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  1. Edit: never mind, delete de post.
  2. I can't tell about the differences because I have only flown the C1, 4 different C1s actually. But comparing the aerosoft katana to the C1, I can notice, for example, that the C1 has a much better climb performance. The katana is not able to mantain 500ft/min at 65kias, at full rpm, flaps T/O, so it takes a lot of time to reach 500ft agl comparing to the C1.
  3. ok! thank you Relax, you don't need to be rude.
  4. Have you considered modelling the C1 version? I usually fly the C1 in real life and it's quite different comparing to the aerosoft katana. The performance of the aircraft is completely different, specially during the climb. That would be the panel, with a Continental IO240 engine, 125hp.
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