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  1. So as an American of German descent..I don't know if I find that funny or not. I'm so confused! -S.Brandenburg.
  2. VERY Nicely done, Steve. Took her for a quick spin at sunset. Guess the airport.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  3. Hawaiian for the win! Proof that I can "work" a camera - I've attached my shot of a Hawaiian 'bus departing LAX February 2018. Now if only Nikon made a camera for simulator use.. Snipping tool did the screen capture in, as well as something funky in the software. Guess that's what I get for "drag and drop". And one last thing.. CS-TKY. Have a look at that one, really sharp scheme. Oh, that's right..you're retired.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  4. Don't know how well it'll show up, but I tried to capture a few things. Not complaints at all (again - fix it yourself). Just a few things I noticed. The liveries you've done are fantastic, as always. I'll forgive the mast issue if you can guess which of your repaints I was flying (taxiing) in this shot.. Keep up the great work. And don't worry - my Dad retired a total of 6 times before he finally said "enough". -Scott Brandenburg.
  5. Hmm. Call me skeptical, but looks to me like you may have lifted someone's ancient 767 paint.. As always, nice work! -Scott Brandenburg. PS - the PBR must be giving you fits, I'm noticing PBR "paint" spilling on the top half of the MLG tires. Either that, or it's hydraulic fluid, tires are awfully shiny.. Also, there's a section of the pylon texture that has a high shine to it in the sim, but is more matted on the real thing. I know.."shut up and do it yourself"..
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