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  1. Well I don't know if it's against the rules either, so I stands to be reprimanded... anyway, you can check it out here if you want... PF3 Info HERE
  2. I've also experienced this issue with the CRJ but yesterday I was flying the default MSFS ICON A5, hit ESC for something and when returning to the aircraft the power had dropped by 50%. Easy enough to get things back to normal by cutting the throttle then pushing it forward again. So I'm assuming this is more an MSFS issue than it is a CRJ problem.
  3. I was once told provided your landings are equal to your takeoffs then you're doing okay! Books? Ah, the 'Author' tag below my signature. I'm not sure where that resides and have tried to remove it, to no avails. Anyway, they're not books. FDC (Flight Deck Companion) was one of my original programs for FS, released in 2001, and eventually published by Aerosoft. In fact it's still available from Aerosoft and renamed FDC Live Cockpit. PFE (Proflight Emulator) was originally my attempt to bring back and enhance the ATC program Proflight 2000, first released in 2007. Since then it has undergone huge changes and today is a complete standalone ATC program for FS9, FSX, P3D and of course MSFS and called PF3. Didn't mean to get into self promoting my wares, but you did ask.
  4. I'm creating the FMS flight plan programmatically and have just spent the best part of a couple of hours trying to fathom why I was getting a 'Load Error' when trying to load it into the CRJ. Turns out the file extension (.flp) MUST be lower case, if not the file simply won't load! Somewhat strange but there you go. Just thought I'd mention it to save someone else pulling their hair out.
  5. That's correct. The difficulty is replicating the same input... once you can do that and recreate the problem it makes the developer's job a whole lot easier.
  6. AAO is AxisAndOhs which I use to enable all the bells and whistles in my Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo setup to work with the CRJ. If you're not using that I think I can safely remove that from the equation. Like you, some flights are okay.
  7. This has happened to me on a couple of occasions whilst taxiing in... I suddenly notice my speed increasing and my throttles are already at ldle but both engines are set at 25% and nothing will change them. Can't fathom out what could be causing it. I do use AAO if that's anything to consider. Other than that I'm stumped.
  8. Looks like in-flight refueling to me... what a cool feature... saves you having to land and download another buggy MS update!
  9. Same as you, my CRJ is grounded also, awaiting an Asobo fix
  10. Good advice. I keep it even simpler than that. There's enough in the default MSFS to keep me happy. With one additional aircraft (CRJ), AxisAndOhs and the Honeycomb lights fix I'm happy. I sum this process up as Boring And Simple Stupid (BASS).
  11. If you use AxisAndOhs plus the excellent templates and scripts by @FltsimFlyboyyour Alpha and Bravo will be fully functional. Well recommended. Just search this forum. Later: it's here
  12. I can confirm this problem seems unique to the CRJ. If you just unbind F4 in MSFS it becomes inoperative in the CRJ as you would expect, but if you assign anything else to it (eg. Load custom camera view) the camera view gets displayed PLUS the throttles are maxed!
  13. Just wanted to say 'thanks' to all concerned with bringing us this great aircraft for MSFS. It's still early days for me and I'm a long way from mastering it but I have to say it's by far the best aircraft I've tried in MSFS. It handles so well and looks fantastic from every angle, inside and out. Above all I'm really impressed with how smooth it works, with little drain on my system resources and FPS. Excellent job! Well done and thank you Dave
  14. I've recently cleared all my Function keys in MSFS and started using them to load custom camera positions. However, when I use F4 it's as if it's still bound in FS because the CRJ throttles jump to maximum. I've obviously searched by input in the Keyboard FS settings and F4 does NOT appear, other than for my custom camera and also in combination with Ctrl, Shift and Alt for other usage. Any ideas anyone? It's almost as if the key is hard wired in the CRJ. Must admit I haven't checked for others acting this way but this one has a way of showing its self when you least want it! Thank you
  15. @FltsimFlyboyforgot to mention, if you're contemplating another ATC program email me (dmarch) direct at oncourse-software.co.uk
  16. @FltsimFlyboyJust been trying your scripts with my Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo and everything seems to be working great, so many thanks for sharing your work. One question, the only assignments I want on my Alpha are the light switches, AP disengage and Parking Brake. The rest I wish to remove, so my question is, do I have to edit both the template and script?
  17. Thanks for your replies... Problem SOLVED!! Somehow my Bravo profile in FS switched back to my default 2 engine jet. I'd made a new CRJ profile which I was using only yesterday so how it switched overnight I have no idea, but that was the problem. So I'm pleased to say everything seems to be working fine again now and I have two stable engines. Thanks again
  18. Yes I saw that too and my starter is of. Since posting I have ben going through a start from cold and dark, following a YouTube tutorial. I got he engine started and then a few minutes later it started losing power then picking up and again then losing again, over and over just looping. There's definitely something very strange going on here and yes it may be a controller issue but I'm stumped.
  19. Hi, Hopefully someone could vector me to where I'm going wrong. I have 'Ready for Taxi' set as my default and the attached pic shows how things are amiss when I load the aircraft... with engine #1 not running. I've tried selecting cold and dark, then turnaround, then ready for taxi, with the same results. Crazy thing is somehow I managed to get the engines started yesterday but today no go. I know I'm missing something but it's got me to the stage where I'm considering uninstalling/reinstalling to see if that helps. Even Ctrl+E doesn't help!. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  20. Thank you for your reply, it was not what I was hoping for unfortunately
  21. Hi, By default I can adjust the CRJ AP's HDG and SPD values but not the ALT. Is this a known issue and is it something Aerosoft can rectify? It certainly would make a big difference as it's a real immersion killer having to use the mouse to set a new altitude. Thanks
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