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  1. Hi Oliver, Wow, very good catch. I don't know how I managed this, nor do I know how long it would've taken me to notice it. Everything id now resolved. For future reference, I will add the possbility of duplicate scenery entries to my troubleshooting quiver! Cheers, Louis
  2. Hi Oliver, I've attached my scenery library list as a ZIP file because there are quite a lot of entries. In the meantime I ran a Verify Files check on all of my ORBX products and the problem still persists. Other airports in-and-outside of Germany look fine, but Frankfurt is still a problem. As you can see, default ETOU (a few miles from EDDF) looks OK, as does Just Sim's Hamburg. As far as I'm aware it's only EDDF that displays the issue. I could try playing around with the scenery options in the EDDF configurator, but I don't see how that would affect the actual terminal buildings, and this has never been an issue before. If it was a scenery library order problem then I would expect to see similar issues at nearby airports, which I don't. So far my best guess is that the HF2 installation messed something up. I have always had to fix at least one issue after an HF install so it seems plausible. Cheers, Louis
  3. Hi Oliver, Thanks for your answer. EDDF was inserted using the addon.xml method with priority #2 in the scenery library (see attached screenshot). My ORBX products are arranged in the correct fashion: Non-ORBX ICAO, ORBX ICAO, ORBX regions, ORBX openLC. I checked my ORBX settings (see attached). Paris Orly is indeed the last non-ORBX airport in my scenery library, so I can't see any problems. I've flown around several other non-ORBX add-on airports around Europe and I haven't encountered this issue anywhere else (yet). Cheers, Louis
  4. Dear Support, Today I updated Mega Airport Frankkfurt for P3D v5 HF2 from to using the Aerosoft Updater. After starting a flight at EDDF I am greeted with an unusual scene. All buildings and objects (except for SODE jetways) are missing. The last time I flew from EDDF everything was fine. That was about a month ago when I was still on v5 HF1, so it's hard to say whether the cause of the isue is due to the upgrade from HF1->HF2, or from the scenery update. I uninstalled EDDF from the Add or remove programs and made sure the folder was deleted. After reinstall (, the problem persists. The airport has been placed at the top of my scenery library. I am using ORBX Global, Vector and Germany (North & South). I have indicated in the config tool that I am using FTX Germany. Has anyone else seen this issue before? Cheers, Louis
  5. Thanks for the input, Dave. I looked at this again today and I actually couldn't reproduce it. Not such a big deal I guess BR, Louis
  6. I will keep an eye on this during future flights to see if it was just intermittent.
  7. Dear Support, Sorry if this has already been reported. I couldn't find this issue by searching and it's quite similar to another issue I reported with the F/O's ND. During descent yesterday I noticed that the F/O's PFD flickers with what appears to be a mach speed indication, while the Captain's PFD remains clean and flicker-free: Best regards, Louis P.S.: Yes, for some reason I enjoy flying from the F/O side. I guess I appreciate the slightly refreshing perspective
  8. This is a normal ECAM message during take-off and landing. It's just telling you that certain cautions and warnings are being suppressed during these critical phases of flight.
  9. Here's my config: P3D v5 HF1 | Aerosoft A330 RR BR, Louis
  10. Hi Dave, I can confirm that Wide-view Aspect Ratio is enabled. Cheers, Louis
  11. Dear Support, The F/O's navigation display has a light leaking/bleeding issue when viewed from certain angles. Best regards, Louis
  12. Hi everyone, This is an eye-opening thread for me because until now I though the instinctive A/T disconnect buttons weren't modelled in the Aerosoft A3xx. However, I notice one possible issue from the video created by Dave. According to the relevant FTCM section: Instinctive Disconnection Procedure 1: – Set the thrust levers to the current thrust setting by adjusting the levers until the N1 (or EPR) TLA blue circle is adjacent to the actual N1 or EPR. 2: – Use the instinctive pushbutton to the disconnect the A/THR. – Check that “A/THR” OFF memo is displayed on the ECAM, and that the autothrust mode on the first column of the FMA, disappears. – Set the correct manual thrust. Setting the thrust levers so that the blue donuts match the actual N1 is the first step. Only then are you supposed to press the disconnect button (step 2), otherwise the thrust will jump unexpectedly. In Dave's video the A/T is disconnected first and this is exactly what I see happening. Therefore, I went into my A321 (because it's currently in flight so didn't get the chance to load the A330). I notice that it is not possible to push the instinctive A/T disconnect button after the thrust levers are moved into the A/THR range. Rather, I can only press this button when the throttle is still sitting in the CLB gate. This means that I am actually unable to carry out the instinctive disconnect procedure in the correct fashion. Here's a video I made to demonstrate the issue I'm having: On my first attempt I disconnect whilst in CLB which works, but I get a jump in thrust because I did step 2 before step 1. On my second attempt I move the thrust levers to the correct position (matching the blue donuts). However, I am unable to press the A/T disconnect button. On my final attempt I disconnect the A/T whilst in CLB and once again you see an unwanted jump in thrust before I have to move the levers to the correct position. Am I misunderstanding something here? Shouldn't we be able to click the disconnet push buttons whilst the thrust levers are in the A/THR region? Cheers, Louis Edit: I use the standard autothrottle disconnect keyboard shortcut in the P3D settings which allows me to perform the procedure correctly (essentially pressing the A/THR button on the FCU)
  13. That's interesting. Nowhere in the english language product description is HDR listed as a requirement, and I do not find any reference to the HDR setting in any of the PDF documentation files. Apart from the standard effect, I do not notice anything special with regard to the airbus cockpit lighting when HDR is enabled, so I don't see why it would be listed as a requirement (especially when it's such a personal choice). Could anyone from development comment on this? If there is a tangible benfit to enabling HDR with the Aerosoft Airbus then I will definitely consider enabling it at all times. Cheers, Louis Edit: My post is probably off-topic, so I'll refrain from commenting further on this thread.
  14. I understand that beta releases don't always work as expected. My question is if anyone else is having my issue.
  15. Dear Support, When I press the TO CONFIG button, the takeoff configuration alarm sounds briefly before showing normal status: Is this the correct behaviour? Best regards, Louis
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