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  1. Dear Simple Traffic team, Would it be possible to adjust the parking at EGNX so that DHL show up outside the huge DHL facility and are not taken over by Ryanair, who have enough space of their own Thank you, Toby Screenshot - Outside EGNX DHL facility (please ignore the Ryanair spawning inside the static AN225, like I said, they can't get enough spaces at this airport!)
  2. I do not want departure boards or the right planes at the right jetways in the right airports, I just want see appropriate liveries at airports and Simple Traffic achieves that. This is just a quick note to thank the developers for making this an almost one click reality to fill MSFS with real world liveries, something that I didn't realise how much I missed until I installed it (you can quote me on that!) It would be nice if the plane model could be adjusted so that the nose wasn't so pointy but that's all. Thank you
  3. AI Online doesn't seem to be working for me either on a fresh install. Try these settings... TRAFFIC > AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC TYPE > AI OFFLINE AND DATA > LIVE REAL-WORLD TRAFFIC > OFF That worked for me and filled my airports with AI. Also, try a setting of 20-22 for AI AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC DENSITY, not 35. Anything above 22 starts cutting into FPS considerably on my system.
  4. I've looked around and it seems like SPAD.Next for £24.99 is the best option? That's kind of expensive just for setting 1 dial to ALT select, don't you think? It's a missed opportunity that Aerosoft didn't do a deal with SPAD for CRJ customers to include this option.
  5. I have just purchased the CRJ for MSFS and, while it appears to be a very well made piece of payware, I cannot assign the "Increase Autopilot Reference Altitude" and "Decrease Autopilot Reference Altitude" commands to a dial on my HOTAS. I read here what Mathijs said but he doesn't explain why the CRJ does not accept input from this default MSFS command? Could it please be added? It is awkward to adjust the ALT dial in flight while observing the PFD ALT display. Adding this command would allow us to bind it to a dial on our HOTAS, thus relieving workload on pilot, which makes for a happy pilot or lots of happy pilots. Thank you
  6. This is very cool. Unfortunately I don't have access to a 3d printer. I do have the CM3 and love that you can customise the detents.
  7. Haha, that'll teach me to login with an old signature! You can see that I haven't been here for a while I'll update it now.. Thanks for your help and for your feedback on the CRJ.
  8. Watching this video (https://youtu.be/aAxz9JcAOC) at timestamp 59 minutes, the pilot cannot get the efb to correctly add weight or fuel to the aircraft. Later on, when he starts the APU (@ 1:18:50), the overhead panel switch does not light up either to show that it has powered on. Also, I have read about the stuck IAS tape indicator as a result of the SU5 update but have not seen a fix mentioned. Can someone please confirm if these behaviours have been fixed yet as this is important for me before purchasing?
  9. For anyone else wondering how this works, I'll try to explain what I did to get it working. In FSUIPC, in the tab 'Axis Assignment': 1. Move the lever that you want to use for Carb Heat to 50% and Click 'From' 2. Move the lever to 100% and Click 'To' 3. Check that the boxes 'Up' and 'Down' are ticked 4. Select 4X DA20-100: L:Button Carb Heat Set in the 'Control sent when range entered' window 5. Enter '0' in the Parameter window 6. Select 4X DA20-100: L:Button Carb Heat Set in the 'Control sent when range exited' window 7. Enter '1' in the Parameter window See attached screenshot for how the window should look. Thanks for your help CoolP, Toby
  10. I'm training in a Katana in real life and am trying to set up the axes on my Saitek Throttle Quadrant to mimic real life i.e. left = carb heat, middle = throttle, right = prop rpm. How do I assign the left axis to Carb Heat using a registered FSUIPC? I have tried all the normal things to assign this control, including using the custom 4X commands, I can't get any to work properly. Whatever I try, the carb heat stick either flies out of the hole and disappears or moves a bit and then freezes in the open position. Your help is appreciated. Thanks. Toby
  11. I have uninstalled the previous version of the Katana and installed the newer version 1.0.3 Since installing the latest version, I have following problems: 1. Tow bar and rear weight visible in external mode, cannot remove them using Ground Attachment menu. 2. Cannot add or remove wheel fairings 3. In external view, only the pilot's hand is visible None of this happened before, any ideas? System info below. Everything is running fine, except my lovely katana. I'm training in a DV-100 in real life, so it would be nice if I could get this sim version running correctly asap. Thanks. Toby i7 2600K • 8GB RAM • GTX 580 3GB SLI • Win 7 64 • FSX Acceleration
  12. If I win, I would like to get the German Airfields 2 - Nordlichter set, so that I can practice circuits at my real life training airport... That would be cool!
  13. It's the same one Eric. I can't do any more than change the skin, the way the light is reflected is defined by Marcel in the model.
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