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  1. Hi Oliver, Wow, very good catch. I don't know how I managed this, nor do I know how long it would've taken me to notice it. Everything id now resolved. For future reference, I will add the possbility of duplicate scenery entries to my troubleshooting quiver! Cheers, Louis
  2. Hi Oliver, I've attached my scenery library list as a ZIP file because there are quite a lot of entries. In the meantime I ran a Verify Files check on all of my ORBX products and the problem still persists. Other airports in-and-outside of Germany look fine, but Frankfurt is still a problem. As you can see, default ETOU (a few miles from EDDF) looks OK, as does Just Sim's Hamburg. As far as I'm aware it's only EDDF that displays the issue. I could try playing around with the scenery options in the EDDF configurator, but I don't see how that would
  3. Hi Oliver, Thanks for your answer. EDDF was inserted using the addon.xml method with priority #2 in the scenery library (see attached screenshot). My ORBX products are arranged in the correct fashion: Non-ORBX ICAO, ORBX ICAO, ORBX regions, ORBX openLC. I checked my ORBX settings (see attached). Paris Orly is indeed the last non-ORBX airport in my scenery library, so I can't see any problems. I've flown around several other non-ORBX add-on airports around Europe and I haven't encountered this issue anywhere else (yet). Cheers, Louis
  4. Dear Support, Today I updated Mega Airport Frankkfurt for P3D v5 HF2 from to using the Aerosoft Updater. After starting a flight at EDDF I am greeted with an unusual scene. All buildings and objects (except for SODE jetways) are missing. The last time I flew from EDDF everything was fine. That was about a month ago when I was still on v5 HF1, so it's hard to say whether the cause of the isue is due to the upgrade from HF1->HF2, or from the scenery update. I uninstalled EDDF from the Add or remove programs and made sure the folder was delet
  5. Thanks for the input, Dave. I looked at this again today and I actually couldn't reproduce it. Not such a big deal I guess BR, Louis
  6. I will keep an eye on this during future flights to see if it was just intermittent.
  7. Dear Support, Sorry if this has already been reported. I couldn't find this issue by searching and it's quite similar to another issue I reported with the F/O's ND. During descent yesterday I noticed that the F/O's PFD flickers with what appears to be a mach speed indication, while the Captain's PFD remains clean and flicker-free: Best regards, Louis P.S.: Yes, for some reason I enjoy flying from the F/O side. I guess I appreciate the slightly refreshing perspective
  8. This is a normal ECAM message during take-off and landing. It's just telling you that certain cautions and warnings are being suppressed during these critical phases of flight.
  9. Here's my config: P3D v5 HF1 | Aerosoft A330 RR BR, Louis
  10. Hi Dave, I can confirm that Wide-view Aspect Ratio is enabled. Cheers, Louis
  11. Dear Support, The F/O's navigation display has a light leaking/bleeding issue when viewed from certain angles. Best regards, Louis
  12. Hi everyone, This is an eye-opening thread for me because until now I though the instinctive A/T disconnect buttons weren't modelled in the Aerosoft A3xx. However, I notice one possible issue from the video created by Dave. According to the relevant FTCM section: Instinctive Disconnection Procedure 1: – Set the thrust levers to the current thrust setting by adjusting the levers until the N1 (or EPR) TLA blue circle is adjacent to the actual N1 or EPR. 2: – Use the instinctive pushbutton to the disconnect the A/THR. – Check that “A/THR” OFF memo is displayed on t
  13. That's interesting. Nowhere in the english language product description is HDR listed as a requirement, and I do not find any reference to the HDR setting in any of the PDF documentation files. Apart from the standard effect, I do not notice anything special with regard to the airbus cockpit lighting when HDR is enabled, so I don't see why it would be listed as a requirement (especially when it's such a personal choice). Could anyone from development comment on this? If there is a tangible benfit to enabling HDR with the Aerosoft Airbus then I will definitely consider enabling it a
  14. I understand that beta releases don't always work as expected. My question is if anyone else is having my issue.
  15. Dear Support, When I press the TO CONFIG button, the takeoff configuration alarm sounds briefly before showing normal status: Is this the correct behaviour? Best regards, Louis
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