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  1. For a split second I thought I started this post and didn't remember it. (your screen name) Gotta go back to bed..ha ha
  2. Yes Paul I can understand the business logic. I also understand that potential stock holders for Bill Gates once thought that a man trying to put all the essential components required to make a computer work into a little box would be far too time consuming and difficult to be profitable. I apologize for the apples/oranges analogy but my point is simply a wish. If developers could get to a point where meshing the two markets (complex/simple) together were as achievable as creating one version, consumers would no longer have doubts as to which product they spend their money on. In time, one would think a developer would create a unity of consumers who spread their knowledge of such products, ultimately creating a monopoly for that developer. For example, if I knew Aerosoft creates aircraft that include everything I'm looking for, I begin to loose my fear of making a potentially unwanted purchase. I then make most of my future purchases with Aerosoft because I know I'll get what I'm looking for. From there, word of mouth travels from me to the vast amount of fellow simmers Im in contact with. They in turn feel as I do about Aerosoft. In essence, Aerosoft went from having one "potential" customer in me, to having 50 new loyal customers. That's the kind of risk I look for in a developer, but of course I can understand the hesitance from the developer's business point of view. I personally have spent enough money on products that were far from what I expected, either too hard or too simple, and the plane/scenery just sat on my external hard drive. Now I am very cautious in my search for that next aircraft. Of course, I speak from a consumer point of view with little to no working knowledge of the business side. These are just a few thoughts that I have while "researching" my next purchase.
  3. I can understand what you are saying. I sometimes want to fly a very complex aircraft, going thru all the processes to fly the aircraft. Other times I just want to jump in and fly. Maybe integrating complexity and simplicity into one aircraft may temp or settle the desires of both markets. It would seem to be a "win/win" situation. For example, a full FMS, but also a nav/gps button. If you're in the mood to fly the aircraft using FMS, great. If you'd rather use the default gps as navigation, you have that option. Point is, no matter what the consumer wants, they'd have that option with one airplane.
  4. Shaun, I'm posting here because I've had no response from an email sent to the support department several weeks ago with "attn shaun fletcher". I've been asked by several members if I would release repaints I did of the Airbus X back when that specific thread was open for Airbus repainters. I uploaded them to the server you provided. My question is, would you still have access to them, and would it be possible you could upload them for the members requesting them? I'll list them below: Spirit A321 requested by duckbilled Jetstar requested by JusJ Thanks in advance, Matt
  5. //disregard// wrong topic area
  6. FYI... After my first installation, I opened the Launcher and saw that the scenery was listed under the scenery tab, but no option to activate the product was there. In fact, the only thing visible was the name "Dangerous Airports". After uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, and a half hour of frustration, I clicked the "check for updates" under the "extras" tab at the top of the Launcher. Then I was able to activate the product.
  7. Sounds great and I'm looking forward to this scenery. Can't wait for the previews. Particularly Mountain Air!
  8. I'm sure it is difficult to an extent to get what you need to make U.S. airports. Maybe a local who could speak with inside officials and get the permission needed would make things easier. I do however see that many fine U.S. airports are being made including an entire northwest portion of the u.s. and some very nice new Hawaiian airports with some of the best work I've every seen for flight simulator. I'm not sure what lengths they went to get them but obviously it can be done. I'll admit I'm speaking from complete lack of knowledge of the subject so no need to hammer me with your wide span of in-depth knowledge and expertise of every subject known to man (you know who you are). Perhaps smaller GA airports would be easier as they are quite easy to access. I rarely fly from any major airport anyway so I'd be happy, but I'm only one person and have no idea what the market is for GA airports. I know I buy them up whenever I find them.
  9. Of course Shaun, as I did. Just didn't realize I needed to hold a few particular hands to guide them to this information. Thank you Shaun however, for the great times spent back in the forum contests. It was always a pleasure. I appreciate it!
  10. Nor was I talking to you about Aeroworx How this entertains you more so than it bothers me is in itself entertaining. I'm sorry sir but you are far from the truth with your reasoning. Yes of course, and you speak of first hand experience right? Might I ask why you may not frequent the Flight1 forums (ATR to be exact) anymore? Seems a case of "the pot calling the kettle black".
  11. Yes, I miss Aeroworx B200. Had that for FS2004. Just not as delightful on FSX compared to similar turboprops. I was actually more interested in future projects by Aerosoft. I enjoyed the ingenuity of the Catalina and was looking forward to perhaps a turboprop created with the same effort. Thank you, however, for a more sophisticated reply.
  12. Probably no so much as giving a damn, but more in the area of simply amusing myself with an entertaining response to your ramblings. I actually enjoyed myself there. Just wanted to visit a moment with you to discover how one takes the effort to raise negativity with keystrokes behind a desk and then obtains a sense of delight from ones own response. Wow, you must enjoy this. But please, help me a little. Help me discover how one can spend so much time on a computer, in a computer game forum (not only this one, but several others), browsing posts of others, offering up your extreme intellect on subject matters pertaining to irrelevance. How does one spend so much time posting 90% of criticism with your own diluted theories and ideas of the wrong or incorrect manner in which a person asks a question, displays their own opinion, or simple comments, and has the gall to think for one second that your manner was actually more intelligent? Ironic is the dear fact that for that exact reason belittles you more so than the original comments. The mere fact that you took the time (or many times in your case) to raise your blood pressure to a question. That my friend is the lesser of two evils. Of course, this is my opinion, as you have your own. I tried to have the same satisfying "victory" feeling you must have by posting with your manner and etiquette, but I'm afraid I do not. I must have too much relevance in my own life for this to mean so much. However to you, I say good luck and enjoy your time in these forums and others. I didn't know it meant so much to your life. However, I have actually enjoyed our conversation, with a morbid curiosity of course. So to that I say thank you.
  13. Ok, so other than the Bronco, or the aircraft only "published" by Aerosoft, and minus the motor-glider which I don't count as a "prop". Actually, nevermind. Seems this forum has transformed to unfavorable attitudes and I'd rather not know and honestly don't care for your tone. Be miserable to yourself or whoever else is wrong through your eyes in your perfect world, just don't think I give a damn. Why I do wonder, however is why is it that when someone asks a question that may not suit your own personal taste by the manner in which a question is asked, or when the content of a particular discussion may not agree with your opinion, you feel you have to thrust your opinion as if you were must belittle another in order to make your point, and then pretend that others actually give a damn of the very opinion you try to instill? It was a simple question. If it doesn't pertain to you, move on to another thread and lurk over the content and become bewildered to your hearts desire. Or may I suggest a friendly stop at the local ice cream parlor where you can mingle with kind folk and talk about what disturbs you over your Knickerbocker. Either way, I don't give a damn. Aerosoft, I appreciate the great products over the years. Best of luck to your future endeavors. Closing my flight plan.
  14. Just wondering if any word of a future prop job might be out there. I know you guys are spitting out very nice scenery seemingly monthly now, and have your hands full with a few very nice jet projects, but I'm still curious as to what your next prop might be being your excellent models are what drew me here to begin with. There would be nothing more wonderful than finally having a King Air 200/350 modeled by one of the greats. Just throwing it out there... Thanks guys for all your hard work for us! Matt
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