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    Hi, the update for EDDM should be available throught the aerosoft updater now. A new full version should be alive tomorrow. Thank you for the input. I tried to make some screenshots corresponding to the real photos of this thread. Main changes are ground (added layers and changed textures like runway), night light (LED lights), greener terminal glass, advertising on jetways, missing hills... Thorsten PS: Gate numbers on jetways is not an easy task as this will need a different jetway model at every gate. Maybe we´ll find a solution, but this cannot be fixed short term.
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    Sorry, was out for a few days, even I need 4 days of vacation a year, lol. The 'core simulator' is installed in a location selected by Microsoft (we do not know the exact size but it is not very large). However as has been shown here you can move that later. The 'content' can be installed in a location of your choice (this is around 90 Gb).
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    This is a baffling decision from Microsoft indeed... I mean I am grateful that they do a physical release in this day and age when PC gaming is almost completely digital, but I didn't expect them to redo the exact same experience like it's 2004 all over again, with dvd check every time you play. Pc users have had 16 years of Steam convenience in the meantime... This will become very annoying, very fast for someone like me who plays a lot of short sessions every day. I do have an external dvd drive, and I do use it once in a blue moon when I need to access old family pictures and videos that I still keep on dvd: it's very slow, very loud and freezes too many damn times. I hope this requirement can be revoked by Microsoft later, with an update, if enough people complain about it. It's not unheard of, to remove such DRM checks in later updates, other game developers who put Denuvo in their games removed it later. It's not like someone can play the physical game without a Microsoft account anyway... And if I remember correctly, games like Fallout and GTA that used the infamous "Games For WIndows Live" also removed it when it became obsolete. Now, the question is, will there be any pressure on Microsoft to do this? It really depends on how many physical copies will be sold. As a physical pc game collector since... forever, buying the boxed game is not even in question, but I sure hope I'm not being punished for doing so... or "subtly" pushed to make a second, digital purchase so I can actually play the game by 2020 standards.
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    Keiner wirft Euch hier Unfähigkeit vor, Kritik sollte doch erlaubt und in der Regel auch erwünscht sein. Die Kritikfähigkeit eurerseits stelle ich bei dieser dünnhäutigen, unsachlichen Antwort allerdings stark infrage.
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    Hello everyone. I take the opportunity to open another thread here, with some little mistakes that I found. ...which I hope will be corrected in the future. First of all I would like to say the following: I do not want to belittle the work that has been put into MUC, nor do I want to speak of it in a negative way. On the contrary, I want to contribute to make MUC even better. To cut a long story short: I have been a Planespotter in Munich for many years, so I know the airport pretty well. Besides, MUC in the Sim is my home base, I fly to MUC in the Sim almost every day. If necessary, I also might help with pictures. Some things already have been noticed, but I want to bring it here together in one place. 1. On Terminal 1, the new "Munich-Airport Logos" and stand numbers are missing: Please compare these 2 pictures: 2. O2 Advertisment looks wrong on the jetways on the Terminal 2 and the stand numbers are missing: (by "Merpati") Furthermore, also a few jetways on the Terminal 1 have the O2-Ads on it: (by "Eupemuc") 3. There you should see a small forest (left) and a more than 10 m high hill. Maybe the autogen should be enhanced, and the visitor hill in the south added. 4. The same in the north, the northern hill is missing, near Attaching 5. The night lighting seems to be wrong - has been mentioned already. Especially on the Terminal 2 you see bright white LED lamps, on the Terminal 1 more orange lights. Furthermore, the ground seems to be shining at night. 6. The apron, especially on Terminal 2, doesn't look like the real thing. There are a few things which do not fit... 6. i) The color is to warm, the concrete is more greyish, with less yellow in it. As it is, it looks more like Munich would be in Spain or Southern France... 6. ii) The concrete tiles are not as strongly visible as in SW EDDM and the tiles seem to be too small. 6. iii) The lines on the ground are better visible in real than in the sim. Maybe it is possible to enhance the contrast between lines and ground. 7. As already mentioned, the glass on the terminal 2 is pretty green. In the sim it is simply clear. 8. The small tower in the T2 Satellite is pretty green in real, in the sim you have to look twice to see, that it might be green. 9. On the rail tracks behind the fuel tanks there are missing 1-2 trains. In all the years I am visiting MUC I've never seen those rail tracks empty... 10. Again: These are forest, please add a few trees! 11. There are pretty good visible AUDI-Advertisments in real. 12. If you compare these 2 images, there you might see a few things, which do not fit: 12. i) The wear on the runway are very visible. You can hardly see them in the sim, as if the runway was newly built. 12. ii) The concrete tiles are not very present in real. In the sim it looks a bit like a russian airport. 12. iii) The Ground looks much too dry. In real the ground is also not as green as in Google Earth, but it is... well... a "usuall" german meadow. 13. Maybe also a bit of 3D Gras would make it look better? 14. The hill between the road in the north and the taxiway is missing: 15. The OMV fuel station near the northern runway is missing: I hope I haven't made myself too unpopular now... Anyway: Despite everything: I am really glad that someone has dared to approach Munich again!
