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  1. that has fixed it thank you for your help.
  2. the patch file will be in with the download and their are tutorials on YouTube on how to use the patch file.
  3. Hi I have noticed floating objects in the scenery like lights and parts of missing buildings check the screen shots out.
  4. Please check your runways follow contours is on inside your sim settings because you are the only person who is experiencing this issue that we have know of.
  5. Hi 1.1 is defiantly out on the org I have double checked and the download is 1.05GB
  6. HI Tom We have the ortho4xp patch and it works we are just working on the rest of the updates that will include World traffic routes and adding a bit more animation ground vehicles once this is complete we will give the update to Aerosoft to distribute.
  7. For some reason the version that Aerosoft has not got to the org yet but we did email the org store to make them aware.
  8. We appreciate the Fact you have mentioned a few issues here , The Resolution of the Certain Airport Files are something we are not responsible for . We did not Design this product, we are Mearly responsible for the conversion fo this product to the X Plane 11 Platform. Conversions are just that. Conversions , We do not change things like Textures…. Whatever ‘’ The Original ‘’ Product had we use that. We are not texture artists. We are conversion artists. It is important you understand what that means. Regarding the Price. We are not responsible for the Price of the Product. We once again ne
  9. Ok well that is your opinion your entitled to that but no one else’s has complained about any of the things you have mentioned. The only complaints we have received has been orthophoto that is why the ortho4xp patch is coming out. considering this Airport has not been touched from when it was a fsx product originally this is the best you will get for this Airport. I’m not going to go into detail about the issues we have faced with this Airport. This is up to do payware standards its The best representation of the Airport. Now with that said we will look at the markings.
  10. Their will be a update coming soon. that will include world traffic route and ortho4xp patch and animation fix.
  11. Just to let you know we will have a ortho4xp patch file for everyone who uses ortho4xp just need to make adjustments and read me file then we will pass this to Aerosoft when it’s ready.
  12. I am happy to report that the issues with the scenery crashing and Sam gates not working have been fixed.
  13. The Airport only comes with the one ortho now with regards to traffic etc and highways we have had to place exclusion zones because the roads go through buildings and that is out of our control.
  14. please send me a message on our fb and i will be able to help more https://www.facebook.com/pg/Windsocksim/posts/?ref=page_internal
  15. please send me a message on our fb and i will be able to help more https://www.facebook.com/pg/Windsocksim/posts/?ref=page_internal
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