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  1. Using the browser I press "Back" and I go back to the previous loaded page. If I presse the "Back to General Forum" it's pretty obvious where it takes me...
  2. Already warned in the Portuguese Support Forum. Account Blocked until he solves his account issues and does not try to mix legitimate items with pirated stuff. We are not sleeping. Keep it legitimate and we will all be pals.
  3. I can imagine this aircraft doing carrier ops... that intake swallowing personel and debris... the lack of wing-folding making it impossible to store and the lack of wingspan not enough for lift out of the catapult... Ahh, the first submarine F-16 pushed out of a boat... Great fun though... I am going to try this myself!
  4. It's being handled. An update shall pop up soon. Thanks for reporting.
  5. For Me: At last TRUE Fly-By-Wire flying and TRUE Auto-Trim ability for Airbuses and not some "close enough thing". Helicopter dynamics as realistic as they can get and not a "rotary aiplane" feeling with some maneuvers like side slipping or rolls rendered impossible. 3D lightning effects that may actually interact with the scenery like real aircraft lightning TRUE Mach speed aerodynamic effects Aircraft wear (remembering the Aeroworx B200 engine hours accumulation, oil swap, etc) Aircraft Stress causes lack of systems reliability like the Aerosoft DO26 So far, that's all I remember. The interest is to create a realistic flight environment based on my experience with FNPT's and other STD's
  6. That sounds a lot more like a poor server than a bad model. This isn't exactly a "problem" but an issue regarding hardware support. Furthermore if you use an airplane that everyone has, it will be reproduced on the other people's computers, thus it's not YOUR plane but their AI rendering. So if their harware renderer is poor, these "problems" happen. And come on, no one flies complex polygon aircraft online with the intention of multiple close flying purposes. Vatsim uses extremely low polygon models for a reason, you know...
  7. Cheers Shaun. Nice words. May 2009 be wathever you wish it to be and then some... And happy landings...
  8. Olá, Fica dada a sugestão, mas adianto não ser fácil. A elaboração de um cenário pressupõe muito trabalho de pesquisa, não só em cartas aeronáuticas, mas em imagens do local e referências locais que só é possível com trabalho NO TERRENO. Se estiver na condição de convidar a equipa da AeroSOFT a ir passar uns dias ao Brasil, pode ser que sim...
  9. Que tipo de aviso em "tarjeta vermelha"? pode reproduzir o erro aqui?
  10. Todo e qualquer upgrade ou melhoramento feito aos nossos cenários é aqui anunciado...
  11. Tópicos como estes não ajudam nos projectos em mãos. Até porque não podemos nesta fase adiantar. Existe um projecto em andamento para Lisboa (X), Faro e Porto sim, mas não peçam datas...
  12. Projects are in the process to become FSX compatible. No dates yet. Your patience will be rewarded with a better product, rest assured!
  13. Try this solution provided by our FAQ section, that eventually has most answers for this type of problems.
  14. Hey I remember that project, I thought they quit... Dornier 228 would be great!
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