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  1. Dears, i d like to come back to a post from one week ago. see below. i really found out now, that this issue is coming if you coming from far away. At least i can reproduce it like that. If i start the scenery at Gran Canaria, the airport looks great by the way. I only see this weird stuff if i approach from far away. I hope it will help you a little bit while talking with LM. I know Mathijs reported, that he has reported it to LM.
  2. Sorry for all points and comma mistakes. I am a horrible smartphone writer.
  3. i bought Tenerife south as well so i did a short flight to Gclp. According to the weather i arrived there from the south towards 3L. First i saw weird structures over the airport from the distance. Then after turning over the taxiway. I saw the other stuff as you can see from my screenshots. Then i did the fix from Opabst. After the fix this old structure was gone but the island was fully black. But at this time i started the sim in Gran Canaria. Maybe its a difference, if you arrive from far away. I ll try same flight tonight again. I did a full reinstall and everything seemed ok then. I swear i changed nothing else. Thats why i said IT Magic. I know most PC flyers hwve dozens of addons for textures shadowing. Weather. And and and. Orbx VFR scenery mesh scenery and and and. I believe its very very hard to have kind of compability. I personally use for example. Rex Texture Softclouds. Rex Skzforce. Rex Environment. Envtex. Asca. And i have all Orbx LCs and regions.
  4. @mopperle i have just really done the install process again. I have run the scenery without the fix and PBR on. It looks all ok now? IT magic like always????
  5. Now it looks like this. The island is black after this fix, what you suggested me. But the old problem is gone.
  6. Thank you Oliver, i will try that, but i have limited time as we move to the US in a couple of days. I ll let you know if it works. Promise. Even if the answer comes later.
  7. Dears anybody any idea how to solve this? Thank you. this is the new Gran Canaria Set Up from Sim Wings
  8. Cheers Does anybody know if the new FSXI or FS11 will need a complete new source code for add ons? Will it be easy to transfer a scenery like cologne or Tenerife, which are pretty new, to the new Flight sim from MS? Or do you need to program then anything from the scratch again. I am curious about this question. And congrats to all FSX flyers. With their long stamina they can switch to FSXI next year then. I think for those guys it would not make sense now to spent money for P3D or Xlane. Bye Pascal
  9. Cool, a little island hopping during coming weekend. Madeira is also a nice after job flight from GCLP. Flying to Tenerife is a short one. How about we make a community A320 race from GCLP to GCTS. But everyone needs to fly the official SIDs and STARs etc... Weather on fair weather... Bye bye Happy landings
  10. Thank you Oliver for your response. So all scenery is made with pictures from satellites or whatever makes pictures from above. Yeah a 90 degree wall is then difficult to create. I believe you. This morning i flew over your new Tenerife island. With 700KIAS 50 feet AGL with the F22-Raptor 😉. My PC is not able to make the island sharp then, even its a HELL-PC. but with the Cessna 172 its a nice VFR flying. Congrats to that island. Have a good weekend to all of you.. Bye Pascal
  11. Dear SimWings, are you sooner or later planning Funchal in your Canary Airports? The Madeira what is available is from the Airport point of view very nice indeed, but the island could get a new nice shine? If you approach Rwy 05 the coastline looks not so nice at some spots. Cheers. Pascal
  12. Dear Winfried, no problem, i solved my problem already, i was a bit frustrated, that whether Orbx and Aerosoft was able to help. I bought really a lot of airports at Aerosoft and only Barajas had this problems, so one member from you adressed me to Orbx. For the moment this was ok for me. Then i thought myself, wait if all airports from SimWings and Aerosoft are working fine with Orbx but only Madrid not. So my idea was then, Aerosoft shall help me. Cause if Orbx is the root, why are not all airports affected. So after a week incl. Pfingsten nobody helped me. And i made my point of frustration public. So i received an answer, shame on you, cause i had no patience through the long weekend. But after starting my own investigation it turned out that really orbx was getting under my suspicion. So I tried a lot of things over the weekend. After i found the problem I have written how I solved it and i said something about personal feelings. I know a forum is a place where feelings are wrong placed. Maybe in forum of some girl magazines. 😂 Anyhow Mathijs Kok deleted this comment already. I am personally fine with this and i am not willing to follow up that matter. Always when i am in front of such problems, i like to share it with the community, cause it helps everyone at the end. I promise to stay Aerosoft customer. No worries. But now i am in front of buying Teneriffe South. I know there is competition with MK Studios here. Convince me to buy the Aerosoft version even it is like 5Eur more expensive. I wish all the best to your team. Bye Pascal
  13. Dears i have a question. Is "shame on you" the way you talk with your customers.? Regards Pascal
  14. Ok as whether the Orbx nor the Aerosoft Forum was able to help. If anyone having this issue, then reinstall that scenery. Then start the sim. Close the sim. Then start the vector tool in FTX and make an elevation correction. After that click on verify files in the europe LC package. After that my scenery worked again. Cheers beloved flightsimmers.
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