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    Hi, I faced some problem with the speed recently. Everything is alright when I take-off, climb out. The bus also follows the set route in all time. However, the strange thing is the speed suddenly drop from M.76 to 213kts in mid-cruse with managed mode. Then the speed will not follow the profile calculated by the MCDU during descend, and the v/s keeps at -1000ft/min with managed mode (My MCDU FPL have nothing to do with the speed drop when I input the routing during preflight, only the T/D calculated show the speed of 213kts). I check the PROG page and it shows .76/213 at the speed. Is there any possible reasons causing this and possible solution to deal with this?
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    ich möchte jetzt keine Diskussion über das downvote vom Zaun brechen, aber ich finde dieses ganze Bewerten gehört abgeschafft. Die mit Pluspunkten können sich nichts von kaufen und die mit Negativpunkten haben einen Makel fürs Leben. IMHO, das muss nicht sein. Ahoj -Uwe
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    Ist es nicht etwas übertrieben, jemandem einen Downvote zu verabreichen, der seinen 1. Post in diesem Forum etwas unpräzise geschrieben hat? Leute, bleibt auf dem Teppich, ihr habt auch mal klein angefangen.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This liverie is made by Henrique Villar
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    It is supposed to be, but nobody has a crystal ball. I only use P3Dv5 for testing, I use P3Dv4.5 for flying.
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    Yes, I would second that. That's better than having no numbers at all.
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    Please just leave the "G23/H23" and "G24/H24" as it is instead of totally removing it. Having some text there gives enough immersion while being parked at the stand. The text is small anyway and hard to read. 🙂
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    But then Thorsten must Do it ;), but I know he will not do it, he don‘t generate (He make the basemodel) any of the jetways in his products yet. And I will not do it, nobody pay that. Only the change of the T1 jetways today, where 4 models in 3 variations to generate, you can calc what that main, when each gate has this. Sorry, it‘s not flight relevant. The GSX hint was for others read here an seams to say, why can GSX such numbers. Your are not the only one reading and posting here
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    P3D V5 is unfortunately not very stable at this moment. I can in great confidence tell you that nearly everybody around me went back to V4.5.
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    Not sure if this is the case in your situation, but there are some known things which cause this. 1. Windows Update download and processing (installation) 2. Automatic Graphics Drivers Update running 3. Other automated updates. Hopefully that helps!
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    The SODE jetway pack has been updated few minutes ago: http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_SODE.htm Version is now available.
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    Could you try to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 x86 from this. The version that you have is a bit older than mine and since the crashing module is in SYSTEM32 folder it could well be linked. Please let me know if this doesn't work. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
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    ... in vacation for next 3 weeks Then i must remember how that is done years ago, think the complete streets must be removed. sch... orbx
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    Hi Thorsten, dear SimWings-Team! Thank you very much for the update, Munich looks much better already! Regarding Point 1 and 2: Done Point 3: Done. Point 4: Pending. Point 5 i: Done. Point 5 ii)Furthermore, the ground still shines at night Point 5 iii) the runway lighting seems to be too dark (at least on my machine, without any shader modifications, etc.). The lights are there, but from the distance you can't see them: Remark: I have lightened this picture a bit to make it clearer what I mean. The fact that the ground shines does not come from the editing. 6. i) Done 6. ii) The individual tiles are not so strongly marked, perhaps the gaps could be softened even further? 6. iii) Half done - is it possible to make the lines more glaring, they seem to be pretty dark, in real the are nearly shining. 7. Done 8. Done 9. Pending 10. Pending 11. Pending 12. i) Better, but the runway can take even more tyre wear - in reality you can hardly see the centre line in some places. 12. ii) Better, same as 6. ii) 12. iii) Pending 13. Pending 14. Done 15. Pending New, 16: The drainage ditches are missing I hope that my ideas will really be taken up for what they are: Constructive criticism to make MUC even better than it is now... I know how much work goes into sceneries, so I really appreciate how fast the first update came! And I hope, there will be some more...
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    ---> Sorry, here is the answer again as it was a bit scrambled before. Dear Sir, These are the Airbus addons supported by both the CDU II and the MCP combo FCU : - Aerosoft Airbus A318/319(FSX) - Aerosoft Airbus A320/321(FSX) - Wilco Airbus Evo(FSX) - Wilco Airbus Evo(FS9) Please make sure you downloaded the following software : -1- Base package (common to all modules) : http://vrinsight.com/devel_shot/Setup/Install_VRiSim.exe -2- FCU combo specific package : http://vrinsight.com/devel_shot/Setup/Install_FCU_Combo.exe -3- CDU II specific package : http://vrinsight.com/devel_shot/Setup/Install_CDU-II.exe Please also make sure you run the Panel Installer software (included in the package) once for each module after the drivers installation. It will configure the modules for the aircraft they will connect to. Please read the documentation : http://vrinsight.com/devel_shot/Manual/MCP-II/MCP_Combo_II-Airbus_FCU.pdf http://vrinsight.com/devel_shot/Manual/CDU-II/CDU_II.pdf Best regards.
