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  1. Hi, The ships are on the mountain if you have UTE installed and did NOT check the UTE is installed option when running the installer. So you should uninstall and run the installer again.
  2. Seems like It will be released at Friday ! - FS9
  3. Hi, As Rainer said, the work is done - so we think it will be out about in 1 week if no problems ocur. (and Aerosoft has the time to do the installer, also the manual must be prepared and translated) Regards Manfred
  4. Hi All, First I like to thank all users of this forum for the interest in the Barcelona Scenery. Specially I thank Rainer Duda for the screen shots, Mathjis and Shaun for the statements , Mike for the AFCAD files and also Oliver Papst, who makes true AES and AES Lite for Barcelona El Prat. It´s always our wish to do sceneries as fast as possible but the first challenge is to do it as good as possible. Now BCN is NEARLY finished, but we like to realize some suggestions of our Beta Testers which really takes more time as we wanted. Also we are no full time developers, so we have only weekends or night time to do this kind of scenery design. That´s the reason for a lot of delay, and believe me, we would like to sell sceneries as soon as possible also, because this way we could produce more. So without any firm compromise we could think of the first week of September to have Barcelona ready for FS9, the scenery goes to Aerosoft in August and with the manual and the installer it could be ready at the end of August 2010. Sorry for that delay, I think its the biggest delay we had ever at simwings, but this things may happen. An thanks a lot to Aerosoft to give us developer the time we need and the time we HAVE to do things right. With kind regards Manfred Spatz - Madrid Sim-wings
  5. Ok, lets explain: The first version 1.00 is from April 18th 2008. So if you bought it, you can download at your account version 1.10 for fs2004 and the new FSX version 1.00. But in the FSX version 1.00 is a bug which slowes down frames a lot, so today we released a bugfix which is called 1.01. You can download it at the FAQ/Updates section. Regards Manfred sim-wings
  6. Hi, The problem with the bad MAD_RWY.bgl file is solved for Acceleration Pack. This week it will be online, for those customers who want it right now, please send me a e-mail. Regards Manfred
  7. Hi, the new Update has the following featueres: -Static Aircraft Option for On-Line flyers -3D Colums at Terminal 4 an 4 SAT -Better green and blue Taxiway lights -Brighter Runway Approach lights -A tool to change easily the AFCAD from North to South Configuration (before starting the simulator) -Better frame rate
  8. Hi all, one screenshot of T4 in FSX, maybe we can do the soportcolum 3D, but depends on the frames at the end.
  9. Well, we can resize this, but then it will be less visible at distance. Its dificult to find a real good way to do it. Regards sim-wings
  10. Hi, Hemos pensado en suministrar static Aircraft mas adelante y mejorar los frames para la salida de la versión FSX. Creo dentro de un més, pero tengo que hacer mudanza en Mayo y se puede retrasar . Saludos Manfred
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