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  1. Hi Shaun I put in a 'Search' on this forum, typing in the word 'black'. I eventually came up with this link ... My link I tried deleting the folder B772MX and reinstalling as suggested in the link, and it worked fine!! Worth remembering if this comes up again. Incidentally, I looked through all the aircraft folders (before I found this link) and I noticed quite a few had sub-folders named ' Texture.blank ' What does this mean? I wondered if it had anything to do with the problem? Cheers deecee
  2. Hi Shaun Yes, there are aircraft further away that have full liveries. I dont think it is a case of range of definition as you may be suggesting. To be more specific ..... I wish I could identify the aircraft in question - it is always the same type. Twin engine, heavy, 6 wheeled main u/c. The wings and tailplane appear in standard grey definition, only the fuselage and fin are black with no features showing. The same aircraft type appears at EGBB (gate 85) in Emirates, and at EHAM (gateE7) in KLM. I did a 'World/go to airport' for the following locations and using slew checke
  3. I am finding some aircraft appearing all black when I position myself at EGKK and EGLL - the UK2000 versions. Not sure what aircraft, I think possibly 777s. Is there a cure for this? Hope someone can help. deecee
  4. I have recently purchased via download My Traffic2010 and as yet there is no problem with that. When I installed the program I opted not to install the Sound Patch. However, I would now like to give this option a try but cannot find this patch to install. Was it only on the main installation? I'm sure there must be a link somewhere. Please could someone guide me to its location or suggest how I can install it. Thanks deecee.
  5. I, too, am having problems activating EGCC. I downloaded v1.2 as advised, ran FSX to install the changes to scenery files, and check there were no hitches and all seems okay. I shut down FSX and opened AES, but still no EGCC is appearing on my installed airports list. Please could you look into this problem further. Thanks deecee
  6. Thanks for the link Tigerclaw. It's a simple download and I like the fact that BOB installs itself (or should it be himself!) at the number one spot in the aircraft selection menu. I have been playing around with it and to begin with I found it a little difficult to control the speed. It tends to run away with you and it's hard to set a constant slow speed. Also in the virtual cockpit mode (as suggested) you can get disoriented because using the hat to look around there is no set forward position to return to, so when you start to move again you are not necessarily in the 'facing fo
  7. Thanks guys, for your response. I'll have a look for the cars in Avsim - could be what I'm after. I do like the sound of BOB though. That could be really interesting. Finally, could someone, perhaps Er!k, explain how to do 'slewing'. That's definitely something I've missed in FSX. cheers deecee.
  8. When I purchase a new airport as I have done recently -German Airports 3 - I like to go around the airport to look at the various gates and parking areas and perhaps select a few spots that I am going to use, or just view the airport in general. To do this I am selecting a small aircraft eg Cessna,Piper, and taxying around in this! But this is silly. I would like to select some sort of appropriate vehicle to drive in. Is there a product available that will do this? Instead of selecting an aircraft, select a car. Or is there some way of doing it that I don't know about? I use
  9. Hi Shaun Not quite sure what AFCADs are or what they are used for. I may sound a bit of a novice, but I have never had cause to use them! I am willing to try most things, but I would need a bit of guidance. I have looked in the Flight1 Ultimate Traffic folder, but can't find AFCADs. Are they in the form of config.files as with FSX.cfg in notebook format with a whole list of entries? If you can give me some directions as to finding them and how to edit I could give it a go. Thanks deecee
  10. Hi Darem Tried your suggestion regarding fsx.cfg file (it is in the same place in Vista), but sadly it hasn't made any difference. I forgot to mention that I have Flight1 Ultimate Traffic 2007 installed. Could this make any difference? Ive put 'flushing tool' into Google and this came up as an extract from a forum: Download/install and run the Windows Installer Cleanup Tool http://download.micr...1bd/msicuu2.exe - http://download.micr...1bd/msicuu2.exe After install, run it and have it flush anything FSX related. BE CAREFUL with that tool.. if you dont see an
  11. Sorry, I pasted this from 'Word' and it came out like this. I should have checked!!!!! deecee
  12. Hi Darem Thanks for replying. Checked the three EDDG files and they are in the same order with the last two set to off as you suggested. My scenery library is as follows: AES basepack Aerosoft AFD German Airports 2 German Airports 2_LC Mega Airport Frankfurt Mega Airport Frankfurt _LC VFR Germany 1 (west) Mega Airport Heathrow UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme UK2000 Birmingham Xtreme VFR Airfields vol 1 VFR Gen X vol 3 ) vol 2 ) there are 36 of these entries - Horizon Photographic Scenery
  13. No, I installed the scenery first, then added the airports individually. When first installed Munster was okay, but I must have done something, because recently it has become annoying and I cant get it to work properly. I'm having to use push-back to get the aircraft clear of the buildings, but even so the static a/c are in the wrong place. deecee
  14. Every time I try to locate at this airport I find that the aircraft is positioned in the airport buildings. The whole of the airport ground seems to be mis-aligned with the buildings. I have tried to un-install using Control Panel/Un-install, but although it tells me that the un-install was successful the scenery remains in place. I cannot eliminate it. I have VFRGermany2 installed and other airports - Frankfurt, Cologne, Hannover, Dortmund - and there is no problem. I would be pleased if someone could suggest a fix for me. Thank you deecee
  15. Love flying the F-16, but I would really like to fly from some military airbases with dedicated scenery, particularly in Europe. At the moment I am using Bitburg, Spangdahlen, Ramstein, Buchel etc, but these are only very basic scenery. Vfr Germany is great to fly over. Can anyone suggest some military bases with decent scenery that I could download, either free or to purchase? What about you Aerosoft? Do you have anything in the pipeline that I can look forward to? Your major airports are great, but not really suitable for military traffic. Is there anything in Netherlands, Belgium, It
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