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    Thank you for the update! That looks promising, as I retried the offsets recently but couldn't reproduce the CTD. Will retry with new data soon!
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    In der Tat lohnt sich (heute) nicht unbedingt der Wechsel von T2G zu simwings. Bei dem doch stolzen Preis hätte ich mir auch etwas mehr erwartet. Ich hoffe ihr verbessert die Scenery einfach nochmal und zwar kostenfrei. Liebe Grüße Michael
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    I'd like too to know the answer to this - or if it'll be possible to record an image of the DVD #1 since it has to be present in the drive each time the sim is started, which is a bit baffling.
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    Um mal wieder zum Thema zurückzukehren: Ich finde es gut, @Flying_Timm, dass du dir die Mühe gemacht hast, beide Szenerien mal gegenüber zu stellen und auch im Detail dir anzusehen, wo die sim-wings-Szenerie noch steigerungsfähig ist. Danke dir! Das ist sehr aufschlussreich, auch wenn die T2G-Version ja auch nicht gerade durch hohe Detailtreue und Immersion aufgefallen ist. Du listest ja auch auf, was du eigenhändig an deren Szenerie alles getweakt hast, bis sie mal so aussah, wie sie jetzt aussah/aussieht. Ich vertraue da auf das sim-wings- bzw. Aerosoft-Team und hier auch namentlich @OPabst, dass sie wie gewohnt sich mit der Kritik in der Sache auseinandersetzen und hier auch Updates durchführen werden. Denn das war ja nun immer gerade gegenüber dem genannten Entwickler der "Konkurrenzversion" ein wesentliches Qualitätsmerkmal von sim-wings, dass dieses Entwicklerteam fleißig Support leistet und auch bereit ist, die eigenen Szenerien zu verbessern und weiterzuentwickeln. Und noch ein Nachtrag zum gelben Gras in der sim-Wings-Szenerie: Ich erinnere mich noch lebhaft an die beiden letzten sehr trockenen Sommer, vor allem den Dürresommer 2018, als ich mehrmals den echten Münchner Flughafen als Passagier angeflogen habe - da war das Gras dort, wie im Rest der Republik, auch eher gelb als grün. Im aktuellen Luftbild bei Bing Maps kann man auch sehen, dass es in München durchaus auch mal "gelbliche" Zeiten gibt... Vielleicht stammt das Luftbild der sim-wings-Version ja genau aus dieser Zeit?
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    Man posted im Englisch Forum, wenn man Englich schreibt und man posted im Deutschen Forum, wenn man Deutsch schreibt. Das ist doch ganz einfach, oder. Sollte man hinbekommen, wenn man anderen Unfähigkeiten vorwürft.
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    I have searched this thread concerning the installation of the boxed version - will I be able to force MFS2020 to install all discs onto an internal SSD disc of 500GB and run it from there instead of the C-disc? Åke
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    Hallo Ernst. Du musst Navigraph auf dem PC installieren, auf dem auch dein X-Plane läuft. Die müssen ja miteinander kommunizieren. Gruß Hermann
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    Hallo Helmut, schön, dass das bei Dir mit den Einstellungen so gut geklappt hat 🙂 Und Bob....richtig, wenn die Trimmung im Vorfeld stimmt, benötigt der Airbus keine zusätzliche Trimmungen per Hand. Trotzalledem und Macht der Gewohnheit bin ich schon ab und zu froh, wenn ich die Trimmung in bestimmten Situationen zusätzlich verwende. Aber je öfters ich die JAR fliege um so weniger trimme ich sie im Anflug ein oder aus 🙂 @Bob
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    Hello mopperle if you have Windows 10, do the following: 1. Download the Flight Simulator app from the Microsoft Store. 2.Go to Settings (Windows 10) 3. Select the apps 4. Select Apps & Feature 5. Select the Microsoft Flight Simulator app 6. Click Move 7. Select a free SSD drive That was all and saved you money! greeting Andy King (Sorry Google Translate)
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    Hallo X-Planer. Seit ich die PC6 in meinem Hangar habe, bin ich fast nur noch VFR mäßig unterwegs. Dazu habe ich mir noch entsprechende "herausfordernde" Szenerien beschafft. von ORBX Courchevele (LFLJ) und Meribel (LFKX). Der Kauf hat sich gelohnt. Die beiden "Altiports" sind wirklich ganz speziell. Courcevel fliege ich inzwischen auch gerne mit der TBM900 an. Ja und dann habe ich mir auch noch Locher Airfield besorgt. Wirklich toll gemacht diese Freeware Scenery. Heute habe ich mir von Wookie 1 die "san-juan-islands heruntergeladen und ich bin beeindruckt von der Scenery. Da bin ich bestimmt wochenlang damit beschäftigt jeden Airstrip zu erkunden. Wer Interesse daran hat: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/63938-san-juan-islands-pt-1-washington/ Gruß Hermann
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    This is a known issue that only occurs when the first product using the ASUpdater is installed. The installers are being fixed. As a temporary workaround, you can manually create a products folder (<Documents>\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products} and then run the Zürich Installer again. The product data will be installed correctly then.
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    Ups tschuldige , xplane11

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