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  1. Thanks for you replies guys i really appricate it And i really need a Copenhagen Airport scenery and many others do too so i thinked it was a good idea too try to ask about it because Aerosoft make so super good airport scenerys
  2. Could Aerosft try to make a scenery of EKCH - Kastrup aiport it will be super because there are many there need a EKCH scenery i'm one of them
  3. I hope this new simulator will have real crashes, so if you make mistakes or do something wrong the plane lose ex. engines, wings or other parts or broke in parts or something to bring more realism to the game it will be super and more harder.
  4. I have a little question do you make a hole new simulator? Or a Upgrade for FSX sorry for asking but i got a little bit confused when i readed the topic
  5. Thanks guys i will try to learn it but it will be nice if you could post some pics when you work on it so i can see how you do it
  6. MD-8x Family will be super with nice details super cockpit etc. now i'm dreaming
  7. Hello, aerosoft and all members i have a little question about how to make photoreal Taxiways and aiport ground textures. Could someone please help me or uploud a little tutorial it will be nice because i want to work on my home airport EKCH Copenhagen i want to start my own aiport project - Jason9001
  8. It's a good idea with the lights but like i said we are need to wait
  9. You have right it could have been nice but we need to wait and see to the 2.0 be released... I really hope it's gonna be good
  10. I will never push somebody and it's his project not mine but really hope it's gonna be good
  11. Hello, I'm new here and i have try the AES that i want to say about AES is perfect and realastic but i hope you could make som upgrades make some more crew to AES. Here is somethings i hope you could upgrade it with: New airport ground crew/Marshallers there check your plane for engine failures and for other things2 ground crew/Marshaller to the full truckNew transporters for passengersNew follow me car I hoped it could come up with but only if it can be done
  12. Overland airports is fantastic really like the detailed airport they make but a little question when will the new AES 2.0 be released? BTW i'm new
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