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  1. I have flown a couple of routes Glasgow to Cardiff and return without incident, it made me laugh when I reread the manual in the FAQs somebody asked about the reverse thrust, it wasn't me. I am working my way around the TRP gauge, which I think could be better, but you are correct it is a good stable aircraft I also flew a VOR approach into Iraklion which was stunning, I use AS2012 and there was low cloud, I was slightly left of centre line and descending at 3 degrees based on 300ft for every mile until I was visual with the PAPIs. I touched down a little ast the threshold but stopped with room to spare. I am looking forward to getting the BAE146 as oppposed to the RJ70/85/100 to see what differences there might be but it is a good aircraft and good modelling by QW. I was frustrated today I wanted to do a flight from London City to Zurich and return but I kept being taxied into by AI traffic, I will disable it tomorrow when I retry.
  2. I now have the QW146, I have completed a short flight LOWI to LOWW, I ran off the end of the RW but didn't break anything. I will need to complete a few more flights to understand some of the systems but it is a nice stable aircraft, I ended up to close in when FSX directed me to a RW that I hadn't planned so I converted to manual but had not set up any autobrake and the spoilers didn't deploy, apart from that it was fine!
  3. It normally happens after I have just purchased it! Bronco, Huey, Herlakion!
  4. Ole, Thanks my internet is playing up at the moment, I think I may just go ahead and buy it over the next few days. Perhaps Toby and I can fly in formation to Iraklion! What did you think of the Mykonos, it looks really good, I need to curb the amount I am spending as my wife will not be pleased! That is if she finds out!
  5. Toby is it the Quality Wings 146, I have been holding off until somebody reviewed it. It has been quiet on here, I am waiting for the Mykonos scenery it will make for another Greek island to head for!
  6. Ole, I am envious, I wish I knew enough to be able to offer advice. I think the CPU aand GPU look fine and would certainly be a vast improvement on my system. Good luck, this week seems to have been quiet on the forum, I think people have been busy.
  7. Matt, The TrackIR is on its way, I have a new Logitech headset so as of tomorrow I should be ok. I used Scan computers in the past and my second PC is one of theirs. The rig in there has some issues, it was a Win XP OS that I upgraded using my own copy of Win 7 Ultimate. But for some reason it will only operate in 32 bit rather than 64. I also have an old copy of Vista, I have tried every which way complete Format of the drives all to no avail, the only system that would go on the drive was Win 7 but in 32 bit mode. The drives are SAT drives and if I was going to upgrade it I would probably change them as they are only 160 and 80 GB drives. My brother gave me some of his cast offs and the motherboard and CPU is less than the spec of this Packard Bell. I am just waiting to free up the readies and I will replace the lot, probably through Scan computers again or Novatech. It is frustrating because if I get the job I have applied for I will be minted and can commit the money but I am reliant on the company to make its move before I do so. In the mean time I am enjoying my resettlement leave and getting some serious Flight Sim time in.
  8. Ian, It is an amazing aircraft but heavy on your system. I have concentrated most of my flying between the European airfields, mainly because I don't want to spend hours in the cruise, the excitement for me is the setting up and then departure and arrival. Having said that I will buy the B777 when it is complete and just rate the time during the cruise. I have Aerosofts Airbus but have never mastered the Airbus FMCs and way of flying, I much prefer Boeing, I bought some of the Captain Sim stuff but was frustrated by a lot of the bugs and CTD so they are collecting dust in my Download file. Years ago a company called Phoenix Software (PSS) did some really good models, they went out of business but have just restarted as a company called Black Box Simulations, it will be interesting to see how they develop. Good luck with the NGX I was fortunate and didn't suffer any of the install issues when it first came out, you will be able to completely lose yourself in the aircraft.
  9. Gents, Thanks, I am sure that I will move to it but need to upgrade my system, some of the scenery I am flying to I only get 18Fps and having just added NL2000 V4 I am down to 7Fps at Amsterdam. There is only so much I can get past my wife without her knowing so some tactics will be required to shmooze (made op word) my way over the hurdle that is she that must be obeyed! I was surprised though she has said yes to the TrackIR that I ran past her last night! Things are on the up. I just need to find a good place to buy it from nobody seems to have it or even heard of it locally.
  10. Matt, How do the frame rates compare? I understand the rational that P3D is still being developed and more and more software companies are providing addons that are compatible, I think I am at the same point I was when I considered mothballing FS2004. I get frustrated with not being able to move all my software across, if my wife knew the amount I spend on this hobby she would have kittens. I think I will wait until I upgrade my system which may be towards the end of the year. My PC Spec is relatively low by comparison to those I see in these forums: Packard Bell Quad Core i7 860@ 2.8 GHz 2.8 GHz, 6 GB RAM, GPU ATI HD5570, Win 7 64 Bit OS. It was received as a present being Packard Bell there is very little you can do to upgrade it, however, I also have another PC that requires a complete rebuild/upgrade which I may get around to in the coming months.
  11. Ole, Matt, P3D is it worth it, I am confused as to how much it would cost me $9.95 a month or mega bucks and am not sure whether I want to reload all my scenery and various aircraft types. Of course all of what I have said is born out of ignorance, if I had a new all singing all dancing PC and was having to reload FSX anyway I would probably be tempted, maybe in the future. Thanks again Matt.
  12. Matt Smith you are a genius how did you identify the file? I tried to take a screenshot but could only paste into a word document and it wouldn't allow me to copy and paste from there! Thanks again for your help.
  13. Ole, I think I may have found the problem with the Xmas Trees I found a file but it is an exe file that installs a mission the file is called Andras_Field_Christmas_Holiday_Lunch. I downloaded it in December 2010 I don't want to run the file again as it may only install the file again, if you still have it or know somebody who does could you let me know how to remove it please. Regards Dave Boreham
  14. Ole, I think I may have found the problem with the Xmas Trees I found a file but it is an exe file that installs amission the file is called Andras_Field_Christmas_Holiday_Lunch. I don't want to run the file again as it will only install the file again, if you still have it or know who does could you let me know how to remove it please. I will also post this on a new thread to see if somebody else has managed to remove the christmas trees. Regards Dave Boreham
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