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    I have the same problem with the table of the A330 and FS2Crew. Been in contact with Bryan for weeks now about it. He always said there were no other customers having the same issue. Maybe there weren't until now but since you also have it I invite you also to open a supportticket at FS2Crew about it: https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/pages/Contact-Us.html Maybe he can figure it out if there are more people than just me encountering the issue. RAAS is unrelated, only FS2Crew's airline crew simulation causes the problem.
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    Ended up diverting to Boise, ID after two unsuccessful approach attempts See the whole story here:
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    Die 112.60 kannst Du auf der RAD NAV Seite einstellen. Allerdings ist das eine VOR Frequenz, da wirst Du garantiert kein Center drauf erreichen. Einige Flughäfen haben allerdings eine D-ATIS; also eine ATIS, welche über ein VOR abgespielt wird. Falls das hier der Fall ist, kann Du mit der 112.60 in NAV1 oder NAV2 und dann dem entsprechenden Setting am ACP diese ATIS in Empfangsreichweite des VOR's abhören. Da wir allerdings von einem VOR reden, wirst Du darauf niemals senden können, Du kannst dort nur mithören.
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    Solltest du wirklich eine GTX-1070 drin haben musst du mal deine Nvidia Grafikkarte konfigurieren. Denn als OpenGL Render ist die Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 eingestellt. 2 Möglichkeiten: Entweder ist der falsche Render für OpenGL in der Nvidia Systemsteuerung eingestellt oder dein Monitor hängt am falschen Anschluss. Die Intel HD Grafic ist nämlich onboard während die GTX 1070 eine Steckkarte ist. Auszug aus deiner Log.txt: OpenGL Vendor : Intel OpenGL Render : Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 OpenGL Version : 4.6.0 - Build (460/0)
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    Actually I have no clue. I'd suggest to selectively switch off other addons to exclude interference with those. Btw, I got into contact with A2A, they are going to check the DLL-installation isse. I'll keep you posted. BR, Peter
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    @FlyAgi vielen vielen Dank für deine Auskunft. Habe mich für die CTLS entschieden und bin gerade um den Kirchturm geflogen 😉 die FPS sind echt gut und der Flieger macht Spaß. Vielleicht gönne ich mir die C42 auch noch. Ist ja gerade im Sale, Mal schauen. Ich muss jetzt nur noch meinen pro Flight Trainer einrichten. Da habe ich meist Probleme mit den Ruderpedalen 😞 dass der Weg nicht voll ausgenutzt wird.
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    I love a fun and silly analogy. My systems instructor used “the Batman and Robin” analogy. The left pump is Batman and the right pump is Robin. Their enemy is low fuel pressure at the main ejector. When the left pump switch is in, Batman is only watching the left main ejector pressure. When the right pump switch is in, Robin is only watching the right main ejector pressure. For example, when the left engine is shut down on the ground during taxi, Batman sees low pressure on the left main ejector, he sounds the call to go to battle. Both Batman and Robin will go to fight the enemy by turning both the left and right boost pumps. If the left switch is then selected out, Batman goes back to his layer. Robin remains on watch but only sees the right main ejector. Because the right side is still normal in the scenario, Robin sees no danger and will turn off both boost pumps.
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    Und es ist wieder wunderbar 🙂 🙂 🙂 Und wieder blieb ich bei der neuesten Version 😉 Vielen Dank.
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    Not going into details, but the cost of development of an Aircraft like an Airbus can easily add up to about a million Euros. Not only because of the manhours required, but also licensing cost, cost to geather all the information needed, the marketing and distribution, after sales support (which is huge with modern airliners compared to for instance a Cessna), etc. You can therefore calculate how expensive such an addon would have to be and how many you'd have to sell to start making money on it. For an A350 compared to an A340 you can easily double that cost.
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    Cannes: irgendwo dazwischen: La Ciotat
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    ... Ihr seid klasse!!! Vielen Dank! Fritz
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    :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Sieht saugut aus!
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    Thank you Araron! It's good to be back. Everythings going good. Lots of simulating. You the same I hope! The scenery is from here: http://www.blueskyscenery.com/download.html Have a great day!
