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  1. Is there any chance, that we are able to just enter the key at microsoft store and bypass the wohle dvd stuff in the future or is it set like this? I just want the box for my collection, without anything else DVD related A lot of steam games do it perfectly, i buy the box, get the code and then decide if I download or install from DVD... and they don't need the disc because of the steam activation
  2. Same for me, i'd love to have the box to put it next to FSX and FS2004! My internet is faster than installing from DVD so Iam hoping for the pure download option with the MSFS key inside the box.... and when its not possible, I should try if my DVD drive works after years of not using it ^^
  3. Are there any plans on redoing the cockpit sounds left?
  4. Yes it is! https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/prepar3d/flugzeuge/2435/a320-family-professional-bundle?c=20
  5. I love it! Its working great in VR! I have some EGT problems sometimes, but there is another thread about it and the roll sound on the ground isn't fading in; its just there or not. And the TCAS isn't showing me when I have to pull up etc on the PFD when another plane comes too close! That's all about bugs I've found. Why are the buttons for an IDG disconnect clickable but don't do anything? Like a real pilot I random saw that i can move the red cover and tried in flight if this is working! But nothing happend and I landed safely Just before the FSLabs problems started t
  6. Are there any news about the sound? I was reinstalling the AN-2 today and I think its sounds the same as in december. I would prefer the sound like sitting in the cockpit without a headset. When I fly the AN-2 and have my Soundsystem with subwoofer connected it sounds very very flat. A2A (I think) has a good solution for the sound: You can plug in a virtual headset into the headset output in the cockpit and the sound changes to the "flat" version.
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