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  1. Would be nice to maybe also have some paperwork on the tray table when in flight, instead of seeing an empty tray table. Normqlly I have seen the coffee cup stored in the cup holder, but I don't know of the airline this development is based on.
  2. The release of the 330 will always be released for the latest version of P3D as said earlier in this discussion.
  3. How's the progress on the EFB coming along? Are there any screenshots of it? Sorry to ask like this, but what more is left to fully complete the 330 and get it ready for release?
  4. Will try to do that for you! Planned to do the UL livery once the paintkit is released.
  5. In the video which was streamed a few days back, the sunshades in front were modelled. If you've watched the video, you can see. I'm not sure of the sunshades on the side windows though.
  6. Yes, froze when I also clicked print yesterday on a flight. Hoping for a fix..
  7. Hi, I've had this new problem coming up, where the printer prints the relevant things, but in an invisible paper. When I click on the position where the paper comes out of the printer, it goes to the side of the cockpit window (still not visible). When clicked to see in 2D view only can see it. Otherwise can't see any paper in the cockpit, just the sound of the printer printing.
  8. Cool. šŸ‘ Same happens to me as well.
  9. Sorry to interrupt, but I have another problem as the baggage handler trucks go through and undee the aircraft without docking straight to the cargo doors. They take a route round and through the aircraft and come back to the door.
  10. I got the message in the ECAM stating that "spd brake still out". Very short warning in yellow and it disappears soon! Try pressing the altitude knob and see you'll get the 'ding' sound and the warning.
  11. Is there a possibility of it being added on the Aerosoft bus?
  12. Hi, I was wondering if the word 'decel' could be implemented just as soon as you touch down and the checklist goes as 'Ground spoilers, Reverse green'? I've seen it in most videos, so I just thought if you guys can add that word to that specific callout and make it to be 'Ground spoilers, Reverse green, decel....'? Thanks.
  13. Is that so, but when it's viewed through the PMDG 777, the jetway is visible (I saw it in a post on the internet). I don't know how though. Btw, I dont have GSX V2 used here nor in the sim.
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