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  1. Oops, sorry was inteneded for the "propose a project" forum. But Matt_Smith, irony is not accepted. Thanks, Christos
  2. Hi Matthijs and Aerosoft team, As some very nice greek airports have already been made or are being made I want to ask if there are there any plans for the larger airport of Thessaloniki in northern Greece? Right now runway 10/28 is being extended to serve bigger airplanes. Very busy airport with many airlines especially in sommer. Thanks, Christos
  3. Shaun, can you post please another screen shot but this time as you approach being on glideslope? I would like to see the approach light from this angle. Thanks, Christos
  4. Could somebody please post a night screenshot of his approach lights from an Aerosoft scenery? Preferably Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Innsbruck, Oslo, Vaernes, Barcelona or Faro? Thanks, Christos
  5. Hi Shaun, Found anything about the blurred runway lights? This problem does not exist with other developer's scenery approach lights. Thanks, Christos
  6. Hi all, I would like also to participate as a reviewer if I am not too late. Thanks, Christos
  7. Hi, Re: Mega airport Barcelona. Very nice scenery! However I want to remove the static aircraft parked at various gates, including cargo planes, which do not appear nice. How can this be done? Thanks, Christos
  8. You are wright. Thanks for your reply Mathijs. Christos
  9. Hi all, Just want to ask if Aerosoft intends to make a discount sale on last day of December (or soemewhere around there) as done on Christmas. Thanks, Christos
  10. Hi all, I just freshly installed the 320/321 X on my new computer but throttling on does not move the airplane at all ! When closing the sim I get the message "Fatal Error" having to reboot the sim and that 'smartassemply' is missing. Advise appreciated. Thanks, Christos
  11. It is the same thing Shaun. Even from the top and from any angle they are blurred. Any hint? Thanks, Christos
  12. Hi Shaun, Have a look at the attached file. The landing lights look blurred especially on aerosoft's sceneries. Thanks, Christos
  13. Hi Shaun, No, Light Bloom is off. How else can these light be adjusted? Thanks, Christos
  14. Hi all, I freshly installed quite some sceneries such as Frankfurt X, Amsterdam X, Oslo X etc. but in all of them the approach and runway lights appear blurred, not clear. Is there something about this? Thanks, Christos
  15. Disabled the FSUIPC (thanks Andy B for showing me how to do this) but still not working. I guess I will wait for Aerosoft to sort it out. Christos
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