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  1. I love my airliners as much as the next crazy simmer-nut. Some here may recall that I even painted a few of them for the community... For now, MSFS is not our sim for this facet of simming. However, nobody can deny that this is just about sums up the diversity of the amount of simmers in the current market: Now of course ALL those new customers will not continue to become even casual simmers that developers will count on for sales (when they're done showing all their friends their house in MSFS, and realize they can't fly it like GTA and crash into anything with graphic
  2. Wonderful paint my friend and one of my favorite South American liveries! Please...PLEASE paint the little section on the tail that is white on all your paints! When you see it in your great preview pics...you can't un-see it afterwards and its a glaring eyesore from what is otherwise a stellar paint! Here is it's exact location on the texture map for the tail....
  3. Ahh...yes....I saw those photos when I was researching this paint. As it turns out...they had 2 variations as to where the Korean Air was painted on the fuse. The one you show and the one that I painted...shown here: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/330601/hl7587-korean-air-lines-airbus-a330-323 Thanks for pointing it out.....I actually looked at those same pics when I was finalizing my paint and thought to my horror that I painted it wrong....then when I compared them to the actual pics I downloaded and used for this paint...I noticed the difference. Who
  4. Can you be a little more specific? Maybe screenshots compared to real pics as a reference? I "think" you may be talking about the Korean logo acting at the "O" in "Korean Airlines"....let me see what you're seeing and I'll correct it if needed. Thanks!
  5. Looks great Brian! Think I like this paint on the freighter the best!!!
  6. Hey Christian, They're all in the Aerosoft library....here is a direct link to my liveries..... Steve's A330 repaints
  7. Thanks Christian! Yeah I'm using the pen tool more and more...and its quickly replacing the push and smudge brushes as my favorite tool! Its actually a tool I should have been using all along for many things I struggled with in the past....glad I finally took the time to learn how to use it.
  8. Hey Brett... My plate is pretty full at the moment. I haven't even gotten the new CRJ yet. Asd I have no idea how different the texture maps are for it in comparison to the older version. In addition to the A330 paints you may have seen by me (just look here.....Steve's A330 paints)..... ...I'm also a PMDG beta team member and have been painting the Baby Boeing for the upcoming release (its not released yet).... So its not like I don't want to move the textures over (or even update them using the new PBR method I did for my American A330 Mica
  9. Version 1.0.0


    To install this aircraft, copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional'. Replace the X in [FLTSIM.X] by the next number in your sequence (like [FLTSIM.11,12 etc]) [FLTSIM.xx] title = Aerosoft A333 professional Air Europa Old EC-LXR sim = A330-343 model = panel = sound = texture = EC-LXR kb_checklists = AirbusA333_check kb_reference = AirbusA333_ref atc_id = EC-LXR atc_a
  10. Looking Stellar as usual Brian! Freight Dawgs will now have the Bus with a few carriers to haul boxes in.
  11. Thanks. When I get in a painting groove, I can pop them out at a pretty good pace (with Quality always in mind of course) This one is going to be easy after the last few: (and I like the livery....2nd airframe I've painted it on)
  12. air Hongkong/DHL A330 P2F now in the library: @mousemansteven VP-BLX is correct. The door is only there by virtue of paint and editing of the bump and metal maps. Aerosoft would have to provide a model with a operating cargo door for it to open. Not sure if the model/coding work involved on both a dedicated freighter (A300-200F) and the P2F conversion of a passenger A330-300 would be a viable ROI for Aerosoft ...so I don't think we'll ever see the model...but if we do...this paint will be ready for it.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A lot of special work went into this paint. I modified the metal and bump maps to emulate the cargo door where there is none in the model. NOTE: The cargo door is non-functional! It was created by texture mods and visual effects only. If a freighter (or P2F) version of the A330 is released this paint can be modified to use it. A special thanks to Brian Thibodeaux for his assistance with texture validation and paint correction. He's up close to DHL, POLAR, Atlas aircraft in the real world every day so his keen eye for the exact details makes this one of the most accura
  14. Releasing her now....should be available in a few minutes. Uploaded...here is the link....
  15. Paint finished except for the final visual inspection....in which I took this shot for your viewing pleasure.
  16. I'm getting ready to release this paint...a lot of special work went into it to fake a cargo door on it...much more than just drawing it on the main fuse (involved working with 2 other maps...to say the least). Anyway...doing the final visual inspections before handing it off to the customer (you). Was struck by this beautiful shot as I was checking the transition to night textures on the model (making sure I blocked all the lights in this passenger model turned freighter...hehe) Thought I'd share it with the community
  17. Nice paint and congratulations on your 1st paint! That feeling of personal accomplishment is great isn't it? And I can tell you even after a few paints, it still feels about the same when you see your creation in flightsim. Good job remembering to do the VS textures with the reg and SELCAL. That is sometimes missed, hehe.
  18. Tail is done. Brand spankin' new. (Because it really is...the plane has only been B-LDO for a few weeks now) The work you don't see is that in order for the textures to be totally correct on the doors....(no metal reflection off the lower door plate on the L4 door....because its not there)...you have to edit 3 maps, and 1 texture and 2 channels on EACH map...for a total of NINE items you have to touch (some is painting, some is removing things).....JUST to capture this ONE effect properly. Ugh....it is a LOT of work!!! Forget to edit the bump map or the Metal map.....
  19. Thanks Dave! It's a LOT of work.....so many little things that most folks may never notice, but will say "Hey...he actually pit "THAT" in there" if they happen to see it
  20. Working on the bump maps for the Freighter....a lot to do but you can see where I took the window bumps off the nose section (as this part is reworked by the cargo conversion process and the window holes are pretty much removed). Also took the bumps and reflections off the L2 and R2 doors since they are non-functional on the freighter (plus removed the stickers) And added a "bump" for the rain gutter above the new cargo door. Of course I added depth to the door itself to give it a 3d appearance.
  21. AIr Hong Kong getting close.... She just got her new paint and reg...so she'll be B-LDO. Air Canada released....
  22. Air Canada "Toothpaste" livery in the library now.
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