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  1. Sorry Hans,my mistake.V54 must be v53 and is working till now.. For the other issue, I have still the problem with IGSEB Chuck's tutorial route is CYYZ SID DEDKI Q913 IGSEB DCT MIGLO STAR CYUL (screenshot igseb2.jpg) Thank you
  2. following several tutorials I get stuck for input in the FMC. In the official tutorial flight (vol3) no accepting input gate 45 at KLAX Also in the tutorial in vol1 (EDDL-LFSB) gate V54 (not found) In Chuck's tutorial (CYYZ CYUL) waypoint IGSEB (not found). (see pictures) Latest airac in FSX and P3Dv4.4 on two different computers Clean start from Cessna 172 Latest sceneries for EDDL (FSX and P3Dv4), CYYZ version 1.2.3 AS CRJ700 So for me it is impossible to flight the CRJ700. What could be the problem or better the solution?
  3. Because of a new Dutch governement airplane / royal airplane I consider to make this happen in a CRJ outfit, also for the omission in the Dutch airplane world . Suggestion: Perhaps with the name KingHolgi in little letters for the copyright?
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