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  1. That's interesting. Nowhere in the english language product description is HDR listed as a requirement, and I do not find any reference to the HDR setting in any of the PDF documentation files. Apart from the standard effect, I do not notice anything special with regard to the airbus cockpit lighting when HDR is enabled, so I don't see why it would be listed as a requirement (especially when it's such a personal choice). Could anyone from development comment on this? If there is a tangible benfit to enabling HDR with the Aerosoft Airbus then I will definitely consider enabling it at all times. Cheers, Louis Edit: My post is probably off-topic, so I'll refrain from commenting further on this thread.
  2. Hi Otto, Could you elaborate on this? To me, HDR is a very subjective choice and people are split down the middle when it comes to enabling it. Are you saying that HDR should be enabled in order to get the external lights working properly, or that it's a personal choice that you recommend? Cheers, Louis
  3. Updating to V1401 completely solves my lighting issue. To those who still having flickering lights: Do you have Dynamic Texture Streaming enabled in the Display options? From my experience this setting causes a whole host of flickering issues which I have reported to Lockheed Martin. I have noticed external aircraft, ground, building, SODE and autogen flickering when this option is enabled. Cheers, Louis
  4. Glad that 1401 works. I look forward to trying it later. And may I say that is a great screenshot. Gorgeous lighting.
  5. I am also having this issue. The pedestal flood lights seem to work, but no other lights work. The one odd exception is that if I change the brightness of the backlighting, only the LCD displays on the MCP/pedestal are affected. I have also noticed that TrueGlass does not appear in my Add-ons drop-down menu. I will check my gauges folder when I next get the chance. Cheers, Louis
  6. Hi everyone, I'm having the exact same issue. Beacon, nav and landing lights are actually completely invisible in my case. Here are my lighting settings in P3D v5. As you can see, no HRD. So far I have only noticed this issue during the day. I'm not sure the situation is during the night. Regards, Louis
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