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  1. Any idea why does this happen? Sometimes after this, the aircraft just reverses back in infinite turn and won't stop. Can this be fixed? I'm running the latest version fyi.
  2. During pushback with GSX, the wheels in the 330 gear spin/rotate the opposite way (forwards) and not the right way it should (backwards). Will this issue be fixed?
  3. Hi guys, could you help me paint up this small white square part in the A330 please. I need to find out in which part of the paintkit PSD is the texture of that small white square. If anyone knows, please do let me know. Thanks in Advance!
  4. Mr. Holgi, could you try a SriLankan A330-300 please?
  5. Looks great! Are the spotlights dimmable as before like in RealLight? Is this the new one instead of RealLight? Can we get any night photos with them on please?
  6. How about the impact on performance? Will there be an FPS hit?
  7. Yes, froze when I also clicked print yesterday on a flight. Hoping for a fix..
  8. Hi, I've had this new problem coming up, where the printer prints the relevant things, but in an invisible paper. When I click on the position where the paper comes out of the printer, it goes to the side of the cockpit window (still not visible). When clicked to see in 2D view only can see it. Otherwise can't see any paper in the cockpit, just the sound of the printer printing.
  9. Cool. 👍 Same happens to me as well.
  10. Sorry to interrupt, but I have another problem as the baggage handler trucks go through and undee the aircraft without docking straight to the cargo doors. They take a route round and through the aircraft and come back to the door.
  11. I got the message in the ECAM stating that "spd brake still out". Very short warning in yellow and it disappears soon! Try pressing the altitude knob and see you'll get the 'ding' sound and the warning.
  12. Is there a possibility of it being added on the Aerosoft bus?
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