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  1. UPDATE: Spent about 4 hours after my previous post in an attempt to find the issue of the throttles in the sim not responding to the hardware. (Ironically the buttons/switches on the hardware worked so I knew the throttle quad was good) . 1. Make sure you save/export (or have saved) your P3D settings so in case you need to remap you can do so with the "import" function instead of resetting everything. 2. Then I made a copy of my "Modules" file in the root directory of P3D and stored it on another drive. 3. I deleted the contents of the modules folder (DO NOT DELETE THE MODULES FOLDER ITSELF). 4. Reinstalled FSUIPC. After I reinstalled FSUIPC, everything started to work normally. BTW, I noticed I lost control of ALL the Airbus throttles (A3XX Pro Series as well as the A330). Anyway, I hope this helps anyone else who may find this issue. I still think the engines are a bit overpowered as the aircraft will roll forward with minimal fuel loaded but I hope that will be corrected in a future update.
  2. NEW DEVELOPMENT: I restarted P3D and now the throttles do not work at all ! After pushback the aircraft started picking up speed upon break release. N1 and N2 were at about 73% and when I moved my throttle quad there was no response. Using the "F1" key temporarily reduced thrust to idle but then it went back to 73%. I recalibrated in P3D and in FSUIPC with no change in control. I loaded a different aircraft (CS 777) and the throttle quad controlled the thrust levers in the sim perfectly. I have no idea what happened. If I find anything I'll report back otherwise. And I believe this is a support forum? Correct? If not, I'll post in the support forum.
  3. I agree. It took about a year after the release of the Airbus Pro A3XX Series for Aerosoft to work out all of the issues and I assume it will be the same with the 330. Lately the A330 starts to nose dive when it's time to descend: not sure what that's about but again I am guessing everything will be fixed over time. It's a nice aircraft and although I wish we had the same predefined views as the A3XX series it's a fairly decent alternative if you want to fly long haul in something other than Boeing. (And "fairly decent" will hopefully become "very nice" in the future)
  4. Pretty much what I am experiencing also. I believe my throttle is properly calibrated as it works perfectly fine with the A319-A321 Pro series by Aerosoft (as well as other airframes). The only other aircraft I use which exhibits the same behavior as the A330 with regard to taxiing is the QW 787 and that is intentional to mimic the real aircraft.
  5. I believe it was mentioned in the A330 preview forum a full fuselage template would be included with the paintkit: does anyone know when that will be provided?
  6. Hello, Congratulations on the A330! I'm currently flying it on a short flight and as promised this is fairly straight forward with a few nuances. I've found a few things which I am reluctant to mention as I know this is a work in progress with updates to come. With that said: 1. The aircraft rolls forward with engines at idle (no park brake obviousl) but it seems to be a bit fast. I've grown accustomed to the A3XX series which do not move at idle (at least for me). - Is this by design? 2. The view menu is nice to have, however, the views are different than the previous Airbus versions (A319-A321). I really liked the A319-A321 view options: is there a way to change them in the A330 to match? Again, I understand this is a work in progress but wanted to share what I've found and I am curious if any of these issues will be updated or if they are planned this way and will remain? Overall, I am very pleased with the continuity and handling so far (other than the idle/thrust issue). It has been an easy transition so far from the A31X and A32X Pro series. Well done! PS - Thanks for the discount: it's great to see a developer rewarding previous customers!
  7. Mathijs, Thanks for posting the information and for creating the files to map the switches. It makes it SO much easier!
  8. Another question gents: I used the AS Updater to get the latest version but when I check within the driver program itself it’s telling me a new update is available. Any idea if there really is an update? How do I know if the Updater is working? BTW, the profile you created Dave, is working great!
  9. Dave, Thanks a bunch ! I reinstalled the driver as you suggested and loaded the profile for the Airbus in the software. The landing light seems a bit fickle but it seems to be working so much better. I did notice the switch position works opposite of what I'm used to: is there a way I can reverse the position/toggle? And can you share what the "value" translates to? I've seen/heard "0" is off and "1" is on but I noticed something different in your version. Thanks again, I think I'm about 90% there now at least with the Airbus.
  10. Dave, I will reinstall the software as you described to see if that helps. I’ve installed it per the default settings but not with AV off which I will do. Thanks for the profile too. I’ll see if that works for A32X series and it would be great if it worked for other aircraft. Would you mind providing a link to the video you’ve found? I’d like to know more about the cable you mentioned.
  11. Dave, Not sure of your first queston? I installed it on my SSD in a special folder for P3D (I guess it's an old habit from the FSX days). Are you asking if I installed P3D or the yoke software as admin with anti-virus off? Currently the antivirus is set to exclude the entire P3D folder/installation so I don't think that is the problem.
