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  1. Yes, GO to the bank and GO and buy the FS11 code. That would be something really great. Seriously though, surely Microsoft want to do something with that asset. Like sell the code to a third party if they aren't going to continue to use it. Can't say I'm shocked, never even tried Flight to be honest. Rhydian
  2. 2 new videos added, one rather lengthy one with the F-18. This looks really fun. http://www.aeroflyfs.com/index.php/de/alles-ueber-aeroflyfs/videos.html According to another forum the developers have said they are going to gain the mood of the flight sim community and see where it takes them. I hope they keep developing it, I would love to see what they could come up with over time. Rhydian
  3. Found this on YouTube. I'm not entirely sure if it is the same simulator (I am guessing AeroFly 5.5 is an RC simulator???) Looks really good fun though despite the limitations. Rhydian
  4. Looks like fun. Remember Flight Unlimied? Kind of feels like that with just the one region, but the graphics look superb. Need a better distributor though because their shop seems really confusing.
  5. I don't think it's been released yet. I can't see it on their webshop. I did some digging around and I think these guys make Aerofly 5 the Radio Controlled aircraft simualtor. But it looks like they have made a flight sim.
  6. Whooaaa....Out of the blue, where on Earth did this come from??? http://www.aeroflyfs.com/index.php/de/ Graphics look very good but as far as I can tell it seems to be based in Switzerland only. Looks fun though!! Will Aerosoft be distributing this? Videos look good too. http://www.aeroflyfs.com/index.php/de/alles-ueber-aeroflyfs/videos.html Cheers Rhydian
  7. From the X-plane 10 preview. "X-Plane will be available early next year from Aerosoft.com." http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=11971&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight+Simulation&s_language=english No Christmas release for the Europe version, oh well. It'll be worth the wait though, I'm sure of it. Either that Or I'll just have to buy 2 copies, assuming they release the US version at Christmas. Meal box sounds great though.
  8. I'm a little confused by your post? Are you saying that unless it's PMDG no 3rd party x-plane developer should bother trying? I don't really understand. Other than an iPad (which I'm writing with) I don't use a Mac for flight simulation.
  9. Don't forget this: http://dh-aircraft.co.uk/news/news.html The cockpit looks great too: http://dh-aircraft.co.uk/news/files/b176dcfdac45527d2ba263bd4b490525-72.html
  10. Seen this video by Bob from RCSimulations? WOW!
  11. Good news Mathijs. I was just wondering, as well as scenery would there be any Aerosoft aircraft included in version XP10.0 too? Cheers Rhydian
  12. Very impressed with what I have seen so far from X-plane 10 @ FSweekend. The scenery and atmospheric effects have really blown me away. However, personally, the only thing that I find disappointing is the emphasis on keeping some of the X-plane 9 aircraft in version 10. Austin mentioned that some of the aircraft will remain unchanged such as the 777 and Cessna 172. I find it strange that this incredible scenery and lighting technology which was on show at FSweekend (which has caused quite a stir, and rightfully so, regardless of the blurry videos on youtube, it still looks fantastic, which say
  13. I have always found that X-plane excels at this. I love the fact on the weather menu system that you have an instant option to set CAVOK, VFR conditions and CAT1, CAT2, CAT3 instantly. I was showing my brother my simpit which runs with X-plane 9 and it was great to be able to instantly turn the weather on it's head. I am hoping X-plane 10 will be even more powerful in this regard, especially with volumetric clouds. That could turn out to be mind blowing. @Mathijs Just out of interest will Austin's presentation be streamed or recorded to the Aerosoft website for people who can't mak
  14. From Ben's X-plane developer blog. "First: if you want to use our art assets, you get them via the library. Almost every scenery art asset we provide in X-Plane sits in the library somewhere. This includes most of the art assets we use to build airport apt.dat layouts. So whether you want our lego brick terminals, ATC voices, taxiway centerline light strings, or autogen buildings, they’re all in the library and you can “just use them” in your custom scenery by referencing the library." AWESOME!
  15. What the......{FALLS OFF CHAIR}....INCREDIBLE!!!
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