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  1. Cool I saw the difference, I had 2.01 before , that new version 3.00 has the P3Dv4 in it I got nervous for nothing! lol
  2. I am just really late to the game. I saw that it states that the F14X is now compatible with P3Dv4. But when I go into my account data and look in my orders, I still see it has only the version for P3Dv2 and P3Dv3? Is the new download for the "EXTENDED" version the new one for P3Dv4 only its not labeled as such? I am trying it right now.
  3. in anticipation of getting back into our beloved bird, You can use the freeware Dino Tomcat which has compatible guages and an alright cockpit that will do until this aircraft is finally updated. Hate having to say that here. But right now the Dino Tomcat can curve the need for speed until this bird is finally updated! It is compatible with V4
  4. Actually really curious as to its compatibility to P3D v.4 myself, I am still using it with version 3.2 and I am thinking about making the jump up to version 4 now I heard the frame rates were much better. This is one of the reasons I stayed in V3.2 because I love the Tomcat and I dont want to move up it there are still compatibility issues with it and the 64 bit game version.
  5. The new version is awesome Oliver! I love it and I wont waste space with my post since you have stated that you are still working on the vehicles! I will like to ask if you have the baggage carrier on that list as this is one major part of Airport service that has been missing from the start! Is it possible to add another service option that is before passenger disembark and loading that will show a baggage cart or cargo loader approach the aircraft and perform the task of loading baggage animating a worker outside the aircraft and one inside the aircraft unloading and accepting the load? I can only say I am loving the new version and the more detailed vehicles now available! Its eye candy for sure! I like the soldier march of the Ground Traffic Controller! Its better than the old one for sure, poor guy looked like he had well we all know! lol
  6. It's not as simple as you are thinking it is. The simulator believe it or not runs on a real time clock. All of the AI aircrafts are programmed to be at certain airport gates during certain times of the day. The feature you are talking about is something that has to an entirely different stand alone program. This program would have to interface with WOAI and Default Flight Sim AI and to have to have AES service prepped on standby at a specific gate requires that you are at that gate within the time frame that is estimated from the airport you depart from. This is very technical and not quite that simple! Another great idea would be nice if that could be set up for you. Now having all AES service vehicles on standby to do their thing when you have landed and got your gate assignment is something I can see AES capable of doing. Once you have your gate assignment after landing (and requesting it obviously), you can inform AES like you normally do to have service ready at the gate you are assigned to. AES should have the data already set to know what you are flying at the time of request and have everything sitting at the gate waiting for you! Now that I think is doable! These are some nice concepts you guys are coming up with! Hopefully the guys that design AES is reading this and will consider some of these simple thoughts on improving the program! Customer feedback is always good in the longevity of a program!
  7. The main reason I would think they probably dont use the already available vehicles in the scenery, two words "copyright infringement"! I think they would need written consent from the author and the author would have to give them the models. I dont think you can edit the AFCAD of the vehicles to make them go where you want to. It has to be programmed most likely. I think your suggestion sounds good with intent, but legally i dont they could do it. But the new AES in development if you check out the link posted in this thread shows that they are coming out with new types of models for all most every low res vehicle in AES standard. I can only cross my fingers and hope that they read this thread and throw in the baggage vehicles as well! Then it would be a complete Airport Service. Its a shame to see AES do everything service vehicles do at the airport and leave out one of the main purposes of air service. "LOAD MY LUGGAGE" please can anyone hear me out there !
  8. The next generation of AES is looking very good and seems to address the major needs interms of better looking service vehicles. It looks like it is still in very early stages though! So hopefully this little bee (message) can reach the ears of Oliver to throw this in somewhere as another new service vehicle (which has been missing and is a very important part of airport service)! Agreeing that the aircraft does have plenty of service vehicles around it. Luggage vehicles can be used before you call for Clean up and catering services. Passengers do need to get there luggage on and off the aircraft before and after there flight! Still would be very nice to see this element added to the next generation AES service! I am liking the new cleaning and catering vehicles for the A380 very much needed! Hopefully we get lucky and they dont leave this part out! I would rather see this animation take place rather than seeing actual people deboard the aircraft at open field airports! But I aint pick if they decide to add that too! Because we have been asking for years to see actual people board and deboard aircrafts and walk from and to the Airport Service Bus!
  9. I was just wondering how come with AES we have always just had the buggage loaders/unloaders approach the aircraft, yet we never see a luggage cart or baggage carrier approach these loaders! As seen in my pics German Airports Paderborn has a baggage cart that is dynamic scenery that drives around the airport, and at Fly Tampa Juliana they have luggage carts that drive around the airport. Here's just an idea, As we know you park the aircraft, shut down the engines (pending the type of aircraft you are using) the luggage loaders approach the cargo doors on the aircraft. When you program AES to simulate passengers deboarding, we usually see a bus approach the aircraft air stairs. If we are at a gate nothing happens. Since we can get two animations occuring at the same time like the cleaning service crew and the waste collector. How about throwing in an animation of a luggage cart vehicle approaching the loaders and follow the pace of the deboarding passengers. Then when it says deboarding complete, cabin empty a few seconds later the luggage carts depart. Then when we call for passengers boarding, as they are boarding luggage carts come out to the aircraft and park near the luggage loaders! Then we get the boarding completed alert, have it be a few seconds later the luggage carts leave after simulating luggage loading. It seems this was left out, but I can't see why it cant be added in because it is a missing element of the Boarding process! Just a suggestion would be cool to see this as part of future AES versions!
  10. Thank you Delta777, it was the Olbia VFR scenery that was causing the landclass issue with Madrid. I just turned off the VFR scenery and I was able to still use the Olbia airport scenery! that is very strange that a freeware airports scenery file can effect another scenery like this! Thank you for the assistance. I tried putting the Madrid under Olbia and that made no difference that is why I suspected it was the VFR scenery causing the issue! So I did away with that and kept the airport and it still works!
  11. Can't I just move this scenery under Olbia in the scenery archive to correct this issue?, I don't want to lose Olbia its one of my favorite lil airports in this area!
  12. I just bought Madrid airport a few minutes ago and after it installed it looked like this! Is there a reason why the airport is on top of a mountain and the ground is raised up in certain areas. I checked the scenery library and it seems that the landclass file is missing or does this scenery come with a landclass (LC) file?
  13. Thanks for the assist Shaun, I feel like doing a Homer Simpson "Doh'!" right now didnt know it was that one little case sensitive letter! It is working now and this scenery is beautifully done! Like the traffic in and around the airport too nice touch!! Hopefully the next version of AES will cover this one!
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