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  1. @morethin26 Can you show a screenshot just before you send a command? I've just tried it without issues. Maybe there is some syntax error in the command?
  2. Hi! Working on the issue. Should be solved soon. Will let you know.
  3. I've issued an update to address this issue. Please let me know if it's resolved.
  4. Hi, it's the same file. Only debug window enabled. Below is this exact file with debug disabled and should still work perfectly. The reason I asked about NDP/Navigraph database was that I start to think it's not EFB related at all. As you can see token gets refreshed successfully and sets timeout for next refresh to 3300000 ms which equals 55 minutes. That is the correct behaviour. Let me know if the files below work? EFB fix.zip
  5. No symlink is not required and not even supported in EFB at this moment. Although using it should not cause any issues. Can you please try this version? It has a debug window that covers part of EFB but you still should be able to load a chart and monitor that window. When issue occurs please do a screenshot of EFB and post it here. EFB fix.zip Also one important question. Nav database settings is separate from EFB chart provider setting in configurator. I understand there is no issue with NavData charts but are you by any chance also changing data provider to NavDataPro? If so can you test this issue with Navigraph database for MCDU (first configurator tab) and NDP charts for EFB (last tab)?
  6. Yeah I feel you. Every change in the code I make I need to wait 60 minutes to test as well until Navigraph servers will expire the token.
  7. @mpo910 can you try below fix? Just overwrite the files in A3XX EFB folder located in Documents/Aerosoft/General folder. 2 files will be overwritten. Let me know if that helps. EFB fix.zip
  8. This sounds exactly like token renew issue. I am currently testing a fix for this.
  9. Thank you Guys for reporting. Navigraph is very problematic in implementation and despite all our effort it still has some issues I'm afraid. Can you please take a note of how long it takes from aircraft loading till the issue arises? It will help me greatly to pinpoint the issue. Thanks!
  10. Version 0.3


    Fixed PF/PM switching, added support for right MCDU, other small fixes. Install instructions: Please unzip the Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll and copy it over in Airbus files replacing the old one located in Airbus installation folder (by default in Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback or equivalent for A320-A321 path). Simple file search in Airbus installation folder will help locating the file. Requires version as base. Make sure to be a member of the CFD club to download files from this area!
  11. @med11043 Hi. Help me get some more insight. How did you get to A.Floor? Did ATHR command THR IDLE on FMA? Was there any change on the FMA? How did the thrust levers behave? There will be an update soon with more detailed logging for this issue. I am not able to reproduce this issue on any of my PCs so please if possible reproduce it with new update and send over the same set of files. I hope to narrow it down a lot with your help.
  12. GATC Scenario Editor 1.2 View File Little tool for scenario creation Submitter RobsonM Submitted 07/21/15 Category Global Air Traffic Control
  13. Version 1.2.0


    Little tool for scenario creation
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