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  1. Are there any plans on redoing the cockpit sounds left?
  2. You could use Spoilers to increase descend...
  3. I was able to reproduce it, it happens if u drag from the "all" button away, like drag and drop with files, click it and hold, move to somewhere and stop hold.
  4. Had the fast time to fly between two very close airports with engine shut downin between; the fuel resetted only on the right side.
  5. I will try Sunday till then Iam not at home, should have tested this before posting.
  6. At the landing at LPMA i come quite close to a little hill and the GPWS got active; i had to go around because of some stupid AI and the yellow GPWS warning left to the PFD stayed on. I tested the GPWS to test if the light goes off after it, but no. On the next try i turned the GPWS with all its modes off, but till the landing it stayed online. This doens't sound right... i hope Edit: It was in the BA A318
  7. I was looking for the fuelpage, but then the ECAM started switching through the different modes, one per second. Is there an old test button i accidentally hit? I really did nothing more than looking at ELEC and then at fuel while climb... Setting it on another mode just restarted the switching from the first mode. Edit: It was in the BA A318
  8. The "used Fuel" for the left engine didn't reset after second takeoff. The right one reseted like it should but the left had 3 tons more used fuel short after takeoff. Edit: It was in the BA A318
  9. Here is my picture, flying over Langeoog
  10. Is there any place with a change log or will it be a text file anywhere in the Airbus folder? btw why is it even possible to write into the textbox in the updater?
  11. You have to turn the volume up, its quiet, but if you hear it once, you will notice every click; as he said, just on the left side! 0:02, 0:04, 0:09, 0:11 are some examples. Iam scared that i will hear the clicking after the video in my Bus too
  12. Yes it is! https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/prepar3d/flugzeuge/2435/a320-family-professional-bundle?c=20
  13. I love it! Its working great in VR! I have some EGT problems sometimes, but there is another thread about it and the roll sound on the ground isn't fading in; its just there or not. And the TCAS isn't showing me when I have to pull up etc on the PFD when another plane comes too close! That's all about bugs I've found. Why are the buttons for an IDG disconnect clickable but don't do anything? Like a real pilot I random saw that i can move the red cover and tried in flight if this is working! But nothing happend and I landed safely Just before the FSLabs problems started to appear I was thinking about getting the a320-x; but now I ask myself about the advantages, there are new great sounds in the AS one, the system depth of an FSLabs is not needed for me and the performance with the AS Airbus is better (thats very important for VR flying). For the 320 and 319 i would pay 180€; for the bundle update i payed 40€ and SPs will come with more features. If I had 2 more wishes would it be: i) an option for a used cockpit, or maybe a slider to change the level of "usedness"; I love the dream of a cheap airline with a dirty cockpit ii)when u open the MCDU menu for fuel/load/groundservices etc. it opens in a new window; thats annoying in VR for reading and pressing buttons (i know that maybe 0,01% of your costumer have the same "problem"). Maybe its possible to show it in the Virtual Cockpit on the actual MCDU?
  14. I've just finished my first test flight too from LOWI to EDDF; everything worked perfectly! I really don't understand all these people who couldn't wait 3 or 4 days for the bundle upgrade and bought the single pack today. Why would you pay 85€ for both if u can buy the same for 30€ some days later? I've read it a lot and i really dont understand.
  15. Are there any news about the sound? I was reinstalling the AN-2 today and I think its sounds the same as in december. I would prefer the sound like sitting in the cockpit without a headset. When I fly the AN-2 and have my Soundsystem with subwoofer connected it sounds very very flat. A2A (I think) has a good solution for the sound: You can plug in a virtual headset into the headset output in the cockpit and the sound changes to the "flat" version.
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