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  1. Don't get your knickers in a twist... Initial Release = Aerosoft F-14X (without the word "Extended" in the title.) That means everyone who bought it before the pending update gets it for free. After release of the pending update, the product becomes Aerosoft F-14X Extended. Anyone who buys it after the update will get the the product with that title.
  2. Would love to see AES support added to the new Aerosim RJBB Kansai scenery for FSX!! Greg
  3. I'm an even MORE frequent traveller than you (I fly in the Airbus on average 6-10 times per MONTH) and I've ALWAYS seen noticeable wingflex on A319, A320, and A321 aircraft (I fly US Airways, United and Delta regularly) Granted, it (the wing flex) isn't as pronounced as on the 737NGs, but the only reason it looks more dramatic on the 737 is because of the winglets. Project Airbus got it right in their A318/A319 models. Lack of wing flex in this aircraft isn't a deal-breaker for me, but it would definitely make the visual model look better.
  4. Hi there, I just recently re-loaded the FSX version of FlyTampa's Kai Tak and it seems that the jet beidges are now missing. I do have all of the other AES elements visible and working there, though (i.e. pushback, service vehicles, etc...)It's just the jet bridges that are missing. Any ideas? I don't think I've missed any patches or updates. All other AES airports in FSX are OK. Thanks! Greg
  5. Nope... sorry... not possible. I think you MIGHT be able to preorder the boxed edition... but not 100% sure! It doesn't come out for at least another month (maybe longer)
  6. I'd love to see someone do a decent F-15... either a C model or an E-model! There's nothing out there for FSX! Nothing sexier than a Strike Eagle armed to the teeth!!
  7. Internally, these sound very similar the Iris F-16 sounds. Personally, I mixed the Iris internal sounds with the Aerosoft (TSS) external sounds and got a pretty good well-rounded F-16 soundset. Took some doing but it sounds very real now!
  8. I no longer have the original 1.0 installer... just the full 1.21 installer. I bought the aircraft through Simmarket and the original installer was replaced with the full 1.21 installer. They have all of the other updates as separate downloads in my account page, but the base installer is v. 1.21.
  9. Bump... Anyone care to take a stab at this?
  10. HI All, I just did a clean install of FSX w/Acceleration pack on a brand new computer and I installed the F-16 from the v. 1.21 exe, however when I select the aircraft in FSX, there are no cockpit sounds. I had them in the installation on my older FSX system, however that was installed from the original v 1.0 release and then patched up with all of the various service releases up to 1.21. This new installation was the done using the FULL 1.21 version installer. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, but still no sounds. I also tried re-downloading the installer again, but still no cockpit sounds. I seem to recall someone else having similar problems and the culprit seemed to be the ASC.dll modeule - something about different versions of... but I can't find that thread with a search Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Greg
  11. I would LOVE to see AES support for the following FSX scenery package: CYHZ Halifax, Nova Scotia by SimAddons This is an extremely well-done package for FSX and the only thing that I think could make it better would be AES support!
  12. I've never had that happen ever...I have created intelliscene.cfg files for well over 100 different aircraft (both payware and freeware) and they've never, ever changed after installing a newer version of AES. Since the intelliscene.cfg files are created by the user based on individual aircraft and they reside in that particular aircraft's folder, I don't see how installing a new version would overwrite those CFGs...the installer would have to manually check every single aircraft folder you have and see if there is a CFG in its folder. Even so, the intelliscene.cfg files are "user-created" and not "pre-defined" by AES, so there's no way it could know what CFG files the user has created. Can you elaborate on exactly what is happening to your intelliscene.cfg files after you install a new version of AES? Are the exit locations and cargo door locations changing? What about the location of the nose gear pushback points? I'm curious... - Greg
  13. Hi Dave You do realize that you can set up the configs yourself, don't you? It's very easy, fully intuitive, and only takes just a couple of minutes to do it using the Configuration Utility in AES. - Greg
  14. It's not his choice of acronyms... It is his constant "holier than thou" attitude in which he repeatedly bullies and belittles both users and developers alike. It gets very old seeing comment after comment from him containing nothing helpful or constructive. I detest internet bullies and that is what he has become. Greg
  15. You really ought to learn better manners... In nearly every post I see from you (here and in other forums) you make snide and inappropriate comments. Rudeness is not an appropriate substitue for helpfulness. Greg
  16. I've experienced the same thing.. he just stood there with his arm raised even after I taxied away. This happened at both EDLW and EDDK. Other than that, no problems, so far! - Greg
  17. Hi Luc, As newmanix said, make sure that the AES Basepack is always at the top of the list in your scenery library. Whenever you add new scenery, one of the first things you should do upon starting FS9 is to go to the scenery library and move the AES Basepack up to the top of the list. It's kind of a pain to always do that after installing new scenery, but it does assure that AES will always function properly. Also, if you're using another add-on that relies on the function keys (like TrackIR) that program's function key commands will sometimes interfere with AES. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else to suggest... - Greg
  18. Only one SMALL thing that's still missing (though technically, it's not a bug..) The marshaller at ROAH still isn't the "Japanese-type" marshaller (i.e. wearing helmet and speaking with a Japanese accent) Everything works fine, though... so if maybe you could add that to the list for the next update, that would be great!! And THANK YOU for adding MYNN and, especially, KPVD!!! I was hoping those two would someday get AES support and that day has finally arrived! THANKS OLIVER!! - Greg
  19. I'd love to see Matthias Rauh's incredible freeware Pelleston Regional Airport (KPLN) receive an AES treatment! Even though it's only a small regional airport, it would be fantastic to have a marshaller and some service vehicles at this airport Greg
  20. Well... sure enough... that was the culprit! I removed the offedning file and all is normal in Madrid once again! Thanks again for the link, Jure! It is much appreciated! Greg
  21. Thanks Jure! I'll have to check and see if I have Olbia installed.... I honestly don't remember if I do or not... but the results certainly look exactly like what I am experiencing I appreciate the response! Greg
  22. After installing the new updated Mega Aiport Madrid 2008 for FS9, I'm getting some very strange terrain issues. It seems that any airports or bodies of water within about a 50nm radius od Madrid are "elevated" on plateaus (see shots below) The mountainous areas around Madrid are also now "blocky" and the whole area sort of resembles "Monument Valley" here in the US I have no third-party meshes or terrain products installed for Spain and the only add-on airports I have for the country are a few other Simwings airports. I tried uninstalling Madrid 2008 and reverting back to the older version of Madrid, but I still have the same problem. Prior to installing the update, everything was fine with Madrid and its surroundings. Any idea of what could be causing this? Greg
  23. I don't remember the EXACT name of the files.. but I searched my HD for "Madrid".. then I deleted everything related to the Madrid 2004 scenery - .ini files. prefetch files, InstallShield files... then I ran the installer and it installed everything with no problem!
  24. Hi, I'm having the same problem while trying to update. Madrid v.1.0 didn't show up in the Add/Remove Programs list.. so I manually deleted the folder and removed the scenery from the library... but still it says "Madrid 2008 is already installed"... There's no entry for Madrid in my registry either. Is there some file or folder that is added during installation some place OTHER than the Aerosoft folder? Please advise! Thanks, Greg EDITED: Update... I figured out what to do... the PF files and all previous installer info MUST be deleted in order to run the new installer!
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