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  1. I thought LATAM has been done already. Did you search in the download page?
  2. Can anyone be so kind as to repaint this livery for the Airbus 318?
  3. Currently I'm using MegaScenery for the entire California state, and DreamTeam's KLAX. Can I use this scenery along with the once I have already, is it compatible.?
  4. I understand that in order to configure the autoland, I have to input the VOR and course. But when it comes to the DME, where do I find that number on the chart? Sorry if I sound stupid, but I'm not used to having to add that on any other heavy I have.
  5. Now, that's cool, although I didn't understand the language, but the photo is really cool. I love the winglet on that Airbus. Is that the way the new Airbus X Extended will look like in Frontier Airlines livery colors?
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