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  1. Very very good, if i ever need a redesign of my garden at home i ll call Simwings. Other question, will we see PBR in Canaria? I have seen pictures from Singapore/Imaginesim with PBR and i am very very impressed.
  2. Cheers, did Lukla already came a beta? Will there be any PBR effects on Tenzing Hillary? Bye Pascal
  3. I heard that Volkswagen parked there some thousands of cars, because of their Dieselgate.. This shall be implemented as kind of fun. Cheers
  4. Ah. Got you. I was thinking of construction in means of software construction. That's cool
  5. Will that be a fictional runway or is there a real airport behind? My idea was getting into a pmdg 747 at Frankfurt for example. Fly to Kathmandu, then change the Airplane. Do228 is mine b.t.w. Then go up to Lukla.
  6. Does anybody know, if there is any add on available for Kathmandu? The german would say. This would be the cream on the mountain.
  7. Oh shit. 1st pic looks like a real picture. I feel immersed like some weeks ago in the CGN preview. Good job Sasa. I am very impressed. Really good job Aerosoft. Go ahead...
  8. Hire Yeti as ramp agent for Tenzing Hillary. He can carry all luggages in one shot. Forget then about GSX. Lol.
  9. What batch file. The pdf says just copy and thats it. And in my SoDE folder isn't any batch file.
  10. Dears, i have an issue with SODE. As you can see from the screenshot, i have SODE active. and you can see i have copied the newest version of SODE into that mentioned folder from you PDF description. But after starting the config tool, the menu stays grey. Any clu? Thank you very much!! Bye Pascal
  11. Is Simwings a german company? On one picture i see something with Fenster Makro.
  12. Dears, don't know where to post. But could you manage the following. If you are looking over your homepage and see a product what you have bought already, that you can see it directly so long you are logged in. Orbx homepage does have this. You know what i mean. I have so many stuff from you that i can't remember everything. So if i am looking around then i would like to see you own the product instead if the price or anything else. That would be cool. Thx
  13. You are so right. At any point there must be kind of design freeze. Otherwise you will never finish any project. Cheers.
  14. Yes i have version 1.05 i think. But the surrounding landscape could receive an update. The apron looks nice and even the rest of the airport. But if compare the surrounding landscape with other airports, then at least thats my personal feeling it could get a new shine. Honestly. If you arrive rwy05 the part of the coastline doesn't looks so nice. The thing is. As you approach this airport in a right turn you are always looking onto that coastline. Don't blame me. Development was done by MK right. So in theory i am asking the wrong developers here. I am just curious. Thank you. Madeira is in the perfect distance from Gran Canaria for a flight after work in the evening. This is why i am writing about that. At least that was my driver. Bye Pascal
  15. Hi folks. Will EGLL be compatible with new True Earth England south of Orbx. I have just read that Orbx fixed anything with Manchester City to make it ready for true earth. Thats why i am asking. Maybe my question comes to early cause true earth for england is noy yet released for p3d.
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