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  1. As i said, stupid question 🙂 Thanks for confirmation...
  2. Gentlemen, Stupid question, but could not find the answer in the forum: LEBL Mega airport is updated to version P3DV5_V2000 and appears as such in my shop account( Simmarket). As I am still at P3Dv4xx, is this update required/advised for me aswell? Greetings ...
  3. Well it seems i have installed aswell. No need for the downloaded one. Thank you...
  4. Hello, Just downloaded your PANC-scenery via Simmarket. After install it gives me version 1.11, wich is i believe the latest one. On the download section of Simmarket there was also a file called PANCConfig.exe, with version Do i still need this config.exe, if not why is it included anyway?
  5. Well, in this forum i only read about problems and issue's related to the new version 2.03. As i'm gonna switch to a new system, my question is where can i find the "old" version 1.28 with it's updates as i have no BU of the installer for 1.28😞. On the other hand, is it worth upgrading as there are still that much issue's. It's been a while sinds an update or fix is released... Thanks...
  6. Does anybody knows if there will be a solution for the above issue? I'm still awaiting installing the latest version 2.03 till all is fine and stable... (I know, there will alway be some glitches, but anyway ...)
  7. Hi Luke, Ckeck this thread above! It tells you to backup your [***]\Data folder. If not you will lose all previous data! After install of the update you have a fresh installation, then you can copy the files you need from the backup folder...
  8. So after the installation of V 2.0 we can/have to copy the PFPX Data folder back to its original place? Or is this depending of other (missing) things/files?
  9. Just installed the new afcad file, works like a charm! Thanks again Oliver (or whoever may have prepared this file )
  10. Thank you Oliver, will try it soon, will report back!
  11. Thanks for reply, but how exactly am i supposed to do this? ADE?
  12. Hello Otto, Thanks for reopening this post. Is there a way to supply an afcad with active runway 02/20, so users can choose between both when needed? Reason is, i never fly with AI, only online (Ivao). And even if a rwy is rarely used does not mean never used. I would then be nice to see this rwy in Aivlasoft. Thanks for your help and support.
  13. Hello, if i may: Maybe discussed but not solved. Rarely used does not mean never used ;-) Is there a way to supply an afcad with active runway 02/20, so users can choose between both? Reason is, i never fly with AI, only online (Ivao). Thanks anyway.
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