell the 747? Does that have a reason? Cheers Pascal
  3. Hey Dave, it works, oh shxx i am flying since years flightsimulator and i was never aware of that SODE sh..... All the time i though ctrl-j shall open all j-ways. I always thought anything is wrong with any config file. cool.. But this time i noticed that EDDN supports SODE and so i thought i need to investigate that. I never knew there is a menu for that,,, since i found tab - s today…. thanks and bye
  4. Dears, yesterday i bought EDDN from 29Palms through your store. As i planned a departure from Gate 13 i have noticed that the jetway didnt work. Also GSX was putting a stairway to the plane, so that anything thinks, the jetway isnt there. Who can help me? Some days ago i have installed the Oslo update and i remember a new SODE package came through this update. Anybody any clu?
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