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  1. I am unable to personally message you, so I will aim to perhaps grab a moment of your attention here. It is most curious to me that your most appropriate perception of open discussion is using your elevated powers to ensure that only responses and replies that fit your point remain visible to be discussed.Your mental construct of open discussion appears to contain a lot of restrictions. As you yourself said, adults discuss things, they do not hide from them. That is why I find it peculiar you have spent today running from having a conversation with your community members and customers. By locking the thread today you have not displayed your community oriented persona. Interaction with your community in an honest and open fashion includes none of what you have done today. I believe you should feel right ashamed of your conduct today, stifling criticism, questions, and important dialogue between you and your customers. I implore you to do better in the future.


  2. Davetunes

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Great, my questions are the questions that have now been re-instated written by Calum above. Thanks!
  3. Davetunes

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Hi Mathjis, I have some questions regarding this project and your statement about the progress. Where can I best contact you to ask these questions?
  4. Davetunes

    'External' shops

    When will this product be available to purchase via SimMarket?
  5. Davetunes

    Changing the HGS clickspot

    Oh my gosh, thank you! I thought I was the only one bugged by this. As a multi-monitor user that does stuff on the second monitor like flight planning, charts, chatting to friends, then clicking back to the sim, etc etc etc, this has been one of my biggest annoyances with the plane. I would love to see the clickspot changed.
  6. Davetunes

    PMDG MD-11 Compatbility

    re: #2) PMDG were known to include particularly aggressive DRM with the MD-11 in particular. Honestly, even if it could be done, I would recommend not poking at the hornets nest that is the convoluted DRM system of that product. Do so much as look at it wrong and it will nuke your flightsim install. Additionally, the FS2004 port to FSX:SE would be next to impossible.
  7. Davetunes

    CRJ Real World Tips/Techniques

    I don't know whether to be happy or concerned that my quick duct-tape patch fix way of descending the CRJ is how they do it IRL. I thought it would have a bit more.., finesse and planning lol.
  8. Davetunes

    CRJ 700 corrupt file download

    World servers seem to be working as well (I'm not a mod or final authority) but it seems like both EU and World are safe bets, USA is the only one that caused issues for me.
  9. Davetunes

    CRJ 700 corrupt file download

    Can confirm I had a similar problem trying to unzip with Windows Explorer. I used the USA mirror. Downloading via the World Mirror to see if it makes a difference.
  10. Davetunes

    Quick poll about STEAM

    I second the sentiment regarding the inability to transfer licenses. I purchased Greenland Nuuk and KTNP from Steam, and only got to use them for 2 weeks before I switched to P3D full time. I tried refunding, but since I spent more than 2 hrs in FSX itself, I was denied the refund, even though I only flew to each airport for like 30 mins each. I personally will never buy through Steam again, and I think it's a much better model to go direct rather than through Steam.
  11. I just tried that to see why everyone keeps fussing, and I think I found the problem. Simply searching those key terms didn't pull up any useful information, it just gave me a bunch of posts (11 out of 23 from you on this forum thread) from mods asking people to search to find the "status" of the product. Maybe the forum should consider implementing a "Highlight" feature to give posts a special tag, that can be sorted through by a user (i.e anything important from Mathjis.) Just a suggestion to help alleviate this constant problem.