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  1. Max, I recall that Cloud9 (back when they were a standalone company) was already complaining of the huge negative influence of piracy in Italy. Having lived in Brasil for 5 years I can confirm this: any Google search for FS products brings up more hits for local blogs providing stolen. copied and cracked FS software than for legitimate sellers and suppliers. Which perhaps explains why there is so little payware Brazilian scenery. Everybody here will be glad to know that clicking on any link to an Aerosoft product, old or new, brings up an FBI warning. And even though its the "wrong" thread, Genoa Sestri; stunning local landscape, opportunity for mega eye-candy, and a wacky offset approach.
  2. Solved - installed over previous and all is fine. Sorry guys, should have hit the "Think" button instead of the "Panic" button.
  3. How do I get my AES Basepack back into the scenery library after stupidly deleting it? I cant find anything with that name. Thanks.
  4. I havent got anything to share but I am looking for a cockpit view of how to do the Circle to 08 properly, so I can get some visual references. I have now managed it once in a 737 but it was far from realistic. I have seen a number of vids on YT but only one seemed to be "properly done", in a full-on home cockpit, and in that the instructor tells to "Aim for the church", but in the FS9 LOWI scenery that flat part over to the left, super-populated in real-life, is just a barrren mess. I know - study the charts, keep practicing - youre right, but if anyone has a good film of this it will be you guys. Thanks.
  5. Can you tell us which drugs you take please? Prescription or "self-medicated"?
  6. Never seen anything like it: only have FS9 so this was a great surprise. The only thing that didnt look right to me were the baggage handlers - they weren´t just chucking the bags everywhichwhere which is how I remember them. I have the latest AES but I guess theres still room for improvement. Very well-made video: I am so "out of date" that I have no idea how you got those dynamic moving shots.
  7. How embarassing! Too late to the party as usual, and all I had to do was go to the Next page and join in the thread there. Oh well.
  8. "The people who do have money to buy addons are all running FSX, the people who dont have money still use FS9". Where did you get this information from? Please, show us the data. LTBS. As I am poor, dont have the money to buy addons so only use FS9, I have the freeware scenery mentioned above (at Avsim): it is actually pretty decent, although I get a lot of bleed on the main taxiway. I suspect most of us would like to have decent sceneries of places we have visited (as well as out local aiport, nearest major hub, etc) so the chances of us each getting all of our favourites are pretty low. Perhaps a freeeware developer would take on a personal project that appeals to a small market but a payware maker will have to think of demand, sales (and future sales, which is a different thing altogether) so there´s always going to be an imbalance of what we want and what we get. For those of us who enjoy sea approaches into hilly terrain Greece and Turkey are crowded with them, and North Africa too, and theres a good supply of freeware choices. But Im afraid I can only talk about FS9, which is not much help to the original poster.
  9. The only airport deader than LPFR is the one called "Honest Politicians Take Flight Here". Lived there for years - never saw less than15 planes there and never see more than 3 in FS9. I always thought it must be the Afcad file but because messing with those is beyond me I never experimented. I have every WOAI package and although I havent raised this particular issue there I have always had quick and helpful response from them.
  10. "The majority of people today are using FSX" and "I dont believe there is a majority of people ......whos computers wont run FSX". Bold statements indeed, Sir. I for one - and I doubt that I am the only one, enjoy FS9 because as a retired person I can no longer spend money upgrading my pc, nor buy FSX and even less the payware needed to bring it even close to my full-on "old" FS9. In fact my rig has been steadily dowmgraded as my resources dwindled: I now have a cheap generic: mobo, I sold my 4Gb of Corsair to pay for something else, and last week when my more than 2-year-old 8800GTS died I had to replace it with a 9880GT because it was dirt cheap rather than buying a newer, better card. The same can be said of my mountain bike. I have a carbon full-suspension and dic-braked machine that was once considered one of the top five on the market - when it was released in 2001. It is now weighed-down with cheap, no-brand replacement parts and creaks, groans and wheezes with every pedalstroke (rather like its rider, in fact) - because I can no longer accompany the tremendous (and tremendously costly) advance in bike technology. Today I have a computer (and bicycle) that was born a Ferrari but because of financial constraints now looks, sounds and performs like a Fiat. Not all of us "discovered" FS with FSX, not all have bulging wallets or limitless credit, (allowing us to take simulator training in big Boeings - or at least take nice snaps at the wheel of a big Boeing) and it would be "nice" if you could remember that. "Save up some money" ....... Next time you have a free afternoon, pop down to your local pensioners club (or young-peoples teen-club for that matter), tell them to "Save money" and see if you get out of there alive. And perhaps you might back up your boldness with some credible data, because I would be genuinely interested: (poll resullts from a serious source would be fine) and I will be happy to be corrected. Respectfully Nicholas
  11. Since 2004 Aerosoft has been a fundamental part of my continued use of FS9 and it was the first addon company I discovered. I have more Aerosoft sceneries (and old Sim-Wings sceneries, tho I still dont know to this day if they are connected) than any other, and the Aerosoft policy of honesty (no promises, just product) support services and user community is probably the best there is. Unfortunately today I am no longer able to spend money on payware and although I still spend time at Avsim I no longer follow links to new products (cant buy it, dont want to drool over it) and almost never visit developers sites. So it was with great pleasure that I visited Aerosoft for the first time in ages and found Mathijs´s heartwarming post (December 2011) expressing his pleasure in the continued good fortunes of his company, and his thanks for our continued loyalty, and his generous free gift for registered Aerosoft Forum members. So, even though I´m a bit late to the party, allow me to say No Sir, it is us who thank you.
  12. Another developer has a standalone Faro and also a bundle with Porto and Trieste: it not nearly on the same level as current Aerosoft sceneries but its a lot better (and much more actual) that the LTU2005, does away with the fiddly UTE patch, and has AES compatability. The way the new Aerosoft Faro was marketed was very unclear right from the start and I remember it seemed like a long time before an official response was made. The marketing blurb was confusing, as was the idea of including an outdated scenery bundled with a new one. Not what one would expect from Aerosoft at all, especially as Mathijs is pretty much the last defender of the FS9 faith.
  13. I apologise Delta - I was completely wrong there and wrong for bitching at you. I stand corrected. Nicholas
  14. "I don't get it" .......... you will Delta, you will, if you read my post again. But just to save you time, LPFR and LPPR were first released with LIPQ in a bundle called 3 European Airports: they dont show up in the list of airports in AES Help so are not AES supported for some reason. I will contact the developer. Thanks
  15. Are customers of the 3 European Airports LPFR LPPR & LIPQ pack going to get AES or not? It does seem very strange that customers who bought the individual sceneries - after the release of the pack - should get AES and we dont. Nicholas
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