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  1. Actually, I spent 40 EUR for this, so there shouldn't be any problem at all. I don't have the time to "try" all kind of things that MAYBE could be an answer. We paid Aerosoft for this job! But they just say: your computer is the problem! Thanks for your input anyway!
  2. I don't believe it is hardware. Then there would be more trouble out there. No, it must be something different, maybe a conflict with other addons that make Airbus X cause all those crashes. This is a way too complex and complicated for me to understand. I am a flight simmer, not a computer expert. I want to download, install and fly that plane. If I need to KNOW and ALTER things within cfg's or other specific things I don't understand, then there is something wrong with the software Airbus X itself. I do have all FSDT softwares, 15 different aerosoft softwares, Tampa software, Mega scenery software, PMDG's, Carenado's, CLS, etc... installed. All works fine. No conflict. No cfg's to alter, or whatever. Only Airbus X doesn't work properly. But again: Aerosoft only refers to your computer. WHAT is wrong, they don't know, of course, as they can't see inside the machine. But I believe that in your or in my case, there should be found a solution: if it is not to be found within FSX, then it should be found on a different way. Refund? Another software with discount? Something. I spent hundreds and hundreds of Euros for Aerosoft products, but now, as I have a problem with one of them, they only say: your computer is the root of all evil. But all that Aerosoft does is closing your thread, saying that these subjects all have been discussed already!!
  3. My situation is less dramatic but I do have a FSX system crash on exit of a flight with Airbus X, box version. Aerosoft believes that my computer is the problem, not the software. Actually I do have 2 computers on which FSX is installed (my old and my new, stronger PC), both win7, and on both machines I do have the same problem with Airbus X. Anyway. Don t count on anything here, because your computer is wrong. The 2 PC's of mine too. The software is not the problem! The computers are. Aerosoft statement on a previous, closed thread.
  4. Of course. I am the problem. Nothing else. Thanks Aerosoft. At least I helped financing other upcoming projects by spending 40 Euro!!
  5. If we both buy a new car today and one of us seems to have a problem with the central locking system, what then? Then the first one is lucky and the other one has bad luck and goes back to the garage in order to let the problem fixed, right?! Aerosoft doesn't trace back the "fatal error on exit"-problem to their product as it only occurs to a minority. I seem to be the one with the bad luck but 40.- euro for the Airbus X is reason enough not to accept such kind of errors. It is not a matter of frustration. It is a matter of finding solutions to problems. Here, the problem is an exit error that leads to a system crash. Fine. If it is not to be solved within FSX, then there must be another solution. Which one? This question is addressed to Aerosoft.
  6. Well, when I read all the different posts regarding the Airbus X, then there is definately more than one problem, so I keep it in the plural form. Regarding the fatal error crash on exit, I wonder: how can it be then that the Airbus X CAUSES a system to crash? Then there must be something wrong with the product, otherwise there is no system crash. I have an additionnal software installed of approximately 400 GB, and none of the softwares is in conflict with the system. Airbus X is. Why? I as a customer do not have to prove Aerosoft that my system crashes because of Airbus X - it is Aerosoft that has to deliver a product that DOES NOT crash a system, right? Reinstalling a whole system with a size of 400 GB takes 2 weeks and it won't guarantee a thing. So this is definately not an option!
  7. Apparently noone cares about the fact that some users DO have this fatal error problem. Some say, "some people are actually having real problems", like Paul Golding did in a former post; some others say "what does it matter when FSX crashes, it is not a major problem!" in a former post. In other words: aerosoft offers a product that has "major" problems and "less major" problems (like the FSX system crash). The customer buys it and if some users encounter problems afterwards, well, don't worry! At least it doesn't blow up your machine! Oh, in this case, thanks Aerosoft, that I still can use my computer! Buy Airbus X, it may work, it may not, but after all: don't fuss when a problem occurs because aerosoft only considers the REAL problems!
  8. Well, in this case (only a small percentage having issues), and for those issues that CANNOT be fixed (like FSX crash after end flight), it would be nice to get a refund!! As there are so little that have unsolvable problems, a refund for those would not to be considered a financial disaster for aerosoft! But for me, 39.98.-euros is a lot of money if the product does crash my system every time at the end of a flight.....
  9. Well, Fdm79, don't take it too personal, sweetheart! All I want to say is that I want to FLY it! Buy the PMDG 747, install it and you can FLY it, without any problems at all! COMPARING this to the Airbus X, then I (and a lot more) have problems to get it FLY! Altering CFG's etc... should not to be expected when you buy software! Installing and working! That is how it should be! But it isn't. Causing FSX to crash at the end of a "flight" should definately not happen at all!!! But it does. So it needs maintenance. That's it! I believe you get that, don't you, honey?
  10. Hope the PMDG guys will deliver a better product soon (737NGX)...!! Totally agree with you all, guys! The Airbus X needs some serious maintenance!! Yeah, all of you who believe that the Airbus X is THE best thing ever: what do "we" do wrong then that we don't get it run properly?! Are we a victim of not being Computer experts in order to understand DDL's and CFG's and whatever...? I just want to pay the price for this product, install it and fly. But all I did was spending money. No flying!! I don t have the time to read hundreds of posts in order to maybe find a solution that - if you find it - only a computer pro can understand!!! Please explain!!
  11. HI all, Is there a solution to the "fatal error"-problem at the "exit"-flight phenomenon for the Airbus X box version? Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I know it has been discussed before but I cannot find in any posts I found and read so far a concrete help to the problem "a fatal error occured" after ending the flight. FSX stops working and restarts. Is there any update, any official statement from aerosoft to this problem? Any chance I get my 60 euro box-version running normaly without any problem? Thanks for any comment.
  13. people that come with such things, DO understand what I mean. See the difference, smarty (halsi1010)??!!
  14. Or you can see or not. Nothing more, nothing less. But visually a huge difference...
  15. You re right indeed. On the 737, you can hardly see it neither. But as I said, it doesn't need much. But this is just more a matter of seeing/feeling it or not.. Or you feel/know what I mean, or you don t. And that's fine, sure. People that come with a "virtual toilet" are that kind of people that just don't get it.
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