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  1. Looks good. Let me know if you need any further resources or Beta testers; I fly from Rotterdam perhaps 6 times a year and my father works on site at the Jet Center (Shell Aircraft). Cheers, Colin.
  2. Fantastic news! If you need any help with the RTM access, or any photos/details etc, let me know.
  3. No idea how to use Photoshop, so mines a bog standard FSX screenshot...
  4. Hi David, A lot is down to personal taste so if you ask a few people you may get a range of opinions. For what it's worth, here's mine; I have Flight Environment X and X Graphics. I only use X graphics for the airport environment enhancements (something FEX promised a long time ago). For everything else I find FEX a far superior product. The FEX SHD clouds are particularly nice. From what I've seen of REX, the seascape and airport textures look good, but I still prefer the look for the FEX SHD clouds. I would imagine that if I buy REX I'll do away with X Graphics completely and use FEX for clouds and skyscape, and REX for seascape and airport enhancements. The other thing to note is that different products might 'look' different on different machines. So it's very subjective. I always find Youtube a good resource for this. Hope that helps. Colin.
  5. Brings back memories of 3 weeks ago when I turn up to the airfield, pull the aeroplane out, strap in, turn the starter and.....nothing. So, I ask for a swing and my father duly obliges (what are parents for eh?). Starts on the first swing, runs for 5-6 seconds and dies. What the?! I'd pressurised the [fuel] system as normal when I'd started the first time, but in the 2-3 minutes it took between discovering I had a flat battery and convincing my father to give me a swing the pressure had completely gone. Big mistake! Took a scene not unlike this one to get going again. The engine was like, 'look I gave you a chance, and you blew it. Now you're going to suffer'. Thanks for the post - lovely aeroplane.
  6. I go through a similar exercise with addons that come with zillions of liveries. It's not that I don't like the variety it's just that I find that I only really use 4-5 (max) different liveries/loadouts for any particular addon, so I get rid of what I don't use. Each to their own...
  7. I can understand why some have chosen to stay with FS9, absolutely I can. However, I'm in complete agreement with Kiwikat; addons such as the PMDG MD-11 and imminent Aerosoft F-16 take things to another level completely. Each to their own, but I'd never go back to FS9 for all the tea in China. Edit to say: Yes the OOM is frustrating, but can be fixed (I think), at least that has been my experience. I used to get it with the PMDG 747 after about 40 mins, but a quick google search found a forum offering a remedy. It worked for me.
  8. The track is called 'Saltwater', by an English band called 'Chicane'. Reminds me of Ibiza holidays in the late 90s - fond memories indeed! Glad you liked it skjellnan. Cheers, Colin.
  9. Hi guys, I think that the wider image is a result of the conversion from avi to wmv file. When I 'shot' the video it appeared (on screen) to be much closer to the screen shot you posted. It only stretched after using Windows Encoder to convert. Hope that helps. The video is the F-16 Lord Howe Island one (note: it's a fairly old beta used in that clip). Cheers, Colin.
  10. Hi Guys, Valterri, you're quite right, I had intended to include to fps counter - sorry about that. James, I'll try to put something together if I get a chance over the next couple of days. I have to move an aeroplane (a real one this time ) from the U.K back to Holland as soon as the weather gods start to smile again! So if it's raining I may have some time! Cheers, Colin.
  11. This is a small clip of a recent beta. I wanted to see how the F-16 performed under 'heavy' conditions (i.e. adding demanding weather, flying low and fast etc). I was very pleased with the results. These are the toughest settings I could find, so this is the worst the F-16 performs on my system (I have a pretty standard Quad/8800GTX rig). Now, this is a complex bird, and results will vary, this is simply how my system performs when I ask it to do 'everything'... http://video.aerosoft.com/F-16-099O.wmv (this is not a large file, it took about 60 secs of 'buffering' before it played) Summary of demands (all these sap frames on my system): - All sliders maxed (DX10, light bloom, lens flare...the lot!) - FEX Super HD Clouds - X Graphics sun textures - Heavy Thunderstorms - Track IR 4 Pro - Fraps video capture (this takes about 10fps!) - Low and fast profile Note: It is quite possible that this is not the latest beta release. Mathijs and the development team are working flat out and things are progressing on a daily basis now. Hope you enjoy the clip!
  12. Well fortunately it was me versus me, so I won...but I also lost!
  13. Agree with Snave; Flight Environment X (FEX) or X Graphics is a must. I prefer FEX, but it's purely down to personal taste. If heavy metal's your thing, try the PMDG 747X and/or (depending on your wallet!) the Level D 767. I've found the 747 much more demanding on the system so tend to lean towards the 767. Depends on your rig. On the smaller scale, all RealAir offerings are a must for me, with the Spitfire package being a particular highlight. For military hardware look no further than the forthcoming Aerosoft F-16.
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