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  1. SimWare is a reseller, nothing more. As such Aerosoft is not responsible for what SimWare claims, if you are unhappy with them complain to SimWare...
  2. and it's rather poetic, the busiest airway and roadway in the country running parallel to each other Other examples include Washington national, where aircraft have been known to mistake the frozen Potomac river in winter for the runway...
  3. A fleet to my liking. No plastic jets in sight And indeed, the baggage cart is the clear winner...
  4. Only sound problem I had was my PC suddenly and without warning resetting itself after a critical error in the sound driver of the built-in soundcard (RealTek). That was XP. If it was FSX related it would only be because FSX caused DirectX to call some functionality that's broken. Putting in a modern SoundBlaster seemed to have cured that.
  5. they work with the LDS767, so it's not a given that "jetways don't work with addons". What I did notice is that I need to park it a bit far forward (past the stop bar) for them to work though, so maybe the same is true for your aircraft.
  6. I upgraded from a Core Duo to Core 2 Duo. Only other thing replaced was the motherboard (old motherboard didn't accept Core 2 Duo CPUs). Performance went through the roof, literally (I've capped FSX to 20fps, which is ample). Core Duo averaged 5-7 fps on medium low settings. Core 2 Duo runs at 20 on medium high (locked), not found the limit yet.
  7. Ah, you don't include everything else in the price. Harddisk, DVD drive, case, etc. Increases it by a few hundred. But yes, I prefer brick and mortar shops over online. Especially for more expensive stuff I like to see what I buy and not have to bother with international shipping back and forth if something goes wrong.
  8. maybe I'm behind the times, Mathijs. When I built my current rig late 2005 the specs you list would have set me back 3000 or so. I'm fitting for the moment a mid range Core 2 Duo, budget restraints won't allow more at the moment. The rig cost me 1600 to build with a Core Duo and a GF7600 at the time... Anyway, going from your specs I come to something like 1200 Euro (without screen, keyboard, and operating system). Which is indeed roughly the same my rig cost 18 months ago, but still almost twice what you said it costs.
  9. Change the entries in the panel.cfg (which will void your warranty, yadda yadda).
  10. And that's what he calls a "modest" system. Sigh... At least I'll have a Core 2 Duo from tomorrow, replacing the Core Duo that blew up flying the ATR (though likely that was a coincidence) today. Does put the replacement of the 7600 with an 8800 on hold for a few months though, until my bank account cools down.
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