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  1. When I check the thread in question, John Kunde has far more upvotes than downvotes... so the average customer seems to share his view. So if his numbers go down, you can guess yourself, where they are coming from.
  2. Actually I can't tell you exactly. Maybe it is starting with the fact, that you have to open several pdfs at once. One for the information, where is what, one for the checklist itself... one more for the flight tips of Alexander Metzger. I am not saying it is impossible but certainly there are better ones out there. Your Airbusses were my first airplane a few years ago and the Step by step tutorial made it really easy for me. Since then I bought many aircraft and most of the times I don't need such a step by step tutorial anymore... but for this different kind of aircraft it would have been re
  3. Keflavik really would deserve a new version these days. Unfortunately it does not look like FSDG have it on their radar right now...
  4. I kind of agree with Vickers... I was hoping for a proper tutorial flight as well (like they are usually delivered with the CRJ or the Airbusses). If it would not be for good tutorial videos on youtube for the Sibwings An-2, there would be no way you get this thing started with the checklists that came with the plane...
  5. Hallo, also bei deinem System sehe ich eigentlich kein großes Problem. RAM solltest du vllt. mal aufstocken aber du befindest dich insgesamt glaube ich schon eher an der unteren Grenze, was das System angeht. Ich habe aber zum Beispiel nur eine GeForce GTX 960 und fahre damit bisher ganz gut, auch wenn ich mit einem Upgrade liebäugle. Von den Flugzeugen kannst du dich eigentlich mehr oder weniger verabschieden. PMDG musst du ganz neu kaufen. Auch sonst gibt es doch eher wenige, die du in FSX und P3Dv4 nutzen kannst. Mir fallen gerade die TfDi 717, der CRJ, Twin Otter ei
  6. I was very happy to see, that the Twotter made it in P3D4 that quickly. That I would pay an upgrade fee it would need the GTN integration and of course dynamic lights. Also a better paintkit would be nice, as it is not as easy as others are.
  7. Nice to see someone else interested in Georgia (Although you seem to be interested in every airport that ever has existed ) I released an updated AFCAD for Kutaisi recently on flusiboard.de. And I will start to enhance it, after I visit the airport in February.
  8. Thanks for the quick response. I will try that!
  9. Yes, I used the migration tool. Is there anything I can do manually? set some files to .off and some to .bgl or something like this?
  10. Hey, I installed both sceneries in P3D v3. So far everything is working fine. But what is a bit weird for me is that Keflavik has winter textures and the rest of Iceland is still green. Is this some incompability with P3D v3 or am I missing something?
  11. Hey Holgi, I would love to see the Georgian Airways CRJ even though they have only a CRJ 200s ... Same is for the PMDG 737-700... Here is their fleet: Georgian Airways fleet For each of them I would donate a reasonable amount to your PC-donation-account... you are doing a great job here and it is not self-evident to offer all this for free. I know Georgian Airways might not be a very popular or even beautiful / challenging livery for you... but for me it would be a really nice addition to my fleet.
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