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  1. Hello, i still have this problem with chaseplane v1.1.86, amd airbus A330 i tried to reinstall airbus a330 but nothing changes, aircraft.cfg file i only have 1
  2. Good evening, i haven't bought it yet, but from the photos you see the area outside the airport (terminal 1) and without highways? Is there only the orthophoto? so there is no cars traffic and correct?
  3. you're right, I didn't understand ... now everything is ok thank you so much
  4. the OFF string I put it to disable them !, now I did as you said but there are always 2 superimposed jetways left ... maybe you need to exclude the old jetways somewhere ???
  5. I tried to install SODE for barcelona professional, I followed the manual procedure, but I have the problem as shown in the picture: the old jetways remain under the new ones and mix together
  6. Good evening, my name is Silvio
    I would like to build the new terminal E of Rome fiumicino, first but 'I would like to know if and planned an official version or not
    thank you
  7. I hope to write in the right place: Is it possible to know if there is a plan for the creation of the airports already exited on fsx / p3d for X-Plane11? thank you
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