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  1. Hello, I posted this post a few days ago: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/48935-bought-fs-flightkeeper-31-but-no-serial/ Not sure if anybody had the chance to look at it ? Could you please do so ? Thanks
  2. Hello, just bought FS FlightKeeper 3.1, but I have not received a serial, and the page says to contact support. Paid through paypal. Can you please check this ? Thank you Order #301359 (Delivered) Order Date: Saturday 01 October, 2011 Products 1 x Aerosoft - FS Flight Keeper 3.10 - Version: Mirror 1 (Germany) - Serial : Please contact the aerosoft support (order status is not proved)!
  3. Hey all, bought this baby yesterday, loving it. It's amazing. And I feel it will be even more amazing when all the little glitches will be solved. Speaking of glitches, here are a few I encountered while testing yesterday (1.01 beta patch applied, and using a registered version of FSUIPC to use the macro file for the controls). - The key sometimes is just stuck on the dashboard, and clicking on it doesn't move it to the ignition. So, no way to start the plane. Flight has to be reloaded for it to work. - The macro command in FSUIPC used for the eleveator trim up button doesn't seem to work. I've tried assigning it to various buttons, but none works. Trim down button has no problems. Just a few that pop up in my mind now. I I find some more I'll add them to this thread. Regards, TJ
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