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  1. We have 4.45pm eastern time (8.45zulu) and i have done a fresh install again. After the installation the AS Updater what is on version 1504. the Updater told me there is another update for eddf. So i clicked on it and the config tool opened with this message.
  2. Dears the problem is still there. At least on my end. Is the ASUpdater already fixed, cause you were talking about tomorrow?
  3. Thanks Dave. Could you edit the title to BvB instead of BvD. All the Best Pascal
  4. Hey Folks, is there anywhere a eurowings BvB livery for your newest a320 for download available? Thanks a lot. Pascal
  5. Dears, i just bought the A330 couple of days ago as well. I realised the same issue. It looked exactly like you can see it in FlyKenkus Video Look at 3.44minutes. This quick change of the pitch cant have nothing to do with the trim nor the CG, cause its very abrupt. Any Explanations? Cheers Pascal
  6. why not simply push the P button if real life mingles??????? If my kids need anything, then it surely happens during the entire flight and not at the TOD. Happy landings...????
  7. Ok, i slept over it. Oh man i love steaks. Maybe i need to reduce that habit a little to safe some peanuts for that flightstick... Time to go to the steakhouse tomorrow. You made me hungry.....I would go today but my wife leaves me alone with the kids today šŸ˜¬. Hey ok, time for simming tonight Are you sure the 4 im Pott stick is compatible with the one from Virpil. Cause i see a plug in the center and at the stick comes along with a long cable at the lower spot . How can i connect that together? I mean can you confirm it fits together? Hey Dave,
  8. Thanks Mathijs, i found something from Thrustmaster, but this comes only in a combination of two sticks. But Virpil has indeed something. But the pricing is crazy. I will sleep a night over that.... Thank you..
  9. In this case i have 30Eur for shipment. Then i can order it from a local distributor here, but i wanted to make the deal with you guys. Cause i like Aerosoft...Thats why.
  10. 340 Euro for a stick. Holy... Is there not anything from Logitech or any similar supplier?
  11. Oh, does that mean you have no distribution in the States, so it will be shipped from germany? Is that correct?
  12. This is indeed not working. The moment i switch to USD, then the main homepage is being opened. If i navigate then back to Hardware it automatically brings me back to germany. Kind of endless loop.
  13. Cheers, Does anybody has recommendations for a lefthanded stick what could be used for an Airbus. The most Joysticks are righthander? Anybody has a good idea maybe? Thank you
  14. Hi and good morning. A couple of weeks ago i have moved to the States. Once i visit your homepage its redirecting me to US Homepage. Thats pretty fine. But if go to the hardware section in order to buy Honeycomb equipment, then i see the german homepage. So my question. Will that Honeycomb stuff will be available in the USA through your portal? Thank you very much.. Pascal
  15. Dears maybe i am to stupid to find it, but why can i navigate from your shop to the Forum, but not back to the shop without entering your URL? After being like 5 years on this page i found it now...... Forget my post.....
  16. Dears, i d like to come back to a post from one week ago. see below. i really found out now, that this issue is coming if you coming from far away. At least i can reproduce it like that. If i start the scenery at Gran Canaria, the airport looks great by the way. I only see this weird stuff if i approach from far away. I hope it will help you a little bit while talking with LM. I know Mathijs reported, that he has reported it to LM.
  17. Sorry for all points and comma mistakes. I am a horrible smartphone writer.
  18. i bought Tenerife south as well so i did a short flight to Gclp. According to the weather i arrived there from the south towards 3L. First i saw weird structures over the airport from the distance. Then after turning over the taxiway. I saw the other stuff as you can see from my screenshots. Then i did the fix from Opabst. After the fix this old structure was gone but the island was fully black. But at this time i started the sim in Gran Canaria. Maybe its a difference, if you arrive from far away. I ll try same flight tonight again. I did a full reinstall and everything seemed ok then. I swea
  19. @mopperle i have just really done the install process again. I have run the scenery without the fix and PBR on. It looks all ok now? IT magic like always????
  20. Now it looks like this. The island is black after this fix, what you suggested me. But the old problem is gone.
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