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  1. I purchased and downloaded directly from Aerosoft and it is now showing (it wasn't before). But now I am getting a "403 Forbidden: You don't have permission to access this resource." error when I click on the "Download" button.
  2. I am lookiung in the "Support/Service" and checking the "Updates" area which requires account log in information. Is the update located somewhere else?
  3. Hello, Rather than start a new thread on the same subject I am posting my question here. I do not see version 2.4 in my Aerosoft account to update the CRJ Pro. It still lists v 2.2 but I downloaded it anyway to make sure it was not just the title of the file. When the download finished I checked and it is still version Where can I download version 2.4?
  4. Many apologies. I forgot to mention this is for the A330.
  5. Hello, All: I am curious if the 2D panel for the map display (next to the HSI with speed tape and altitude) is disabled? The "CPT PFD" on the left of the Captain's seat can be popped out and undocked but the PFD next to it which has the map/route display cannot. I don't know if it's a setting or designed not to be a popout display. It would certainly help those of us who's vision is not the same as it was 20 years ago. It's rather small in the virtual cockpit and was hoping there's an option to get it into an undocked window. I did try to search this topic b
  6. Thanks for the response. However, what you said in the response is what the aircraft is not doing: ' . . . happily maintain speed even at higher weights.'. It continues to accelerate at idle regardless of aircraft weight. It would make sense to me if at a low weight this was an issue but at a heavier weight the behaviour would decrease or disappear due to more inertia required to get the aircraft moving. I know the 787 has similar behaviour but I was surprised to see it on the A330. I'm guessing at this point there's no way counter the effect other than constantly riding the brake
  7. Hello, All: I believe this has been discussed before and I've read some of the responses which seem to always point to the calibration of the hardware. The A330 begins to roll the second the parking brake is released and continues to gradually gain speed. Last evening I had a long straight parallel taxi to the departing runway and before long the aircraft was 40+ knots of taxi speed: that was with throttle at idle. I tried different fuel loads and that did not seem to make a difference. I re-calibrated the hardware (throttles), disabled the thrust control on the Thrustm
  8. DISREGARD: If I could delete this post I would. The A318/A319 update seems to be working with regard to the exterior lighting issue. Sorry. Hello, All: I installed the latest version of the A318/A319 Pro ( via the AS Updater. During pushback and start up I noticed the BEACON light is no longer illuminated with the switch activated. Cycled it several times with no success. The same issue seems to be present with the taxi light switches and navigation lights. I turned on all of the exterior lights and checked different times of the day (dawn, daylight
  9. I think it looks great! Considering some developers have stated it would be a year or so before they will have their products ready for MFS I am looking forward to this aircraft. The sim desperately needs high quality 3rd party addons and when the CRJ is released I will start using the sim. (I’ve decided to shelve MSFS 2020 as it is a mess in my opinion). Looking forward to this aircraft. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us know.
  10. Thanks, Tom. I mistakenly assumed it would be in the updates section like Aerosoft aircraft. This should also help with another product from a different developer I purchased directly from Aerosoft. Much appreciated!
  11. I purchased it from Aerosoft but it's not listed in the dropdown menu to register it in my account. I am hoping someone from Aerosoft can explain how to add it so I can download the latest version since the Updater doesn't do it.
  12. How do we download the updates? When I try to register my purchase there's no dropdown menu for this airport. At least not that I see.
  13. So sorry. I am using P3D v4.5 and I do use Active Sky. Thanks for your suggestions as it made me think about my process and if I was doing something different. I think I found the error of my way . . . I was testing something else and in the process was trying to load the FP while the engines were running when the simulator loaded. I closed down P3D and when I restarted the scenario I shut down the engines and used ground power with Active Sky running. I was able to load the winds with no problems. All seems to be working as it should be now. THA
  14. I have no idea what happened, but when I select the "WIND REQUEST" in the CLIMB WIND page of the CDU nothing happens. I enter the weights but because I cannot import the wind it also seems to be effecting the flaps setting in the CDU as it will not accept the number either (no warning - just won't take it). Of course this issue doesn't allow me to get V1, V2, etc. which produces an error that TO speeds are not inserted. Flightplan imports from PFPX with no issues I can see (waypoints/altitudes/speeds). Curious if anyone has this issue or know what is causing it?
  15. Thanks a bunch! I have a backup folder and saw .txt and .per included. I thought it was an error based on other posts but what you've said makes sense. I will put all of the files back into the folder. Much appreciated 😉
  16. 1. No. Not that I can recall 2. New aircraft, yes. From template, NO. 3. Yes, but it is an OLD backup. The real question for me at least is where do the .PER files go? and where do the .TXT files go?
  17. Hello, This morning for whatever reason PFPX stopped working. I reinstalled it (v2.03) but now the aircraft database is completely empty. The weird thing is that they are still in the folders: (1) C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTemplates (2) C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes. Does anyone know how to get them to show in PFPX again?
  18. Hans, you are the man! That appears to have fixed it. 😉 Thanks!! What a weird problem indeed.
  19. Hans, I've read this entire thread as I am having the same issue. However, I have a slightly different experience which I am not sure will help. 1. Everything worked fine with v2.0 of the CRJ Pro installed. 2. Updated to v2.2 and it worked fine, however, there were some things in 2.2 I didn't like so I uninstalled it and reinstalled v2.0. 3. v2.0 no longer works. 4. Uninstalled v2.0 5. Installed 2.2. Still not working. The "navigraphOIDC.dll" is present in the main P3D folder. I have the QW787 installed with SP3 and FS2Crew for the 787 (S
  20. Hello, I upgraded to the latest version of CRJ Pro (2.2) and now the cockpit is dark and the yoke deflected to the left. I researched this as best as I could and found this link, however, it stated a new topic should be started. I turned the battery switch on but nothing powers up. Can't use the EFB to add a ground cart since there is no power. I attempted to reinstall but that did not fix the issue either. I checked the AS Updated and it shows I have the latest version of the CRJ Pro. At the moment, I have an aircraft that will not fly. Any help is apprecia
  21. Thanks, Dave. Like I mentioned, I normally do watch to see where it's going to install but it was a bit difficult to see and it was not real obvious. Only after uninstalling and re-installing did I catch it. I was not aware that Aerosoft products kept the last install as the default and now that I know i will definitely be on guard in the future. Thanks again, for answering and for providing more detail. Much appreciated.
  22. Dave, All is well with the reinstall. As I suspected, the A330 installer finds the other Aerosoft product folder (Maastricht) and places it there, not the actual default location. And I could barely see the "Browse" button on the installer as the colors are not very distinguishable from the rest of the window. I would like to suggest the button have a lighter (white) background in the future so it's more visible. Thanks a bunch for your help!
  23. Dave, Thanks so much for responding. I was able to find out where the files installed. Somehow (I don't know how) the A330 installed into another Aerosoft scenery folder. I'm guessing it found it and I must have hit "OK" during the installation. Anyway, I'm going to uninstall and then re-install making sure it uses the directory you mentioned above. And if you don't mind, could you point me in the direction of how to fix/correct the .zip files for liveries using the livery manager? It seems with the new one you can't drag and drop like before without errors.
  24. Hello, I just installed the latest version of the A330 and so far so good. I haven't taken it for a flight yet, however, I can't find the installation path. Also, I'd like to see where the liveries are located in case I need to manually install a repaint (or create one myself). Where does the new build install to by default?
  25. Thanks for the reply. I still think it should be an option that can be displayed or not displayed for those of us who use tablets. Anyway, I might try it but first I need to make sure I still have the installer prior to the latest update in case I would like to go back. I don't suppose there's an archive for downloading previous versions?
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