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  1. I already did that, because that is what I usually do with any scenery. Trouble with this one is that there is no file with the word "stat" or similar in it. Rather all files are numbered like ELLX-02b, ELLX-08a, etc. Not very conclusive. The manual - which I of course read - says to use the configurator. But the configurator does not let me select Luxembourg. So what can I do? I really need those parking spots at the cargo centre for my AI traffic!
  2. I want to use the config tool to remove the static planes from my Luxembourg Airports for FS2004 However, the config tool does not let me chose my Luxembourg installation, everything is "greyed out" Can someone tell me how to use this tool? Or is there another way to remove static cargo planes from Luxembourg?
  3. I haven't used these sceneruies/products in ages and I was wondering whether they can be used together. In which order do I need to install them? Any other modifications that I need to make? Plus a more specific question: Wrangell PAWG as well as Telegraph Creek CBM5 are included in both Freight Dogs and Tongass Fjords, and Stewart CZST is included in both Freight Dogs and Misty Fjords - are they the same? Or is one more developed/detailed than the other? This is for the FS9 version of the Aerosoft products and the freeware Glacier Bay. Thanks for any information
  4. Just bought the FS9 version of PANC (finally!!!! I've been waiting for Anchorage for maaaany years). Since I am a bit pedantic with airline assignments to AFCAD gates, here's a question to all that know PANC well. I have a whole lot of small airlines that come into ANC and I am not sure where they park, ie which apron/gate/stand: Alaska Central? Conoco Phillips (the oil shuttle to the North Shore)? Desertair with their DC3? Everts Air Cargo? Iliamna Air Taxi? Lynden Air Cargo (there is an assignment in the AFCAD - but is that correct?) Transnorthern (again, there is an assignment in th
  5. I had to re-install my full FS9 set. Trying to re.install the DH2 Beaver I launched the setup wizard, entered my credentials (mail, password, reg key) and the little "online registration - please wait!!" window starts showing up with the arrows going left to right and back. It then gets stuck there. What to do? Thanks Chris
  6. I want to change the AFCAD file for Keflavik in FS9. Two questions: Can I use AFCAD by Lee or do I need to use AFX or ADE? Can I create the AFCAD in a different folder or do I have to modify the one that is in the aerosoft/Keflavik/scenery folder? If I create an AFCAD file in a different folder, do I have to take out the one from the aerosoft/Keflavik/scenery folder? Thanks!
  7. Phantastic!! I am really happy this is making progress. Since I know that I'll be probably be modifying the AFCAD to change airline assignments, can anyone who knows PANC locally give us some ideas whether there is a "repeated pattern" of where cargo airlines park? I know that Fedex and UPS have their "designated" stands towards the North, but how about the other cargo users of PANC? Cathay, JAL, KAL, EVA, China Airlines, etc.? All over the place or typically at the same stands?
  8. Thanks a lot Oliver, at least now I have the assurance that they are working on it!
  9. Some time ago there was an announcement about Anchorage and Faribanks being developed. I believe "sub-contractred" to simwings, but published by Aerosoft. The sim-wings forum is quite dead these days, so I venture to ask the question here. What ever happened to the projects for theses airports? A first release date that had been indicated was last year in summer... Thanks for any hint
  10. Ich meine zu wissen dass die ANC und FAI-Szenerie(n) von Simwings erstellt und von Aerosoft publiziert wird. Leider habe ich aber keine Ahnung, wie weit das Projekt gediehen ist. Auf dem Simwings-Forum habe ich geschaut, da blieb die Frage aber leider aber ohne Antwort. Vielleicht weiss man hier mehr? Ursprünglich war die Veröffentlichung ja mal für diesen Sommer (=den jetzt vorbeigegangenen) vorgesehen gewesen. Wer weiss mehr?
  11. Ich habe die deutsche Version von FS9. Auf einmal hat es einige Tastenbelegungen zerhauen, keine Ahnung warum. Die meisten konnte ich wieder zuordnen, aber eine nicht: den Befehl zum öffnen und schliessen der Türen. Das geht default-mässig mit SHIFT+E. Dummerweise gibt's im Menü Optionen-Steuerungen-Zuordnungen aber keinen Befehl "Türen öffnen" dem ich SHIFT+E zuordnen kann. Oder doch? Welches ist der Befehl dem ich diese Tastenkombination zuordnen kann? Danke für Tips
  12. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful scenery! Thanks for enriching our skies. However, as fellow BCN-insiders have certainly realized as well: many planes park at the "wrong" gate ("wrong" as in: there are no assigned gates, but there are patterns of IB Shuttle flights always going to one set of gates, of VY always using a certain set of gates, the Star carriers, etc). If help is needed in terms of which airline parks where I am happy to help out or even program the airline assignments in AFCAD.
