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  1. RobsonM

    Managed speed issues

    @med11043 Hi. Help me get some more insight. How did you get to A.Floor? Did ATHR command THR IDLE on FMA? Was there any change on the FMA? How did the thrust levers behave? There will be an update soon with more detailed logging for this issue. I am not able to reproduce this issue on any of my PCs so please if possible reproduce it with new update and send over the same set of files. I hope to narrow it down a lot with your help.
  2. RobsonM

    Not following ascent/descent path

    Right now only descent was altered. Climb requires a lot more changes to be solved for every case. With normal operations there should not be a problem with steep climb.
  3. RobsonM

    Not following ascent/descent path

    @boogie were both flights done with fresh load of Airbus or did you do any state loading?
  4. RobsonM


    Hi, do can you provide any details that will allow to identify your account?
  5. Version 1.2.0


    Little tool for scenario creation
  6. GATC Scenario Editor 1.2 View File Little tool for scenario creation Submitter RobsonM Submitted 07/21/15 Category Global Air Traffic Control