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  1. I have heard from several people, myself included, who thinks the QW BAe is EXCELLENT! - You wont regret it - Promise!
  2. Yeah I enjoyed every second of the clip - all three times I watch it - so far...
  3. argh... I have been away all week, then had a busy weekend, and my frigging PC is not working very well. And in all that, I must admit that I completely forgot that I was to host a flight today. Sorry guys.
  4. Please take the 25 minutes to watch this video.... It will make you think hard about pilots versus automation managers... Both us as sim pilots, and the pilots "controlling" the aircraft, when we go flying on vacation or whatever... Click here to watch
  5. Hi Guys.... I need your input. I am to buy a new computer now... A have looked and have the following suggestions for it (I have cabinet and Powersupply) Please look at my suggestions and give me alterations (in the same area of pricing that is... This one costs about 17.000 Danish Kr. or about 2.900 USD MB: Asus rampage IV Extreme Socket 2011 CPU: Intel Coreu7-3930K RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR3-1866 Hz 16 gb GFX: MSI Geforce GTX 680 4GB PhysX CUDA CPU watercooler: Corsair H100 Hydro series SSD: Samsung SSD 830 series 256 GB 2.5” HD: Western Digital Green 2TB SATA3 (6Gb/s)
  6. On Camp with my work until Friday... see ya all next weekend.
  7. Sounds like a deal Toby... Ill try to follow suit!
  8. I bought mine online pixmania.com or somthing, can´t really remember - its loooooooong ago. But Its a great piece of eqipment Dave.
  9. Congrats Ian. I hear it's a spectacular aircraft. Not for my old system though... lol
  10. I totally agree with Matt. Its not that easy to compare the frames, but still, if you force yourself to do so, I would say that frames are slightly better in 1.4 than was in 1.3, but still the frames are a bit lower than FSX. BUT NOT TO WORRY, because as Matt said, lower frames still gives you a much smoother ride than FSX ever does, and you can do more slider tweaks in P3D than in FSX, so you can get a better look and have a smoother flight in P3D than FSX can give you - even though the frames might be slightly lower. This is my experience of course, and others might disagree. Its religion after all. But to answer your initial question - IS P3D worth it? YES, YES and YES. Again as Matt said, Its FSX being developed on. The beauty of it all is that all the keypresses you know by heart from FSX - are exactly the same in P3D, so no getting used to a totally new set of how-to-do-whatever... Only thing I am irritated about is that P3D does not have an opening screen. You go straight to the default flight. LM think an opening screen is too "gamish" but I disagree, Its good to have a platform from where you can choose all things, aircraft, airport, route,,,, you name it, than to first wait for a total load, ending up with a revving Baron, then having to change everything from there, but Im sure some 3rd party program will give us that possibility down the line. P3D is the future. Grab it now...
  11. Good to hear it had natural causes Matt.. Don't you have a smartphone that could work as hotspot?
  12. Dave (and you others too of course) I agree... I actually started out in a 737, but when I hosted a new session, so people needent start from Andras again, I chose a smaller one, knowing we probably wouldnt make it all the way anyway... But this session was kind of messed up from square one. I didnt think straight when i made the first draft, the length of the flight, and the aircraft in choice. Then Matt came in and changed the day, then changed it back, but changed the time, then for some reason, not showing up at all. I hope Matt is alright, his computer also... he usually shows when he says he will. And then the actual flight was a mess, when Gamespy started to kick people... But I suggest we fly the same flight, or if you prefer - then BACK from Heraklion on Sunday September 2.nd. How does 8. PM sound? OR a morning flight instead? Like 10 AM... And then we choose aircraft with approx. same speed/range. I would like it if we could all use either an Aerosoft Airbus, OR a Boeing 737, but I am open to suggestions.
  13. Well... I finally made it - about 15 minutes late, due to my stupid PC, and discovered that there were actually people in the Aerosoft Gamespy server. Hurra! Unfortunately it was not a real succes tonight, but we were 5 people online flying at some point, before the Gamespy server started to kick people off. We then flew on different servers, some offline, some on the Aerosoft Gamespy server, and at a stop, Ian and I joined each other on a fresh-made Gamespy server session, and flew to Brac-island - OR rather close to it, as about 30-40 miles out, my PC froze up again and so Ian was kicked too, as I was hosting... So not many (But I think some) made it to Heraklion, but we DID fly and talk, and that´s the important thing. Next time will be better I´m sure. Here is a couple of pics from when Ian and I flew close... Ian is about to take the lead and pass me to the left...
  14. Donno if its the hest but my pc is freezing every 5 minutes when I use flightsim. I am trying to get it to work. hopefully ill come online soon.
  15. Well as I havn´t gotten a snowball´s chance in hell, of getting online at 19.30 on Sunday, You are hereby the boss Matt.
  16. Habit Donno about the missing ski lift. Sorry. The Christmas tree was a file you put in. Im sure you need to take that file out again. cant remember the name, but Ill look into it and get back to you. AS for the online flights. Well we are a small group using AF online and sometimes we announce it here on the forums, but it really IS a case of hit or miss. But this Sunday evening (see under adventures) a group is going to fly - seems like its been changed to start at 6.30 PM CET. The group fly to Heraklion, or someplace near if you dont have Heraklion. So put on your swimming shorts and fly with the gang on Sunday...
  17. But unlikely that people will fly the same flight two nights in a row... Ill just see if anyone is left on Sunday... important thing is that we do the flights...
  18. You stealing my Sunday night flight simmers there Matt???
  19. Great Kasper... The more the merrier - I simply cannot start before 21.00 CET/Andras Field time. A question of logistics here with my many chrildren and all.. So that´s unfortunately what I can offer, BUT an airbus/Boeing jet is a good one - and what I think Ill end up with myself, unless I cannot stop myself and buy the Just Flight BAE 146... I think the Just Flight version is OK.
  20. Thanks Toby.. I hope you will join in - from anywhere!
  21. If you can find a way to use P3D connected to Andras Server, then give a big shout, as I will then also use P3D.
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