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  1. Otto, Duly noted with regard to the screenshot. After I restarted the simulator all seemed to be back to normal. Not sure what happened but if it happens again I'll do my best to post a screenshot. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hello, Absolutely loving the Airbus Pro package and have been flying a lot of hours in them lately. I especially like the "Pro View" option and have flown with both the cockpit and wing versions enabled during the day and night. However, tonight I was flying and stepped away for a few minutes and when I returned the view options had changed to something different (for example, no overhead panel option). I have no idea why it changed. I tried to find the answer and read somewhere there are different displays for night time. 1. Is it true the view options for
  3. Hello, I've downloaded a few liveries from the Aerosoft.com forums for the Airbus Pro 64bit version and it seems several cannot be imported/added via the Livery Manager either by drag and drop or by using the "Add Livery ..." button. I've successfully loaded a few while others will not work. If anyone has any insight for this please let me know. Thanks.
    Accidently clicked on "Review" instead of "Comments" and I can't find the delete button for this review.
  4. Thanks a million for this post! I've always wanted to learn how to fly the Airbus but kept missing the second INIT page. Emanuel, thanks for the reminder and the note about the "FUEL PRED" page if the sim starts with the engines running. Much appreciated as the aircraft now follows the flightplan.
  5. I haven't seen any responses regarding the location of the paint kits for A318 thru A321. Does this mean it doesn't exist? Or no one knows where it is? Or no one wants to answer? If anyone knows how to obtain the paint kits or where they are located it would be appreciated.
  6. Is it part of the zip/exe file? I purchased the bundle from an external shop and they have the zip files which only contain the .exe file and the license agreement. Is the paint kit installed at the same time as the aircraft? If so, where should it be? Or is it available on Aerosoft.com? (Looking for the paintkit for all four aircraft A3218-A321) Kind regards.
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