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  1. Hello, All: The CRJ FMS crashes whenever entering the "ORIG" with the latest rev of Navigraph 1812 (AND 1811 rev 2). I rolled back to 1810 and it works fine. I contacted Navigraph several days ago about 1811 rev 2 and have not heard from them. I was hoping the latest release would fix this problem but it didn't so I'm using 1810 for now. All of my other aircraft seem to be working fine including the Aerosoft AXXX Pro Series. I don't know if anyone from Aerosoft can contact Navigraph to find out what is happening but I would sure would appreciate it. Curious if anyone else is having this issue?
  2. I haven't seen any responses regarding the location of the paint kits for A318 thru A321. Does this mean it doesn't exist? Or no one knows where it is? Or no one wants to answer? If anyone knows how to obtain the paint kits or where they are located it would be appreciated.
  3. Is it part of the zip/exe file? I purchased the bundle from an external shop and they have the zip files which only contain the .exe file and the license agreement. Is the paint kit installed at the same time as the aircraft? If so, where should it be? Or is it available on Aerosoft.com? (Looking for the paintkit for all four aircraft A3218-A321) Kind regards.
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