  12. Gaab, it's not there. Here's a screenshot of what I am seeing:
  13. Hmmm. I went to "Options", "Add-ons..." and all I see are scenery addons: nothing there about button bindings.
  14. Well, I've already assigned the buttons in P3D natively and it still does not work (did that when I first received the yoke a few weeks ago). And to note, not all lights on the Alpha yoke have corresponding assignments in P3D. Since the switches aren't working even though I've assigned them I thought that was what the driver/software would do. As it stands nothing works for the switches (at least for me). If anyone has been able to get the corresponding switches to work in P3D for the Alpha yoke I would certainly appreciate succint instructions on how it was accomplished.
  15. But for those of us who don't know how to interpret or write this type of code (for a lack of better terms) how do we get it working? Also, the current software seems to do weird things. For example, when I switch views from interior to exterior it moves the flap switch up/down (I simply installed the yoke software and made no adjustments/assignments.) Mechanically the yoke works for basic flight control but the switches are completely useless at this point. And since it's interfering with my flap operations I had to uninstall it. I was hoping it wouldn't interfere so that I could use the AS Updater when a new release is out but I can't tolerate how bad this is. It works perfectly in XPlane: I don't understand why it's so complicated in P3D. No offense to Aerosoft, but I don't understand why Honeycomb didn't develop their own software/driver for their product or hire out. But it should have shipped with a CD or a link to the Honeycomb site. For example, Saitek has its own software for its products: why not Honeycomb?
  16. Tom, i did use the URL contained in the literature with the yoke which is how I got the driver and software. Is it different from the link you provided? Mathijs, Thanks for the information. I know all of you are busy, but how will we know when the new software is available? Will
  17. Hello, I recently contacted Honeycomb regarding the instructions for installing the driver and assigning the switches to the proper functions of the aircraft (lighting and electrical) in P3D (XPlane works great). Currently it seems the assignments do not work and the method for using the software/driver are not working either. Honeycomb informed me Aerosoft created the driver/software and was working the issue. Any idea when we can expect an updated working version of the software? I know there’s a lot happening at Aerosoft (really looking forward to the A330) but any insight or information would be appreciated. I couldn’t find a post on this issue but if there is one my apologies.l
  18. Otto, Duly noted with regard to the screenshot. After I restarted the simulator all seemed to be back to normal. Not sure what happened but if it happens again I'll do my best to post a screenshot. Thanks for your response.
  19. Hello, Absolutely loving the Airbus Pro package and have been flying a lot of hours in them lately. I especially like the "Pro View" option and have flown with both the cockpit and wing versions enabled during the day and night. However, tonight I was flying and stepped away for a few minutes and when I returned the view options had changed to something different (for example, no overhead panel option). I have no idea why it changed. I tried to find the answer and read somewhere there are different displays for night time. 1. Is it true the view options for the Pro View window bar changes based on the time of day? -- If so, can it be changed to always display the same view regardless of time? 2. How do you restore the default day views no matter what time of day it is? If the views are based on the time of day with no way to override the setting that will be very disappointing but I'm hoping that's not the case as I don't remember the aircraft doing this before. Any insight or help is appreciated.
  20. Hello, I've downloaded a few liveries from the Aerosoft.com forums for the Airbus Pro 64bit version and it seems several cannot be imported/added via the Livery Manager either by drag and drop or by using the "Add Livery ..." button. I've successfully loaded a few while others will not work. If anyone has any insight for this please let me know. Thanks.
    Accidently clicked on "Review" instead of "Comments" and I can't find the delete button for this review.
  21. Thanks a million for this post! I've always wanted to learn how to fly the Airbus but kept missing the second INIT page. Emanuel, thanks for the reminder and the note about the "FUEL PRED" page if the sim starts with the engines running. Much appreciated as the aircraft now follows the flightplan.
  22. Thanks, Tom. Unfortunately the vendor does not update this product. I've emailed them about but no reply. Personally, I don't think third party sellers should distribute someone else's product especially if they won't support updates. In this case, I purchased it from PC Aviator: won't do that again! My updater wasn't working for the CRJ (not even listed) but I was able to get it working and have updated to the latest version so I'm good to go now.
  23. Thanks, Hans. I do have the Aerosoft Updater installed, however, I only see the A318-A319 and A320-A321 Pro Series listed. For some reason the CRJ is not in there. Sure would be nice if it were as that would make it much easier than logging into my account to download the latest versions. Plus it would be easier to check. In the meantime, I'll download and install the CRJ update manually . . . only choice I have. Any suggestions on how to get the CRJ added to the Updater?
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