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  1. Work still in progress
  2. I like your statment, you are right ! But competition forces to implement more and more details, even if they are not very necesary for flightsimulation. We also have to admit that this way the terminal looks better, especially at night. As a disadvantage the development takes a lot longer if we want design the interior as accurate as possible and not only something invented.
  3. We are a German and Spanish Company. Marcos(Plural) = Rahmen (plural)
  4. Working the inside of the terminal....
  5. nightlightnig with 6 new Led floodlight towers
  6. Nice, If you have more fotos, you could send them, also interior. Thanks
  7. Images P3dV4. Work in progress
  8. more han 70 military buildings at the airport just fuiished (3d design Program picture) High detailed hangars and buildings
  9. Working on Apron - Image fom 3Dsmax