  13. kannst Du runterladen bei flightsim.COM und Avsim. Aber: das sind noch die alten Luxair-Farben, in denen inzwischen nur noch die einzige verbleibende B735 fliegt. Was ich gemacht habe: die repaints in den neuen Farben (Piori ist glaube ich der Kunstler) von Avsim runtergeladen und den WoAI-Flugplan dann mit diesen neuen Fliegern versehen. Ist realistischer, und die neuen Farben schauen besser aus. Gruss
  14. So, und jetzt mal eine Frage an alle LUX-Spezialisten, vor allem die Spotter. Ich bin ein AFCAD-Perfektionist in Bezug auf "wer parkt wo" und werde daher auch bei diesem Produkt erst das AFCAD für meine Bedurfnisse etwas anpassen. Das ist keine Kritik an den Entwicklern - nie im Leben! ELLX schaut fantastisch aus! - aber ich bin nun einmal ein wenig manisch. Insofern: 1. Welche Cargo Airlines parken nicht am P7 (Luxair Cargo Center, da wo Cargolux immer steht) sondern auf P2/P3? Ich habe da in der Vergangenheit schon China Airlines Cargo und Saudi-Arabian Cargo gesehen, aber welche ande
  15. And what I forgot to ask: does someone have an overview of cargo airlines that go to Luxembourg, and whether they use the Luxair/Cargolux Cargo Terminal or the parking to the West of the passenger terminal? The ones I know of: Cargolux, B747-400F, with services all over the world of course Korean Air, B747-400F, destination? China Airlines, B747-400F, destination? But what about MK Airlines? Yangtze River? Jade? Great Wall? EVA? Others?
  16. This is EXCELLENT news!!! Luxembourg in such high quality - I've been dreaming about this since I started simming more than ten years ago. I remember how I got my first Sim (FS98), took a plane at brussels and then flew towards Luxembourg. Accoding to the coordinates I was above it, and I showed it to a friend who lived there: "look, isn#t my sim great, we are right over Luxembourg". There was nothing, just bland landscape. Could have been Japan or the Pampa or Minnesota. How the world has changed... Out of all the airports I would die for, only one remains to be done at some level of qu
  17. Klar, kein Problem. Wollte durch mein Post nur signalisieren, dass die Gruppe der "stillen Hoffer" (=die Leute, die sich nicht äussern, aber dann doch froh sind wenn es für FS9 kommt) sehr gross ist. Wie bitte? So etwas gibt's? Mann oh Mann, totale Verrohung der Sitten... Gehen solche Leute auch zu Kaufhof und pflaumen da die Bedienung an, wenn ein bestimmtes Produkt einfach nicht existiert ("Wie bitte? Sie haben keine Jeans mit drei Hosenbeinen?")? Gut, dass Du Dich davon nicht beeindrucken lässt - hoffentlich auch nicht im "Schlechten" (=Abstand nehmen von der FS9-Realisierung wei
  18. Hallo Christoph ich schreibe so gut wir nie in Foren, umso mehr Gewicht hat mein Beitrag hoffentlich. Ich möchte mich der Reihe der FS9-Wünscher anschliessen. Ich bin auch noch nicht auf FSX umgestiegen, zu viele Szenerien und Flugzeuge funktionieren nicht in FSX. Auch mir würden einigermassen realistische Flughafengebäude reichen. Klar, wenn Du es besonders beeindruckend machen willst, kannst Du auch meine Schule auf dem Kirchberg einbauen, auf die ich gegangen bin und von wo man immer die landenden Flieger sehen konnte ;-) Luxemburg gehört neben Anchorage, Peking und Singapur zu den
  19. Thanks for those infos - great relief to know both can work on the same machine. Just one more question: how large is the FSX install approximately? Just to get a vague idea. Thanks Chris
  20. Aerosoft has started the nasty habit to release some really attractive sceneries only for FSX. That African thing, Tahiti X, now Maldives coming up... I do own a copy of FSX, wihch so far I have refused to install because I felt that the choice of planes and scenery was still so much larger for FS9. I don't care for some different landscape details, my addons (mesh, UT and all the others) give me sufficient satisfaction. Now I was wondering whether it would be an idea to install FSX solely for flights within those regions (I love island hopping) and to continue using FS9 for all my othe
  21. Excellent! What I'd really like to see: AFCAD Have possibility to assign not only airline, but also destination airport or airport ranges to a gate. For instance, at LFPG (Paris CDG), it's not good enough to assign "AFR" to all gates at Terminals 2C, 2D, 2E and 2F. I want all flights to destinations starting with code "Kxxx" to go from Terminal 2E. Flights to destinations coded "EGxx" from 2E. And flight to "OLBA" from 2F. In other words: destination ICAO codes should be used, so that not only entry of one specific destination ("OLBA") is possible, but also of entire countries or continents
  22. I want to do the ICE route from Cologne (or even Dusseldorf) to Frankfurt. I have found the ICE 3 trains, but there seems to be no pack that has the high speed line. Or did I miss something? Thanks Mozart
  23. This is weird... THe route is planned in the FMC, the AP and its master is engaged, vertical modes (IAS hold, VS hold) and other lateral modes (HDG, VL) do work. But I can't seem to engage LNAV. I hear a klick and for a splitsecond the word LNAV appears in the HSI, but it doesn't engage. What am I missing? Thanks
  24. The title says it all: is Monaco X compatible with France VFR FlyRiviera packs? Would be nice, as the surroundings (Cap Ferrat, VIllefranche, etc) are quite nice in FranceVFR. Thanks Mo
  25. Hi I am looking for a repaint of the Eurowings Commuter BAe146 in the new Brussels Airlines scheme. Can't seem to find anythin on the usual sites. Anyone cam help me out? Thanks and regards Christian
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