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  1. Nice, If you have more fotos, you could send them, also interior. Thanks
  2. Images P3dV4. Work in progress
  3. more han 70 military buildings at the airport just fuiished (3d design Program picture) High detailed hangars and buildings
  4. Working on Apron - Image fom 3Dsmax
  5. Still working on it.
  6. As just finished LEMD, we have a little delay. But work goes on. We can not give a release date, but it will be nice, we think. No pressure is better for quality.
  7. Ok, there is nothing more to say as we are working on it. We don´t know exactly when it will released, because its a lot of work and we want to do it well. Regards sim-wings
  8. Hi Ray and others, Its a lot of work to do and we are working now 2 persons on it. There are only at the military side more than 50 buildings to texture and the terminal will get interior and High resolution textures. Also its posible that some other teams are doing this, if they present some GC for surprise, don´t hesitate to buy from them. We can´t do nothing else but continue our work, hoping that it will not last too long. Regards Manfred
  9. Quiet good, althoug its a lot to do. In some weeks we will post more screenshots.
  10. Working the tecnical side....
  11. Its a lot of work still with texturing, so we can´t say when. Althoug we are working now a lot of hours weekly 2 persons. To get the latest details, we will vist the airport again next mounth.