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  1. Hi Peter - Same thing happened tonight - started NG and get the squashed pick sim dialog and then nothing. It was working fine when I shut down last night. Really has me puzzled, I try ANOTHER reinstall and see if I can get back to normal. EDIT: Uh oh - reinstalled 1.83 - it immediately updated to 1.84 - i did NOT uninstall prior. - same problem - select sim dialog with no way to select. EDIT 2: uninstalled - reinstalled 1.83 - it updated to 1.84 - same problem need some help - unable to use NG. Thanx, Vic EDIT: Found the problem - an installer for a payware aircraft, for SOME UNKNOWN reason changed the appath in the registry that you use to locate the p3d.exe file to the location of the aircraft. I will contact the developer. whew!
  2. Resolved - found the sticky above re internet connection and downloaded the installer - all is well. However - since it was working fine yesterday - what caused it to crash today? I did change my desktop resolution from 4K at 30hz to 3820 at 60hz but I sure don't understand why that would affect NG. Thanx, Vic
  3. follow up - now, the sim field is populated correctly but I now get a message that "Critical error - can't connect to internet or server unreachable". Since my internet is working just fine I expect you are having server issues. I'll just keep trying and hope you get it sorted soon. edit: added the zipped log Thanx, Vic SIMstarter NG.zip
  4. Up until this morning, all was well with NG. When I started NG this morning, I get a dialog for sim selection but nothing is visible to select - I'm dead. Uninstalled and reinstalled from v1801 zip file. After installation ( all as admin) I get the same thing when I run NG. I've made no changes to my system. Any help?? Thanx, Vic
  5. I just clicked through it and it started up. After that, p3dv4 showed in the selection box. Vic
  6. I do not have Google Earth on my system. My problem is that every time I start the current version of SSNG I get a popup telling me that GE is not installed etc etc. Is there a way to disable this popup? EDIT: LOL - I translated one of the German posts and it seems you have resolved my problem in the new version. Thanx, Vic
  7. Picky,picky,picky! I stand corrected. Vic
  8. A little confused - the compatibility list on the front page says that Simstarter IS compatible but the post in this forum says not yet. fwiw, by just assigning the proper paths I was able to get SNG to function BUT one of my favorite features - sort & validate prepar3d.cfg file failed miserably. No harm done as I expected a problem but hopefully when an official update is released, this part will be corrected. Thanx! Vic Baron
  9. Hmm - I'll leave the technical answers to the developers but I've had several flights in the rain in the Cat and have not experienced what you describe. Yes, the temps rise and fall but no where near as rapidly as you. Vic
  10. BTW, just jumping in here but I'm one of those people who buy an addon to fly it. Had a Commercial ASMEL Instrument and years ago medical problems put an end to real world flying, so the sim is as close as I can get. I do not understand people who buy an a/c model start it up, turn on the AP and then go have dinner. I don't often compliment a developer on a product, I'm usually too busy enjoying it but in this case I appreciate the realism and the effort put into the Cat. It is a joy to get into. Vic
  11. PMFJI but there were a lot of old a/c that I flew in real life (not the Cat) that were just as sensitive to certain conditions. It was drummed into me to be very aware of the carb heat under certain conditions or pay the consequences. As Finn said, one of the most dangerous times in when throttles are retarded for approach and landing. Learn to stay ahead of the curve with the carb heat and you'll have no problems, get behind and you'll probably crash - just like real life except in FSX you get to walk away. Vic
  12. Simon - reduced fuel load 50% - still bounced but settled down and taxied onto the beach just fine. Thanx! Vic
  13. ok, I'll play around a bit just for kicks. It's kind of cool when you taxi up on to the beach. Vic
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