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  1. Your best guess is to go to FSDG's forum directly. They developed the airport and there you will get an answer to your question for sure.
  2. I wonder, which chart you are referring to? I agree, that this tutorial is not really needed but from the charts i know I can't see which path to fly and at which speed as it is mostly VFR. For runway 15 there are a ton of videos and this is the approach I am using most of the times. But for runway 33 I could not find enough information and have never really made a satisfactory approach. Last time I saw that there are now RNAV appraoches available but they are quite new, aren't they? And it's not like they lead you right to the threshold
  3. No all FSX missions do not work in P3D as far as I know. There are a ton of good youtube videos. Watch them, either real ones or simulator-videos, both will be fine. I learned it that way and I am not quite sure what a FSX mission could do better.
  4. I just recently bought Bali and it works very well in P3Dv4... it certainly is one of Aerosoft best airport offerings. Paro for sure is another one that you want (if you don't have it already). Available from FSDG and well worth the money.
  5. Eduard, you are a regular vistor of the previews forum. You should know that there is an ongoing project for Tahiti that isn't moviing for years now. You can guess yourself what that might mean...
  6. Hallo Helmut, speziell zu der Szenerie kann ich dir nichts sagen, da ich kein einziges deiner Add-Ons habe. Aber grundsätzlich sieht es schon so aus, dass da irgendwo noch eine zweite Datei rumschleicht. Es gibt ein ganz nützliches Tool, dass solche Dateien aufspürt. http://www.scruffyduck.org/simple-airport-scanner/4584282795 Das Programm scannt alle deine Szenerien und wenn du hinterher nach EDHI suchst, zeigt er dir alle Dateien an, die diesen Airport beinflussen / beinhalten. Das sollte in deinem Fall recht schnell zur Lösung führen.
  7. When I check the thread in question, John Kunde has far more upvotes than downvotes... so the average customer seems to share his view. So if his numbers go down, you can guess yourself, where they are coming from.
  8. Actually I can't tell you exactly. Maybe it is starting with the fact, that you have to open several pdfs at once. One for the information, where is what, one for the checklist itself... one more for the flight tips of Alexander Metzger. I am not saying it is impossible but certainly there are better ones out there. Your Airbusses were my first airplane a few years ago and the Step by step tutorial made it really easy for me. Since then I bought many aircraft and most of the times I don't need such a step by step tutorial anymore... but for this different kind of aircraft it would have been really nice... Call it AN-2 for Dummies if you will
  9. Keflavik really would deserve a new version these days. Unfortunately it does not look like FSDG have it on their radar right now...
  10. I kind of agree with Vickers... I was hoping for a proper tutorial flight as well (like they are usually delivered with the CRJ or the Airbusses). If it would not be for good tutorial videos on youtube for the Sibwings An-2, there would be no way you get this thing started with the checklists that came with the plane...
  11. Thank you. Will check tonight. Really nice plane and I already had a lot of fun. Usually I am not flying THAT slow... but this one is a completely different challenge..
  12. Hallo, also bei deinem System sehe ich eigentlich kein großes Problem. RAM solltest du vllt. mal aufstocken aber du befindest dich insgesamt glaube ich schon eher an der unteren Grenze, was das System angeht. Ich habe aber zum Beispiel nur eine GeForce GTX 960 und fahre damit bisher ganz gut, auch wenn ich mit einem Upgrade liebäugle. Von den Flugzeugen kannst du dich eigentlich mehr oder weniger verabschieden. PMDG musst du ganz neu kaufen. Auch sonst gibt es doch eher wenige, die du in FSX und P3Dv4 nutzen kannst. Mir fallen gerade die TfDi 717, der CRJ, Twin Otter ein. Aber auch die Carenadoflieger. Bei Szenerien sieht das schon anders aus. Da kannst du eigentlich davon ausgehen, dass 90% nach wie vor funktioniert. Für viele andere gibt es günstige Upgrades, die meist aber nicht mal nötig sind (Es sei denn du willst unbedingt die dynamischen Lichter am entsprechenden Flugplatz. UK2000, Flightbeam, FlyTampa kannst du aber zum Beispiel gratis upgraden. Alles in allem sollte der Umstieg nicht zu teuer sein. Muss ja auch nicht alles auf einmal sein... Lizenztechnisch kann man es kurz machen. Hol dir die academic license und alles ist gut. Du hast übrigens auch ein relativ langes Rückgaberecht bei Lockheed Martin. Probier es also einfach mal aus, wie es auf deinem System so läuft.
  13. In the document "Vol1_AOM_Part1.pdf" on page 10 it is number 9 "Directional Gyro". This is not moving for me, only when I am pressing "D" it is setting itself to the actual heading. What you explained above was Number 18 "UGR Compass". That one is working fine for me. Sorry, can't make a screenshot right now as I am sitting in the office.
  14. Hey, thank you. But I meant the other one, right above that one. I took the names from the Manual Part 1... This one is working fine.
  15. Hi, I am sure the problem is on my end but one of you experts will answer it quickly I hope: My directional gyro is not moving at all. What do I have to turn on to make it work? Yesterday I just turned on everything but this thing still doesn't move. The UGR compass works but is a little small to read.
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