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  1. yes sir it’s supposed to. It’s weird because I’ve not had this issue before and now I do. Since the update
  2. Marc, Yes sir I can still see the pax and weights in the airbus. Our ACARS system is supposedly suppose to detect pax and cargo weights of the aircraft in the sim. I ran it by our programmer and he advised to have a bug report here at Aerosoft. I am pretty sure it’s something to do with the weights in the A320 file in Aerosoft folder. I’m looking for the actual file now.
  3. Hey Aerosoft Team, So I updated the airbus professional series A320 to recently and now I have a issue where pax payload is not showing. I fly for a virtual airline and our ACARS system can’t detect any pax on the A320. I can still load pax via MCDU3 but it won’t detect on third party software such as our ACARS system. ive taken a closer look into the files and I can confirm that payload is 0. Not sure what’s happened but this definitely should be monitored. Thanks,
  4. To the team at Aerosoft. Thank you for making a super awesome A330 and airbus family. I hope you all have a happy new year and many great times ahead for 2020! Happy New Year to you all!
    This Delta livery Along with others I have definitely meet my expectations. Great job! I love the darker hue of blue on the tail and engines.
    This livery is pretty good and met my expectations. I love the aged look of this particular livery. It has wear and tear which makes it look more realistic. I’m looking forward to getting more flying time with this livery
  5. You could possibly disable the links. I erased FlightAware on mine it’s one that caused it and it disabled all the links for me. I get a white screen now. But no CTD. Plus I can still use the other features on the EFB.
  6. I for one am with the decision to remove the weblinks. I think it’s a great idea to implement don’t get me wrong but I think the user should have the option to turn it on or off. I myself have gotten a few ctds when clicking on links. But to each their own.
    Nice Delta Livery. I was wondering if and when you can if possibly could make a Delta SkyTeam livery for the A330? This is my favorite.
  7. Looks really nice @steve dra I can’t wait to take the Delta A330 up for a flight. Once I can get performance figured out.
  8. Nice. I can’t wait for this release! It looks good @steve dra
  9. I like what you did with the repaint for this Delta Model. Even though it is a fictional livery, I still like it. My only concern is a registration number on the exterior. But very nice model otherwise.
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