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    Anchorage X

    FSX DX10 is only a "Preview DX10". It was the first DX10 game (I think) and why it just says preview and not just DX10 like you see in other games. It's not a full rendition of DX10. Really FSX was out just before DX10 cards hit the market. IMO I'd just use DX9 if I were you. I got PANC today I noticed there is a DX10 option but for daytime only. Not sure this help you.
  2. Thanks for fast reply Oliver, I see how the site works now.
  3. Hi, I have had this product since it first came out. But as far as charts go, SID/STAR etc etc charts are hard to find, even with that site Aerosoft suggested in the manual. All I was able to find was large VFR charts covering a very large area. But not RW approach plate etc! This site http://www.aena.es/csee/Satellite?cid=1078418725020&pagename=subHome&Language=EN_GB&SMO=1&SiteName=NavegacionAerea&Section=7&c=Page&MO=2 is crap for finding anything compared to these sites, http://www.AirNav.com & http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com This second is not as nice and easy as the first but that Aerosoft suggested is crap for instance info without picking around the website to find anything unless I guess you only have ever flown in Spanish airspace. Last Aerosoft in these areas have given charts with the manual so this BS headach of finding a chart dose not happen. So any ideas how to better use this site or a site that is broken down into more unable info rather then a full manual on flying in Spanish Airspace. Any help I be thankful!
  4. I was at this airport few years back in 05' and have wanted it ever since for FSX (Plus tons of other add-ons within that area of world too). Be nice to see someone develop it (*hint). But if helps put me on the list. I also like to see KSAN, just got back from there few weeks ago and FSX seams to run KSAN very well with the city in close proximity to airport.
  5. With MyTraffic 5.2 I know you have to add to the Scenery Library after the install from the settings menu within FSX.
  6. Thanks Peter, that sounds right up my alley! Also I meant adverse as in just wondering weight wise, glider v.s. a 245,00+lb tubeliner if it be over simulated or exaggerated effects on a tubeliner. If works for all planes then this should be a treat. Thanks again.
  7. Hi SOAR members, I was looking into this Aerosoft glider coming soon and also with the freeware gliders being released I was keeping my eye on this CumulusX (I have WinchX) to add to the glider realism. My only question is will this have any adverse effects with airliners etc or is this primarily for gliders. Thanks in advanced. -Stick
  8. It's funny you say "I think here isn't everybody can buy the highend PC like me" when I'm sure many have similar priced system and from my sig specs I'd like to give your rig a benchmark for it's money in anything. More funny you brag about it, but can't even run FSX (witch many many do everyday, even FRAPS over top of it!) and your going to be running FS9 or a highend system. When asking for help try not bragging, while specs are important for helping with issues don't go knocking the people your asking help from, then assuming they can't afford/buy your rig when there are far more extravagant systems. Last there are E8400, Q6600, and Q9550 users who run FSX just fine their CPU and system is a 1/4 of yours! Try cleaning your OS, lowering RAM usage & processes from MSCONFIG and/or Services.msc from the RUN command (if unsure what is needed and unneeded investigate further), prevent and clean Hard Drive clutter, if not on SSD defrag often. I also consider my system highend and I have no troubles running FSX or any of Aerosoft products (Even the hardest they make like VFR London) at acceptable frames for the level of detail.
  9. Hey again, thanks for the specs, My older rig has two 8800gts 640MB in SLI. Before had the 320MB 8800gts and FSX would also crash from this error your getting as well. For me it was the settings working the computer too hard. Similar rigs in fact, 2.67GHz Intel Q6700, 2GB 800MHz RAM, Vista SP1, and the two 8800gts. I had to run lower AI traffic and lower auto-gen for longer flights (I fly tubes and I hate flying tubes short distances) or in dense city areas. It all depended and in the rule areas I could open settings up with no worries even. Also some add-ons really can push your computer hardware. For instance PMDG can crash from running sound quality in too high a "Hz". Witch most would think a sound issue would not crash there FS. For the new rig I would get a strong CPU like the i7 or and Intel CPU with a FSB (Front Side Bus) of 1333MHz or higher and any GPU with high VRAM. Higher resolutions push the GPU VRAM harder since with higher resolutions there are more vertical and horizontal lines on screen. Say now your playing at 1920x1200 and lower to the 1400 or 1600 range this for now may fix your RAM crashing issue until your get the new rig. But I'm sure it's a setting issue being either long flights filling up RAM/VRAM or high Auto-gen setting in the cities you said above filling up after long flight now a decent into a dense city and airport. Last you may be running to many background programs in Windows without knowing over time with the software and update we get can add many task and threads to RAM and CPU. Your running Vista SP2 and if you go to the Task Manager and look at the amount of process running should not be higher then 50 in a cluttered OS and 38 to 42 is a good range but could be even lower. I have seen people with over 100 running and wonder why computer is slow, many you should go do a "MSCONFIG" from the "RUN" or "SEARCH" bar in Windows Start tab and have a look at your "Startup" and "Services" tabs. If not sure investigate more on what is junk, or can be shut down. Little help is in the "Services" Tab you can in the lower left you can check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" so you do not sure down anything critical to Windows. After cleaning my Windows OS with Vista SP2 I boot with 28 Process and 800-850MB in RAM while keeping the Vista look and all LAN and Media connections. From that work I saved about 300MB in RAM so a hour cleaning the OS up a bit after so time junking up may help a lot.
  10. It may be a VRAM issue over a RAM issue. Pushing settings too hard over longer flights or higher auto-gen areas like cities can fill up crashing FSX. Also maybe a VRAM issue since FSX dose not sue SLI or Crossfire and only one GPU is being used and depending on the amount of GPU RAM may be the problem. No specs where listed so hard to say fully.
  11. Why don't you have the v1.10 version?
  12. Nice, can't wait. Tahiti X is one of my favs.
  13. Thanks, I was sure it was here somewhere, but was unable to find. Thanks again for the reply. Oh, also like this new forum style!
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