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    Welcome back!!! long long time no see!! Hope all is well with you And great screeshots I like your realistic looking desert landscape. What do you use that for desert? Regards, Aharon
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    Yes, The essential thing about starting to understand the fuel boost pumps is that pressed in “on” is not really/necessarily “on” but instead “armed”. Once armed it can turn on or remain off depending on the engines running, proper operations of the main ejector that feeds the engines normally and condition of the other fuel boost pump. The systems detects the fuel feed pressure and depending on some other factors will be on or remain off.
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    Hi Akos, I checked the A2A with the free P40, seems to be their DLL. Move this section to the end of the list, just before </SimBase.Document>: <Launch.Addon> <Name>A2A Service</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>A2A\Shared\A2A_Service.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> BR, Peter
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    Sorry, In my previous post I meant the Maule of Course. Yes, the it is the upper_frame_rate_limit parameter in the FSX.CFG, but "Target frame rate:" in the GUI. But you may check before, what FPS you achieve in unlimited mode, to get an idea about performance margins. I saw also in the DLL.xml , that you installed some A2A package and the DX 10 fixer. So far I haven't got any feedback on trouble with CumulusX! with these two, but it might be worth a try to deactivate the two other dlls, to see if there is any difference. If so, I'd suggest to move the CumulusXDLL-entry before the others (once there was such interference with ActiveSky, but fixed meanwhile on their side). You may change line 5 in your dll.xml from <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> To: <Launch.ManualLoad>True</Launch.ManualLoad> to decide on loading of each DLL separately. On different turning, the circuit pattern direction is not active anymore approx. 300 m AGL, the tow plan targets the next recognizable thermal then which results into any required turning direction. best regards, Peter
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    Hi Akos, What error message was displayed? Please check, if the dll exists at the given path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\CumulusX!\CumulusXDLL.dll Please the actual FPS by Shift-Z, and lower to an even fraction of 60 (20, 15 ...) below what is shown by the FPS indicator (I saw that you have set 30), but when the CPU is overloaded, it has weird effects. Not all plane models are fully compatbile with smart tow, but it looks like the Husky which is. In any case, please install by right click the CMD and select "Run as Administrator", and the choose the FSX Steam base directory for installation. best regards, Peter
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    No problem, you're welcome. And stay healthy.
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    Has Aerosoft considered to develop a proper business jet With their quality standards?
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    Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Professional has been updated to Version Release Version - Added addon.xml support - Added ASupdater - Added Taxiway B7 and L7. - Added Ramp G and Ramp W. - Fixed stop bars facing the wrong direction at E8 and R8 - Included original sized ortho textures. - Adjusted taxiway E to match current layout. - Added new building site next to the fire department - Added building site for terminal extension / new backage sytem (old swiss buildings removed) - Added 'The Circle' (opening planned in 2021) - Added 'Heli Grill'
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    I have the same issue. It's been happening since day 1 and even with the pro version it still won't fly an approach. I really regret buying this aircraft.
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    Developers often need quick activation and de-activation of add-ons to test things. That’s why Hans Hartmann spend three years developing this small tool. Just kidding, it was done in half an hour but that does not make it less useful. There are far more advanced tools (like SimStarter!) that do the same but there are no tools that are easier and quicker. Hans shared his tool with friends and they all told him it was just ‘useful’, and he should share it. So here we are, the launch of The Hans’ Addon Manager, rejoice! See it as a Christmas present. A manual should hardly be hardly needed, just a small note that the repair option renumbers the add-ons, so gaps are removed. Not needed, but it just makes things a bit neater. Just unzip the file and place the exe where you like. This software is provided ‘as is’ and is free of copyrights. We do ask you only to link to this location if you want to share it so always the latest version is offered. Changelog: - Initial Release - Changed group names from "Global entries" and "User entries" to actual path of the respective add-ons.cfg file - Speed optimization. Permanent check for running Prepar3D. Function to activate/deactivate all but favourites - Function to move add-ons to a different drive or folder. This might not work for some add-ons, so use at your own risk! Download: AddonMgr_1003.7z

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