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    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Oh and I have a question about those last screenshots... Are there any static aircraft on the ground, or do they all come from a traffic addon ?
  2. Nilsh

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    After all those fantastic images and videos, I´m worrying that my Pc won´t handle this scenery 😶 But I look forward to the release and till then I have to make a decision... Anyway, no one can complain about the great job and the high level of detail Keep up the good work Jo !!!
  3. Kinda happy, that I´m not the only one with that problem... <relief>
  4. Good morning Mr. Kok, same problem here... Unfortunately, an error occurs, when I insert my A318/A319 key in the voucher code path. Hope you can help me Thanks ! Nils
  5. Hey guys, I´m searching for allmost a year now and i can´t still find any Airbus X Extended A319 with white textures for me to repaint.... So if you know where to find it, please tell me. Thank you !