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  1. lennard78

    LSZH does not load in XP 11.30

    Dear Heinz, Thank you very much for your quick answer. I was not aware of the update, so I did that. However, I concluded that the problem was a modified 1000_roads file, which I downloaded from the xplane.org site. It eliminates the roads for use with orthophotos, but seems not to go well with the Zürich scenery. After disabling this modified file, Zürich loaded normally. Best wishes, Lennard
  2. Hello, At least since version 11.30, I get the attached error when loading LSZH. Also, I get the error message when the ...V2.0C folder is loaded. XP 11.30, WIndows 10, latest version LSZH from the xplane.org store. Any help would be appreciated, many thanks Lennard
  3. lennard78

    EHAM Hilton?

    Hello, Was wondering if any updates to the EHAM scenery are planned? Especially with the significant real world addition of the Hilton hotel, an important landmark of the airport is missing now. Best wishes Lennard
  4. lennard78

    Zürich v2 - XP11 Update

    Hello, I bought the scenery a few days ago at the xplane.org store, however there is only the XP11 version to download at this moment (Saturday). I know the XP10 version has been out now for a few days, will the XP10 fix also be uploaded for the customers of that site? Thanks and best wishes Lennard
  5. lennard78

    Zürich v2 - XP11 Update

    Hello Marten, Please, could you also have a look at my earlier question above? I would like to buy Zurich there, but am holding off because it seems like there is no updated version on the xplane.org store? Thanks Lennard
  6. lennard78

    Zürich v2 - XP11 Update

    Great news, thanks! Will be buying it as soon as it is online. Will the update also directly be uploaded to the xplane .org shop?
  7. lennard78

    Zürich v2 - XP11 Update

    Hello, Good news. However, I read in a review that the taxiways do not have the center green guidance lights on the taxiways at night, unlike in real life (http://xplanereviews.com/index.php?/forums/topic/445-scenery-review-updated-lszh-airport-zurich-v20-by-aerosoft/). Have they been implemented during the course of time, or are they still not there? I would like to know this, as it will help my decision to buy this scenery. Thank you, kind regards Lennard
  8. lennard78

    Beyond 1.20

    Hi, The choice to develop an advanced version is great indeed, looking forward to buying it. Hopefully Brian York will make an FS2Crew version for that one as well! I agree exactly with the features mentioned above, they are also the basics for me. Also, indeed an optional 2D-window for some things such as CDU would be very practical for those using multiple screens. The rest (cockpit lighting in stages etc) would be very nice and welcome 'extra's' but, for me personally, not essential. Kind regards Lennard
  9. lennard78

    Installing scenery on alternative hard drive

    Hi Airtrooper, I also do not really understand why this installation option is not given most of the time by installers, especially since sceneries start getting bigger and bigger. However, I solved this by copying the FSX.exe-icon from the FSX folder to a new virtual FSX folder on another disc. Point the installer to the new FSX.exe on the other disc, and then, once installed in this other disc (you will see the installer is 'fooled' and it works), add the scenery once more manually to the FSX library (it sometimes points to the wrong files even if it seems like it is OK, so always re-add it manually pointing to the right direction). In principle sceneries install perfectly this way. Hope it helps! Lennard
  10. lennard78

    Schiphol EHAM for FSX?:-)

    Wonderful news, Mathijs! Lennard
  11. Hello, My newly acquired Switzerland Pro works excellent, but I keep getting the error message "SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Addon Scenery\CHPROX_apts_d\ SCENERY) in Area.219 not found. Click OK to continue." The mentioned folder contains 3 AFX_dummy.bgl files. Does anyone know what could cause this message? Also I find it a bit strange that the installer gives no option to install the big scenery on another drive other than the one on which FSX is installed. With the VFR Germany installer, this is catered for very well. I can imagine many people want to install such a big scenery as CHPRO onto a second harddisc also. Since the installer did not ask to which directory CHPRO should be installed, I fooled the installer by copying the FSX.exe to a new folder on a second (D-)drive, on which I keep my photosceneries. Perhaps this is the cause? Those scenery entries have all been notified manually to the scenery library of FSX, and otherwise seem to work perfect. I just hope to get rid of the annoying error message at FSX startup. I am also using ZürichX by FS Dreamteam. Thanks for any suggestions! Lennard EDIT: it is solved. It was caused by a double entry in the library, of which one had capital letters, the other not; one pointed to an empty folder, the other was correct. Deleting the empty folder solved the problem.
  12. lennard78

    French Airports

    Dear Shaun, I am also quite curious. Will there be any patches to make beautiful sceneries like Marseille (France 1/2) and New Spanish Airports work in FSX? Most of them work almost fine, but not enough to actually use them because of black areas instead of ground textures, squares around trees etc. There are many smaller French and Spanish airports that otherwise have no proper coverage now in FSX, such as Marseille, Biarritz, Almeria, Alicante etc. Unless of course a whole new set of designs have been planned for FSX, but I have not seen them so far, I mostly see MegaAirports. A small update to fix those issues in FSX would be absolutely wonderful concerning the smaller airports! Thank you Lennard
  13. lennard78

    Pricing VFR Germany

    Hi, I could understand if Aerosoft does not want to say anything about this, but still I give it a try: are there any plans of selling the bundle of all 4 VFR Germany titles, once they are released, for a bundle price (cheaper, such as the German Airports 2 package or Horizon's U.K. VFR), or will they will keep their original price if one wants the complete series? Looking forward to your response, regards Lennard
  14. lennard78

    Schiphol EHAM for FSX?:-)

    Sorry to hear this. I guess this is the downside of creating the feeling for passengers that flying is still safe (security)....I live 30 min away from Schiphol but unfortunately I do not know anyone from there, so I'm afraid I cannot help here either... Lennard
  15. lennard78

    Scenery error Cologne-Bonn FSX

    .............And right after posting, I found the solution (yesterday after hours and hours looking for it at night, again proves not to help....better sleep good night and then you find the issue quickly....Seems true...). For some strange reason, these files in the library referred to some empty ordners placed in the Flight Simulator X Files directory...I corrected them by pointing the library to the correct location and now it works! Lennard