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  1. I did another reinstall and it seems to be working again. Not sure what's going on here but hopefully it continues to work this time.
  2. Hi Mathjis, yes everything is run using admin rights.
  3. Hello, I am having a recurrence of my issue noted in this thread: I hadn't flown the A330 in some time, the only major system change I can think of was to update windows. When I did so some permissions changed for A330 folders but I put them back so that all users have access. Last night I reinstalled using Dave's instructions as I did to solve the issue last time. After doing so I started up the sim to test and the plane loaded successfully. However this morning when I went to start the sim to conduct a flight the CTD's continue. There is no error message given and nothing shows up in event viewer. The flight loads to 100%, I hear what sounds like the landing gear settling on the ground, then it crashes. The screen remains black. No other aircraft are affected in the same way. Logs are attached, other relevant info: A330 version: P3D Version: Windows Version: Windows 10 Home Edition, version 1909, build 18363.657 ECAM_Systems.log EFB_Ctrl.log Immersion.log MCDUFPLNDataClb.txt MiscD2D.log AB_ND_GDI.log
  4. I've been doing some troubleshooting and I think we can mark this one resolved. I did another reinstall using Dave's very detailed instructions in this thread (https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/149250-ctd-at-plane-selection/), thanks Dave! I also ensured that I excluded all of the folders Dave mentions in that thread from my anti-virus and ensured that all users had full rights to those folders (I had previously done this only for the main aircraft folder). I'm not sure what aspects of that fixed the issue but I was able to load up a flight on my next attempt.
  5. Try this: Find the speaker icon on your task bar, right click, select sounds, communications tab, click on "do nothing", apply, then ok.
  6. Hello, there is no error message provided, it just crashes to the desktop. P3D is Windows is Windows 10 Home Edition, version 1809, build 17763.914. Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm getting a repeatable CTD when loading the flight. After the loading progress bar gets to 100%, I hear a brief noise that sounds like the aircraft settling onto the landing gear (best way I can describe it), the screen is black, and then a few seconds later I get a CTD with no error message generated in event viewer. This has happen on both the stable version and the experimental version I have reinstalled the aircraft but this did not fix the issue. I don't see much of note in the logs but I've attached them here in case they are useful. I was able to successfully complete flights a week ago, I'm not sure what may have changed to cause this. Thanks, Dave FMGS.log Immersion.log MiscD2D.log AB_ND_GDI.log EFB_Ctrl.log
  8. Please Disregard, on my current flight pushback worked fine.
  9. Continuation of this thread: I wasn't trying to use checklists at all, I set up the aircraft myself, attempted to push back using GSX2 and the issue occurred. Not sure how the thread veered toward the conflict between viewfocus and chaseplane (I've disabled viewfocus as well)
  10. On my second flight this issue was not there, going to try a third tonight. I did do a restart after installing.
  11. Thanks, I'm not aware of any settings related to animations in P3D? There is a setting for special effects, which I know impacts the strobes on one other aircraft, I have this set at full. The manual does not specify a setting for this that I can find. What effect files are used by the A330? I looked in the aircraft.cfg and did not see any entries for strobe effects files in the lighting section.
  12. I use chaseplane, not sure of the connection to GSX though. That was the only time i had the issue
  13. Not sure if this is the right section or not but I tried to use GSX2 to push back last night and the aircraft starting porpoising up and down and didn’t move back.
  14. What settings in the manual could impact strobe lights? I have not had this issue with any other aircraft so I’m not clear what could be changed and what effects are being called in by the A330.
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